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Shoujo Saturday: Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Genre: drama, mystery, romance, supernatural, shoujo

Release date: 2005

Current Status: On going

Mangaka: Matsuri Hino

Description: Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, there to protect the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires.

Maybe you're a Twitard looking for new fapping material, or maybe you're a vampire fan exhausting all your options before you result to Twilight; either way you're going to love this series. Probably after selling her soul to the devil and becoming a famous mangaka in only nine months; Matsuri Hino emulates her take on vampires with this story. From the very beginning --and most likely to the bitter end-- this tale focuses on the world of vampires and how everybody else is just merely living in it. While some manga add in supernatural factors but give the characters relatively normal lives and relationships, that will not be found here. None of the characters can live a relaxed life due to their attachment to the secret world of the undead. And thus, leads us to the captivating story with plot twists at every turn and a love triangle that has shippers hopping from one board to another.

One reason Vampire Knight is one of the most top tier shoujos out there is due to fact Hino captivates us with her unique take on vampires. While at times they are highly over romanticized, there are many gloomy down sides to their existence. They may be beautiful, intelligent, immortal creatures that seem to have it all, there is a side that reveals their world is full of nothing but hierarchy and betrayal. Our shoujo heroine, Yuki Cross, soon discovers that herself as she becomes closer and closer to vampires. We also get an interesting take on the world of vampire hunters, as many also appear in the show. The ties that the humans, hunters and vampires share are eternally connected and all are at odds with each other.



The main heroine of the series. You learn from the beginning that she is the adopted daughter of Kaein Cross, the head of the Cross Academy. She spends her days sleeping in class because at night she must watch over the Night Class, that is filled with vampires. Despite the fact she's equipped to take down a vampire, because she was saved by one as a child, she can not bring herself to dislike vampires as a whole. Pretty much Yuki is the girl you're going to pretend is you while reading this. 

She gets two bishies while you have none.

Bad boy bishie and another main character. Zero and Yuki start out as adopted siblings to Kaein Cross. Like Yuki, he also watches over the Night Class. As a bad boy he's too cool for school and spends his days brooding in dark corners. He and Yuki get along well, but he refuses to come to terms with her infatuation for vampires. He has nothing less than a distrust and animosity for the Undead and anybody that can stomach them.

Him treating everybody he's ever met like shit is enduring to the fangirls.

Kaname being perfect in every way with added sparkles makes it known from the start he is the prince bishie and other leading character. As a pureblood vampire, he is over the Night Class and always keeps them in check, not wanting to drag Yuki into the trouble. His kind nature and strength garners Yuki's favor of good vampires, as he was the vampire that saved her as a child. Her love for him causes much tension between him and Zero. His strong attachment to Yuki puzzles everybody around them, humans and vampires alike.

The only good quality he's lacking-- he's not starring in a yaoi.

The head of Cross Academy and the adoptive father of Yuki and Zero. An ex-vampire hunter, he now firmly attests there is a way for humans and vampires to coexist peacefully. His academy of Day and Night class is his public experiment to prove it. His passive approach to things was passed onto Yuki but he and Zero often butt heads philosophically. His comedic attitude conceals that he knows a lot more than he leads on.

If you knew right away he would be the comedic relief, you're a true otaku.


Humans are often subjected to being victims in the series, being the preferred food for vampires. Members of the Day Class at Cross Academy are humans unaware of vampires' existence.

Hunters are humans that keep vampires in tact. Through many generations they have built up abilities to kill vampires in their very genes. They wield special weapons and can even perform some magic. They put it among themselves to keep non-hunter humans safe from all types of vampires.

There are four types of vampires in the series;

Level A: Pureblood:
They are vampires that have no human blood. Being the strongest type of vampire, they can cause damage to humans and vampires alike. Because of their power over other vampires, they are held in the highest of regard and are treated like royalty. It is taboo to kill or even harm one. This power has caused admiration and abhorrence towards them.

Level B: Aristocrat:
Aristocrats or Nobles are the step below Pureblood. They do not share as many powers as purebloods and have some human blood. They are ranked high enough to be made up of the Vampire Council, but can still be compelled by Level A's. Aristocrats live good lives but are split into two between loyalty to the Council and loyalty to the Purebloods. Certain families are loyal to certain sides.

Level C: Common
Common vampires with no abilities. Though most vampires are Level C, they do not make any major appearance in the series. They do not meddle in the affairs of purebloods or aristocrats, except as servants.

Level D/E: Ex-Human
The lowest form of vampire. So low, many vampires claim they are not even vampire. Humans that have been bitten and lost control. Once fallen to Level D, it is impossible to crawl back out, no longer having a sense of identity, they hunt recklessly and will attack even other vampires.

Fan Hangouts:

A very active and detailed group on dA. Look no further if you're looking for the best Vampire Knight group on the art site. I often visit to remind myself when the next chapter is released because they have a live count down for it. You can expect to see at least one thing from that group in your feed everyday, they are constantly adding the best Vampire Knight content out there. It's also a great place to see other work from Matsuri Hino. But let's face it, Vampire Knight is 99% of the content and Hino's career.

An active forum dedicated to solely Vampire Knight. That can be a difficult task considering VK is a monthly manga, but scanning the site, I can see the posting is up to date. If you hop on this series, hop over there to rant your shipping woes. You will have them in this series. Doesn't matter who you ship, you will be royally pissed off at all times. It's an extremely well organized board that has all the VK info you could want and need. I'd sign up if I weren't such a biased troll fangirl.

Not the most active forum, but after I read VK I love to hop on here and skim what others have to say. Most can't come to terms with the plot holes but I love the heated shipping debates. Pull out the popcorn and watch professional fangirls fight over a love they'll never have.

All things vampire Knight will go to this site. An epicenter for anything your vampire heart desires. Fanart, fnafiction, doujins, AMVs, stats. I get fangirl feels just by looking at this site. There's even a search engine asking what type of smut you're looking for. Hot damn, sign me up!

Written by Amber
Credit goes to screenshots from Vampire Knight anime and manga by Matsuri Hino

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