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10 Anime Characters That Suck!

 [Our 100th post!] 

Written by: Shiggins

Obviously, manga and anime have great characters. Just look around. However, I’m here to bitch inform you about some of the most overrated characters that have yet have been unlucky enough to find its stupid or wasteful self in my path of rage and anger!

Spoilers for Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail and One Piece. Deal with it.

10. Tobi/Obito – Naruto

I’m going to start with one of the most frustrating villains, and tell you why he needs to realise he isn’t actually as great as he claims to be! Ladies and gentlemen, my number 10, Obito Uchiha!

Tobi Is A Lucky Boy!

Obito is basically Naruto except he was smart enough to get cooler goggles than Naruto and decided to keep them for as long as possible. Like every main villain of Naruto that doesn’t kidnap children for the purposes of stretching out his tongue, Obito is from the Uchiha clan and has the sharingan, which he got seconds before a giant rock crushed him and he “died”.

So he survived because the true villain, Madara Uchiha, saved his scrawny ass. After a bunch of shit happened, Obito got easily manipulated into being evil. And why was he so easy to manipulate? Rin died. So Obito decided to wear a mask, become super-evil, start a war, summon the dead, murder tons of innocents, and be an overall douche to Kakashi.

I'm A Sexy Bitch!

Kakashi spent his whole adult life wishing Obito was alive because he missed him and they had a 5 minute bonding session together, which resulted in Obito getting crushed. Obito doesn’t care. Madara spent his final moments in life, training Obito and making sure he became one of the best villains ever. Obito doesn’t care. The girl he always had a crush on and probably had some dirty thoughts over when he was alone died. Obito cares.

His only actual power that makes him different from other villains is his Kamui which gives him that ability to warp and go to a different dimension which is handy for alone-time-images with Rin. However, unlike Kakashi, Obito doesn’t actually use it for anything other than moving from place to place. In his most recent battle, he also has the rinnegan to join his sharingan but instead, he uses giant shuriken stars. He has powers of monsters at his disposal and he does fuck-all with it! I’m just waiting for the inevitable part where Kakashi says the right words so Obito realises how much of a tool he truly has become, and decides to fight Madara with his magical I-Love-Rin-Magic-That-Nobody-Cares-About.

Why Is Obito Sad? This Is The Closest He Ever Got!
Obito, you creepy idiot.

9. Hinata Hyuga – Naruto

And now we come to the shy girl of Naruto, Hinata. Surprising to see her on this list? I guess not. And yes, I know this site has already bombarded Hinata with complaints and I refuse to take part in that argument so don’t drag me in to it! I’m here to talk about my biggest problem with Hinata which makes her overrated to me!

Don't Look At Me Like That! You Had This Coming!

She is from a famous family known as the Hyuga Clan, and the eldest daughter which makes her the heir. Sounds like great material to make a story from yeah? Well we don’t get to see that. Instead, we see her raise confidence by following the love of her life, Naruto himself. 

We Also Focus On Her Chest!

On one hand, I can see why she appeals to so many. She’s shy and wants a boyfriend which makes her resemble so many anime fans all over the world. On the other hand, she does nothing! Nothing! She keeps getting so many chances and opportunities to be more but she’s such a shy coward! I get it Hinata, it’s scary but you have to speak up!

When she saved Naruto from Pain, for 12 seconds, she revealed her feelings and her fans rejoiced. “Finally, NaruHina is happening! We’ll get gooey scenes and possibly fanservice now! Squee!” Wrong. Naruto hasn’t even acknowledged her for that. She hasn’t once brought it back up and instead just sits there, probably hoping he’ll notice her!  Just say something!

Hinata! Dafuck?!

Recently, it looked like fans might get NaruHina after all, with him holding her hand and her keeping his head straight, but then she does nothing again! Naruto decided to make a joke about Sakura being his girlfriend and making Minato laugh. Hinata heard this and just sits there! Why?! Why did you just let him say that? I get you love him but he is such an asshole and you are so shy at times it just gets frustrating!

Hinata, start speaking up or don’t bother showing up anymore.

8. Renji Abarai – Bleach

Those of you who have seen Bleach will agree that Renji is cool. He has tattoos, red hair and even a good English dub voice! He is the lieutenant of the 6th division of the Gotei 13 in the Soul Society and probably Rukia’s best and oldest friend.

You Wish You Looked This Cool

Problem is: He sucks! He does! He is the Krillin of Bleach, and I’m honestly surprised a laugh track doesn’t play whenever he tries to help out. Not once has Renji ever been helpful, useful or even successful in any of his endeavours! His first appearance, way back near the beginning, was when Ichigo was starting out and Renji had been ordered to retrieve Rukia and bring her back home. Within moments, he got his butt kicked by Ichigo during his new-soul reaper state. In front of his own captain and his best friend, he was defeated easily and made to look like such a bitch.

Later, he got his ass kicked again by Ichigo and, in classic anime fashion, changed sides and decided to help Ichigo save Rukia. He even got his bankai, which is like a super-sword-power-up and faced off against his own captain Byakuya. He lost within minutes because he sucks!

Bow Before The Master!

He later returned, claiming to be stronger and ready to kick some ass along with the rest of the group. He then went to Hueco Mundo with them and got stuck by hanging around with the worst character of Bleach, Dondochakka and became a laughing stock. Even the gayest villain in the series, Szayelaporro Granz laughed at him and found him utterly pathetic.

Renji spends all his time bragging and saying he can fight Ichigo and he’s great, yet he constantly fails and is a laughing stock that needs to be constantly saved by others. I’m sure this is probably Tite Kubo’s fault, but until Renji actually does something worthwhile then I can’t acknowledge him as a strong character. And by the way, his new hairstyle is utterly ridiculous and he should be ashamed of that.

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick

Renji, either learn to fight or go back to the kitchen.

7. Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail

The first character and main protagonist of Fairy Tail, Natsu is a Dragon Slayer mage who can eat and control fire in fighting. With pink hair, a strange outfit, and a tendency to repeat his catchphrases, he belongs on this list.

He's Challenging Me! 
Those of you who have seen or read Fairy Tail can feel the problems I’m about to list rising up towards you. Natsu is the same. Forever and ever, he hasn’t changed one bit since the show began. Unlike every other character, he has refused to develop or grow with each event and has gone through barely any tragedy, except the death of Lisanna which, thanks to the anime director, got reversed and made Natsu remain even more at a standstill.

Another problem, which all shall agree with me, is that he always wins the final battle. Natsu is part of an entire guild of mages, many of which are officially stronger than him, and yet he constantly manages to outdo them all and defeat every main baddie! Hades is probably the best example, as he had already gone through hard times and even Laxus, who appeared out of nowhere to fight Hades, couldn't defeat him. Natsu has a frustrating ability to make all of his friends seem pointless and as an extra target, with powerful monsters like Erza and Makarov easily taken down for the simple sin of not being Natsu. 

Only One Of These Have A Chance, Sadly!

 Natsu has shown time and time again that by punching someone in the face several times, you will win. Some animes create villains with genius tactics and strategies, and require an even smarter plan to defeat them. Natsu has a plan too but it’s nowhere near as smart. “I’ll punch you until you go down!” I like his friendship speeches and his morals and humour, but he needs to upgrade his brain in so many ways!

Natsu, grow up and take a computer class or something! 

6. Ichigo Kurosaki

The main character of Bleach and the newest soul reaper. With his ginger hair and a big-ass sword that can cut fools open, he is a force to be reckoned with! However, it’s mostly luck.

And No, It's Not Just Because He's Ginger.

 In the first chapter, Ichigo is a human who becomes a soul reaper and we later discover his dad is a soul reaper too, which answers a bunch of questions and opens up tons of possible plot points and events. Also, we discover he has a Hollow inside him so he is part Hollow. He learns to control it, which upgrades Hollow to Visored. And thanks to this Visored ability inside him that he was born with, he manages to defeat Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

With these two powers, he goes up against Aizen himself and a huge fight breaks out which results in Ichigo defeating him, right? Wrong! Despite being born with so much power and lucky breaks, Aizen still manages to stay standing and scary. If it wasn’t for Urahara’s genius plan and blonde hair, he’d be dead. Now Ichigo has lost his powers and Aizen is sealed.

The Calvary Is Scarier Than The Villains!

With no powers gone, Tite Kubo felt a need to keep the series going for that extra bit and bring Ichigo his powers back by making him a Fullbring too. For those who never made it that far, a Fullbring is someone who was attacked by a Hollow whilst inside their mother and now they have random and mostly silly powers. (Google Dirty Boots and prepare to sigh). Later in the arc, all of Ichigo’s powers have returned.

Ichigo catches yet another lucky break, and trust me it’s getting fucking old now, when an army of Quincies arrive and steal a bunch of bankai. Except they can’t steal Ichigo’s. It turns out; Ichigo’s mother was a Quincy too which makes him part-Quincy. This means he can fight the Quincies without losing his bankai.

Smug Prick
This is too much! He’s born with so many advantages and upgrades he barely has to try and can just happily sit back and watch. He’s like a spoilt brat who was born with a large family fortune and gets regarded a hero for it! It’s not fair to characters like Hitsugaya and Uryu who actually work to become who they are!

Ichigo, you are just a ginger brat who got lucky!

5. Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto

The title character of Naruto, wearing an orange jumpsuit and calling himself a ninja. He has an annoying voice and he belongs on this list for several reasons.

What. A. Douche!
Let’s start off with the same one that Ichigo had. He was lucky enough to have a huge power advantage over every single person around him. Wounds heal quicker, his chakra is larger and his stamina is amazing all because of the giant spirit of a Nine-Tailed Fox, also known as the Kyuubi, inside him. He cheats by using a spirit and, admittedly some of his own talent which he seems to have gained.

I get that having an ultimate goal is a good thing. It can keep you inspired and strong and make sure you never give up. However, if you have a goal, don’t keep talking about it! “I want to be Hokage”. “I’m going to be Hokage”. “Hokage.” Hokage.” “Sasuke’s dick”. “Hokage”. We’re bored of hearing you go on about it! Why do you even want to be Hokage anymore? Everyone already sees you as somebody great who saved them all and if you became Hokage, you’d spend all your time in a little office and neglect whatever wife or family you’d actually have!

And speaking of goals, his other life goal seems to be the constant longing to have Sasuke enter his insides! Hard! I get that he was someone you liked for a while, even though the feeling was clearly never mutual. I get that him leaving the village was bad for several reasons but he just doesn’t like you! He doesn’t look at you as a friend, a rival or even a future bed-buddy! He sees you as a pest who wastes his time and if Orochimaru hadn’t convinced him to leave, I bet Sasuke would have left anyway to prevent Naruto constantly saying his name in that screechy voice. I’d like to see if Naruto would have cared this much if Shino had left instead!

I Can Feel The Love...

And as for Naruto’s “relationships” with girls, I can honestly say I hate him for it. He has caused so many wars in the fandom and seems determined to keep them fighting as long as possible. He spent years pining after Sakura while Hinata pined after him. Sakura is a horrible person who used to beat him for no real reason other than “He was there”. When Hinata admitted she loved him, he cared when she got stabbed and refused to talk to her for what must have been at least weeks or maybe even months because, let’s face it, he doesn’t care about her. Or at least, not as much as he should.

Naruto, you are an asshole and you shall never be Sasuke’s uke.

4. Yamcha – Dragon Ball

I know what you’re thinking. A Dragon Ball Z character here? On this site? That’s right, bitches! Yamcha is one of the first ever characters to appear in DBZ, and probably the most pathetic!

Someone Needs To Take Him Down A Peg!

In his first appearance, he decided to attack Son Goku and his friends, the former of which was around 10 years old at this time, (I think). He only just managed to beat Goku in a fist fight, and then saw Bulma and had a creepy fit and ran away, starting off his career of pathetic-ness.

Throughout his career, he would fight in many battles and embarrass himself to a level I can’t even describe without laughing at him for. In every tournament, he has kept up a rhythm of losing in his first real match and in his final one, people literally laughed at him during it! His fighting style has only one unique move and the rest involve him copying everyone and getting beat up!

His Biggest Victory

Later in the series, after the timeskip, Vegeta and Nappa attack the Earth and kill almost all of Goku’s friends using their insane powers and arsenal. Except Yamcha. Instead, he was killed by some random weak Saibaman, which is basically a brainless minion that they literally grew like a plant at rapid speed. If you are a character who is so weak that even a weed can take you down, then I think it’s time to accept you don’t deserve to be in a series where characters can blow up planets with only a punch.

I Think It's Time To Give Up Now
He decides, instead of bowing out without the grace or ability he needs to remain important, to stick around and waste our time by trying to be comic relief. This proves to be a crime as all you feel is sadness and pity, since he is the man who literally had his long-time girlfriend dump him for somebody who literally caused his death and almost the entire Earth’s. I think it’s safe to say that Yamcha is proof that not all characters are powerful, and you can indeed feel pity for a guy with scars and long hair.

Yamcha, I’m sorry you are so pathetic.

3. Jellal – Fairy Tail

Jellal Fernandes was once a villain from Fairy Tail, until he was defeated and caught a lucky case of amnesia to become a good guy. He’s the only one in the series who seems to have been born with a tattoo, and is part of one of the most popular ships of Fairy Tail.

Oh No! He's Depressed Again!
And I hate him. Yes I do. I just can’t get over how annoying he truly is. When we first saw him, he was acting all smug and proud. He had a dark backstory with Erza Scarlet, which involved slave labour to build a giant tower and being possessed by an evil spirit claiming to be Zeref. During this time, he was actually impacting on the story and being clever by creating copies of himself, playing chess with fun pieces and zooming around at super speeds for fun! He even made Erza cry and committed the best and most impactful murder of the entire series, Erza’s old friend and admirer Simon.

I Even Want To Smack His Young Form!

After his defeat, he came back without memories and was suddenly sad and wishing he could remember something. Upon discovering he made Erza cry, he almost killed himself. Afterwards, he “redeemed” himself by giving Natsu a convenient power-up which he never should have had in the first place and has never had again. He constantly whines and wishes he was a good person, completely destroying the evil version that I actually enjoyed.
These days, he spends his time hanging out with two former villains and trying to show-off for Erza which is extremely frustrating considering he actually once rejected kissing her because he felt she deserved better than him. (At least he and I agree on one thing). It feels as if he is here solely for the purpose of screwing us over and making Erza feel hot under the metal collar she wears.

If You Don't Want Her, You Don't Deserve Her!

I think Hiro Mashima has yet to remove him and give him his final moments as a martyr, which he clearly is going to become, because Jellal manages to make the fandom sweat and pant in a way that very few Fairy Tail characters even try to do. Jellal has his memories back and uses that as yet another excuse to give angst and wish he was dead. I think if he doesn’t let himself get a sacrifice and be wiped off the face of the planet, he will continue to antagonize me and make me consider skipping every page he ever has!

Jellal, fuck off and die like you clearly want to.

2. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

And now for Monkey D. Luffy, the main character of the famous series known as One Piece. He is a pirate who wears a straw hat and constantly searches for the infamous “One Piece”, which is apparently a famous treasure. 

I Wonder If He Even Knows What This List Is About

Wow. What a fucking idiot! I honestly can’t stand Luffy the pirate. Whenever I see his cheap design and goofy smile, I feel my blood boil up and I want to vomit for both distance and area. I hear stories of how Luffy is a great character who manages to inspire people with his morals and such. How many of you are aware he isn't even aware of what those morals mean?

I bet he heard it somewhere, most likely from Shanks, and decided to repeat them to everyone around him. Earlier I said Natsu needed to become smarter and use plans to make his fights more interesting but he couldn’t be stupider than Luffy if he tried. His amazing luck and his special ability, which is a strange fruit that has turned him into a rubber man, are the only reasons we haven’t seen him fall.

This Is Probably The Most Famous Anime Character Ever...

One of the best examples of this was when Buggy the Clown, a pirate captain and the first antagonist of One Piece, returned to publically execute Luffy in front of everybody. Luffy smiled and then a lucky lightning bolt struck down and saved Luffy by defeating Buggy with its zappiness. People say they saw him smile because he was sure he’d survive or because he was content with this. How did I see it? He didn’t know what was happening. He’s too stupid to fully pick up exactly what an execution is and that his death was coming.

He’s like an infant with a big fist who keeps getting back up and refusing to stay down because the ground is dirty or something. His words are hollow because he clearly doesn’t have a clue with what they all mean. If we’re to believe that Luffy can understand these words, then he is very inconsistent with his brain and is suffering from schizophrenia.

A Completely Different Person!

He is not a character who deserves to have such a long-running series. When I see great characters like Edward Elric who get small-length series, and then I see Luffy get over 15 years and still going, I get sad. This is a series that needs to know when to end and Luffy is the face that proves this.

Luffy, you so dumb you thought The Last Airbender was a good movie!
1. Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto

Sasuke Uchiha. Could there have been anyone else to fill my number 1 spot? The little brother of Itachi and one of the last remaining Uchiha, I think we can blame a very large amount of crap on his whiny selfishness and his strangely spiked hair.

Oh You Don't Like That? Fuck You!

Not once has Sasuke ever tried to be nice. He has always looked out for himself and spent years wanting to kill Itachi because his clan was killed. I get that it makes you sad and want revenge, but I don’t see it as a good enough excuse for this large amount of crap he has given us. At the start of the series, he was stuck in a team he clearly didn’t want to be with and has done nothing to consider them like they consider him. While Sakura drools and Naruto swoons, he just goes in a huff and wishes he was killing his brother. He is selfish and Kakashi, for some stupid-arse reason, decided to train him the most powerful move he could! I don’t understand why but he did!

I Can't See Kakashi Regretting This...

Sasuke would later abuse the gifts of friendship and lightning bolts, as he would take a leave from the village and set everything in Part 2 of Naruto into motion. Instead of believing that the masked man with white hair and an entire ninja village of badasses and people who want to help you no matter what could help him achieve his goal, he decides to go towards possibly the creepiest, scariest and rapiest character of all time: Orochimaru! What moron would honestly decide that Orochimaru is better to go towards?

In Part 2, Sasuke decides to go across the area and fight whoever he can. He fights Deidara, who he then cheated against by somehow defeating Earth with Lightning, and Deidara got so annoyed and fed-up with how stupid Sasuke’s strategies were that he blew himself up! How did Sasuke, when he was exhausted and worn out, even have the energy to summon Manda the snake to save him? Cheater!

Getting Real Tired Of Your Bullshit, Sasuke!
He finally got his fight with Itachi and at the end of things, after using an admittedly impressive arsenal of lightning and fire; he soiled his thong and was pressed in fear against a wall. Seconds from having his eye seemingly ripped out, Itachi died of the illness just like he intended to and let Sasuke have his own eyes.

This marks the second time that Sasuke had won a fight due to weakness, as previously he had killed Orochimaru who was literally on his death bed already. Don’t worry though because Sasuke would eventually make it up to us for finally wiping out the major villain and saving lives by bringing him back from the dead!

“But he defeated Danzo”. No. No he did not. He went up against an old man who had a limp, almost got torn apart, and then stabbed his own companion/fangirl/head of the Wet Dream Association to get to him. Danzo, having had enough of dealing with such a douche, copied Deidara and killed himself in a way that would have easily gotten Sasuke had Tobi/Obito not been there to help him out.

This Is NOT Surprise Buttsex! 
From his selfish attitude, to his shaky morals which constantly morphs and shifts to a point where he could say “I want a womb” and nobody would be surprised, I think we can honestly agree he gets frustrating and ridiculous. And for fans of ships, he will clearly never be interested in Sakura. He once tried to impale Sakura with something that wasn’t his vagina-dick and tear her heart out. He has spent time wondering about Naruto and wishing he could be in the grip of a long tongue and a dozen snakes.


Honourable Mention – One Piece Characters That Aren’t Zoro

Not Enough Hours In The Day To Explain Why...

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    1. Thank you for your constructive comment. I shall be sure to keep that under advisement for next time. I was worried I'd get a large comment with details or possible discussion. Thank you for ridding me of that fear.

  2. Sasuke sucks. Yamcha sucks. But Naruto and Jellal. What? Are you forgetting that Naruto is the most caring and hardworking character of the series and Jellal wasn't truly evil? He was brainwashed as a kid. I agree with Gabriel. Crappy list. Yeesh.

    1. I agree that Naruto is hardworking and caring, however as I've pointed out, the problem with him is that he is obsessed with Sasuke. Also, he creates fandom wars that involve either NaruHina or NaruSaku.

      As for Jellal, the problem is he was interesting before when he was "evil". Afterwards, he only seems to live so as to make Jellal/Erza fans freak out. His dark story and personality has been traded away so casually with an excuse of "brainwashed", it's almost tragic. Are you honestly saying Evil Jellal was less interesting than I-Want-Erza Jellal?

  3. I wish that Kabuto would have killed Hinata. Kabuto is awesome already but killing Hinata would make him alot cooler. (He was good looking too when he was normal.)

    1. We all love Kabuto on this blog. So congrats to you for mentioning him. As for him killing Hinata, I can't think of anything more random! It'd be a plot twist we never saw coming.

    2. Call me a weirdo if you want, but I think Kabuto is actually better looking with his Oro-cells, than he was before x).
      And +1 for killing Hinata (though I would accept anybody willing to kill her... even Hinata herself).

    3. Agreed. Snake skin and glasses is such a unique look. I feel Kabuto didn't have that much of an impact to me before he put Oro-cells inside him. Now I can't get enough of seeing him take off his robe and slither about.

      My favourite thing about Kabuto: He never loses his glasses. Ever.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for your constructive comment. I shall be sure to keep that under advisement for next time. I was worried I'd get a large comment with details or possible discussion. Thank you for ridding me of that fear

  5. As late as this maybe, I agree with most of the characters on the list except for Luffy and here's why, You said that a "Lucky" lightning bolt hit and saved him from the execution. Which is not true, It was Dragon's doing(His father), Also arguing about the intellect of a shounen protagonist is invalid, And you were talking as if he has this "Special ability", The rubber fruit, Which is hardly considered special in the OP universe there stuff much more hax such as Doflamingo and Law's abilities. About him "inspiring people around him" that's actually a false accusation, Luffy has been known throughout the series to be very selfish and only care about himself and his friends (sometimes even), Although conveniently enough, His enemies are sometimes bad guys and by defeating them he is saving other people which is not uncommon in Shounen mangas.

    1. I wouldn't has say better...thank you for this counter against this weird list

    2. Don't apologise. Your comment is constructive which means it's welcome.

      I honestly wasn't aware Luffy's dad was Dragon's doing. I thought it was supposed to be some symbol of "fate" or other cliche stuff. At least the true answer is less cliche.

      As for "inspiring people around him", I'm sure I've seen him on several occasions give speeches to people like Robin etc. And to be honest, his selfishness is something I've seen a lot more of recently and it's only made me more annoyed. If Sanji, Zoro, Franky or even Usopp was the main character I could probably enjoy the series. Luffy's selfishness and stupidity ruin what could be an enjoyable experience for me. Also, I love Brook. I recently discovered that too.

  6. So when Luffy has his moments, you dismiss it saying, "he probably doesn't know what it means". That's not exactly fair. Anyway, it's not like anyone's pretending he's smart when he isn't(*cough*aizen*cough*)The author knows he's stupid, the readers know he's stupid, his own crew known he's stupid.
    That's comic relief. Anyway, even in real life people are good at different things. He's not smart in the usual way, but he stick with his friends and will stand up for them. Which is why the straw-hats go along with him.

  7. Oh, and for the honarable mentions?
    "Every character that isn't Zoro?"
    That's plain biased. You expect all characters in a shonen to be serious, smart and no-nonsense?
    You should probably do an article so I understand what you find wrong with Rob Lucci,Dragon(you haven't even seen him yet),Enel, Whitebeard(?),Shanks(why?),Donflamingo, Smoker, Kaku, Don Krieg, Kuro, Ace(I would have thought a serious character would be your thing), Aokiji, Sengoku, Blackbeard(What!?), and Bellamy came back in One Piece's curernt arc, the Dressrosa Arc, with character developement and has great potential.

    1. Ok I'll be honest with you. I couldn't really spell out a list of all tolerable OP Characters in the HM section nor could I find the perfect picture to show characters I dislike so here are people I do like in OP.

      Zoro, Sanji, Whitebeard, Shanks, Smoker, Ace, Blackbeard, Brook.

      The others don't really interest me at all or annoy me. That's all. And trust me, I do not expect all characters to be smart and serious. I watch Bleach and Naruto and Fairy Tail. I enjoy their silliness and fun times.

      Luffy is just a step too far for me to enjoy. I enjoy stupidity at times but Luffy is just too much and too often. The entire series goes downhill for me because of him. Could I enjoy OP if it wasn't for Luffy? Probably. That's just my opinion though.

      P.S Aizen is smart.

    2. Ahh, as a long time One Piece reader, I agree that Luffy can be sometimes overwhelming when it comes to stupidity...

      ...but you must admit, compared to some of the other heroes on the list. He's one of the few that actually LOSES his battles. And on top of it all, I remember earlier on in the series.. he admits he's a idiot, of course... this shadows the typical shonen "Friendship is power". (Which mind you, is the PLOT that runs Fairy Tail currently into the ground. That Hades fight was painful to read.)

      And I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I don't mind Hinata, though she adds very little to the story.. she's pretty good eye candy, even if she has no personality.. at all... if any... okay no personality, she's still plenty hot and deserves to be on the list. :P I still like her.

      As for the characters you like in OP... 3 of them are dead... well, 2 are dead, and 1 is sorta dead.

    3. That's true. It is nice to see a hero lose a battle every now and again. I don't think Ichigo has that problem as he loses quite a few times (like against Grimmjow and Ulquiorra).

      Friendship is power does get cringe-worthy at times, but I have to admit I liked Fairy Tail vs Hades (even if I did cringe during a speech or two).

      You like Hinata? Good for you! I like her too but I see her flaws and have to put her on this list because of them. In fact, I like about half of these characters on this list! :P

      And I know. Typical, isn't it? To be honest, I only liked Whitebeard because of his final moments where he annihilated an entire army then died standing.

    4. P.S. Aizen is not smart
      Essentially, to sum all that up, Aizen is treated as if he is a genius, but his plan and motivations are pretty sketchy. Plus, over 23 volumes of manga will make you forget exactly what his plans were.
      In comparison, One Piece from beginning to the Skypiea Arc is 23 volumes and Naruto from beginning to the Rescue Sasuke Arc is 23 volumes.
      Bleach is just known dragging things out a lot, even in the manga. He achieves this by having huge panels (2-3 panels every page) and endlessly long 1-on-1s.

    5. Ok I'm not going to start a big debate about Aizen because honestly, he outranks so many villains out there. However, I will say this: That blog link you sent about the analysis of Aizen seriously needs to study more about Aizen. I read every word of it and found various things that were incorrect or could be easily answered. A quick example includes Aizen's butterfly form. In many religions and cultures, the butterfly is seen as a symbol of life and rebirth.

      However, like I said, I'm not going to start a war about Aizen. I believe Aizen to have his flaws, but to also be a well-written and clever character.

      And I like how Bleach decides not to rush things and keep the world going. Tite Kubo makes sure every character gets time to breathe and unlike Naruto, I never get miss seeing beloved characters for too long.

    6. Why would people need to study about Aizen?(In fact, I've heard a lot of Bleach fans say he's meant to be a Seraph, despite the cocoons)
      Anyway, there needs to be a balance between side-characters and main characters, with the main characters taking more importance.
      With Bleach, the line is very blurred, characters you'd think would be important, are replaced with supposedly "side" characters. You lose the difference when you give everyone fights that drag over 3 chapters, leading there to be a ton of main characters.
      An example would be the end of the Hueco Mundo arc. Remember how Nel had that moment where she transformed into a scantily dressed woman?(reminiscent of the SS arc with Yoruichi.) Then she fights Espada. 5, and...loses. Then, Zaraki appears and uses two handed-ness.
      Meanwhile, Ishida was fighting a mad scientist(again), and losing. Then, the 1st mad scientist appears and shows the 2nd mad scientist who's more awesome.
      How about Chad, maybe he could help? Or Renji could actually win a fight?
      All of Ichigo's classmates in the first 50 chapters of Bleach were introduced as important, but were swept aside in favour of the Gotei 13.(Why 13? Why not 10, or 9, or 6?)
      Even the shinigami Rukia was forgotten. How do you not make her important?Chad never gets time to breathe. The fullbringer arc was what Kubo called "Chad's arc" but then we got Chads breakdown about how Tsukushima is his bestest friend. Remeber Ichigo's sister, and how she was going over to Urahara's?
      And after Ichigo vs Ulquirroa, I've decided Orihime needs to stop breathing.

    7. If you're going to write an article about a certain subject, you have to make sure you've studied them properly or you'll just have huge holes in your logic.
      Every arc has many different moments and many characters get time to shine in it. Until the entire series is finished, I'm not ruling out anything about characters. Chad, Renji, Rukia, even his classmates... All of them are still alive in the series and it seems like every one of them will have a time to shine.
      Gotei 13 is 13. Why 10, or 9, or 6? It's not really a big deal.
      And you're entitled to your own opinion but Orihime hasn't been as annoying before or after that fight, in which we all agree was easily her worst moment.

    8. My point was that people shouldn't need to "study" Aizen, as in reading guidebooks and the like, if Kubo can't make it obvious in the manga, it shows that he is a bad writer.
      What's the diffence between 13 and 10/9/6? The latter is less. The there were 10 espada and there subordinates and the rejected Espada.
      Ichigo had enough classmates to be main characters, with maybe a few to be side. The there was the the Gotei 13, with 13 captains and 13 vice captains and the 3rd seats(we can ignore them).
      People care more about Ichigo's classmates as they had more time spent, with a short arc to introduce them. And I'm pretty sure Kubo could just Deus ex Machina to keep them powerful. Maybe something like planning could have avoided this.

    9. I don't think Sean meant 'study' as in 'look through numerous volumes just to find out Aizen's plan/motivation etc'. I think he meant it as in doing research on the characters that make up this list (and he can correct me if I'm wrong). And the main thing about Aizen is that he lies. Who knows if he's even revealed his true plan? Maybe everyone in Bleach is still playing right into his hands.
      And 13 is a perfect number for the Gotei 13; considering 3 of them defected, it made the battle with the Espada 10 on 10, and everyone except Yamamoto got a fight in.
      There are many people in Ichigo's class, but they're either used for comic relief (i.e. Kiego), important to the plot (Orihime, Chad, and Uryu), or just ignored. It's not as if everyone in Naruto's class got lots of screentime, only the important ones.
      And the Gotei 13 introduced a number of interesting characters. In fact, 3 of my favourite Bleach characters are from the 13, so I don't see why it's such a big deal that they were introduced. After all, Naruto introduced us to around 14 characters during the space of the Chunin Exams arc.
      In terms of popularity, the highest-ranking of Ichigo's classmates is Mizuiro, at 16th place (in the most recent poll:, and everyone above him is either a Soul Reaper, Arrancar or main character. And the point of Ichigo's normal classmates is to remind us (and Ichigo) that he has a normal life as well. As such, making them powerful would just be an idiotic decision.
      And Kubo does plan ahead. Shinji's introduction foreshadows his Zanpakuto's ability, Ginjou's description of how a Fullbringer is made foreshadows the fact that Masaki was attacked by a Quincy before Ichigo was born, and the entire truth about Zangetsu was referenced as far back as Ichigo's fight with Kenpachi. Just because it seems as though Kubo pulled a Deus ex Machina doesn't necessarily mean that's the case.

    10. What he said. And from now on, I'm going to let him answer your comments about Bleach because he can probably word it better than I could (even though we both have the same feelings towards Bleach.)

  8. Sorry for replying to an old article. I'm same guy who defended Luffy.
    I think Karin( from Naruto) deserves that spot more than Renji. As a comparison...
    Karin is an annoying Sasuke fan-girl who does nothing but drool and faint over him. Her only character development was getting over Sasuke when he stabbed her and ran away, but all that is washed away when Sasuke gives the epitome of regretful apologies, "sorry." She then slurs her speech and return to square one.
    Renji has flamboyant hair.(That's never happened in any anime before...)

  9. I did consider Karin but the reason she didn't get put on this list is because we all know why Karin sucks. Karin was too easy for me to dislike. If I make a sequel to this list, she will definetly be up for it though.
    I really dislike Karin. She gives me the creeps.

  10. Now that I think about it, I don't find Luffy that stupid. Much like how I don't find Goku's Japanese voice that girly.
    Maybe you could give examples?
    And by the way, getting angry at a jerk who bullies your friends isn't "a completely different person", it was introduced as part of his character in Chpt. 1. And plus, you like Sanji, who I could also say the same critism, with "stupidity" replaced with "women obsession"
    Like I said before, (yes I am the same person), he is smart at different things. Take Goku for example, he may be an innocent country hick who is not too bright, but he is a "genius" in martial arts and fighting. Luffy is the same, he is good at making friends and he understands what he needs to.
    And before you say anything, yes that is Goku's character, it's very different from the Superman that the Funimation Z dub made him out to be.

    1. Didn't Luffy need Buggy to tell him that he was the one who was going to be executed, despite being on the execution block?
      Didn't Luffy get trapped between two buildings and not realise the obvious way to get out for tons of chapters? "Stretch out".
      Didn't Luffy once get offered a naked Boa Hancock and not realise she was naked, instead wondering where the meat was?
      I respect you for defending your character but you can't deny his flaws. Luffy is extremely stupid and I'm sure that if I looked back, I could find many more examples.
      I do like Sanji but his love for women doesn't get overwhelming (except recently with the Fishman Island Arc and his fatal nosebleed.) I could accept an idiot character, but I feel Luffy crosses the line for me.
      Goku and Luffy have many things in common, I'll agree to that. I'm pretty sure Luffy was inspired by Goku actually. However, Goku isn't as stupid as Luffy and that's where things change. Goku might be innocent and pure, but he's not someone who has trouble understanding most situations. Luffy just seems confused.

  11. Yeah because Sakura was SOOOO much more useful than Hinata, right? Right?
    Agreed. Crap list is crap.

    1. Why is it crap? Because I didn't put Sakura on it? I don't like her, trust me on that. If I ever make a sequel to this list, she'll be on it.

    2. Because Hinata was SOOOO much more useful than Sakura, right? Right? All those fainting and sweet "Naruto-kuns" were obviously the greatest contributions one could give to the series.
      The simple fact that Sasuke is number 1 on this makes this list far from crap. That self-absorbed asshole should die and maybe the series would actually recover from its current state of crap.

    3. woah, what a wonderful blog and discussion. really enlightening on the mind.
      hey, i think hinata is a slight notch higher on my hatred scale than sakura, coz, basically, all that's been said over here. shucks, i like sakura occasionally, because she can be strong and voice her opinions, which hinata doesn't. OKAY, don't kill me, sakura has her annoying twists and idiosyncrasies, but heck, at least she doesn't go all "Naruto-kun" and doesn't cringe at the idea of punching him.
      and yeah, i so agree with you messr shiggins, naruto's too obsessed with sasuke and sasuke is too obsessed with himself!
      i'm just glad you didn't place someone like itachi on this list. i can't believe all the scores of lists where stupid jump-to-conclusion sort of dorks hate itachi for all he did and still haven't read or watched enough naruto to know WHY.
      but hell i like them all too, i'm just not in the mood for hating. great website! love it!

  12. Wtf why the hell is my lover and future fucking husband on this damn list and not even that but he is NUMBER FUCKING 1 on this list ...... wth I agree with you about Naruto I fucking hat him but Sasuke, really ??? He is so fucking sexy and imagine all the shit that sexy bitch has to do/ go through to keep his hair that fucking amazing. He is probably the greatest anime character in the history of anime characters! He's just so fucking sexy! Oh and another thing, excuse you Sakura's fugly, useless, always hitting Naruto's ass doesn't deserve Sasuke. And for the record I'M the head of the Sasuke Wet Dream Association

    1. Look at this Kishimoto.
      Look at this.
      Kishimoto's editor too, this was your idea.
      Togashi, if you can stop playing Dragon Quest, talk to your friend and tell him what a bad idea that was.
      As a remedy, here's Faggot Face being punched.

    2. I can name an anime character who is 10 times hotter and better than Sasuke. Lance Corporal Levi, enough said.

    3. corporal le---
      hes just a tsundere

  13. i actually think Sakura and Natsu more suck than Sasuke. i wonder why you didn't put her on your list. she surpassed other female chara and became overpowered, she is physically far stronger. its just unfair to other female chara, like Temari and Tenten, who put more effort on training when she was weak and cowardly. and her hypocritical mindset of perversion, her bad actions toward her helpful friend, Naruto, her lie on Kiba, Sai, and Rocklee, just make me really upset. if you look up who Ino is, she now looks more useless than her although she was the first girl who encouraged Sakura to be a strong girl. Ino used to be a tomboy who protected her feminine shy friend. and now..? she looks powerless to her friend's strength.

    1. Trust me, I'm on your side. Sakura will eventually be talked about but I didn't choose her for this list because I had so many Naruto characters to talk about. Maybe one day, I'll create a sequel with Sakura and any other suggestions that people give me.

  14. Yamcha actually has TWO unique moves: Wolf Fang Fist and Spirit Ball. He also beat the Invisbile Man, and the Dainzenshuu gives him credit for beating Oozaru Goku.

  15. True list.

    Even 2 years later.

  16. I wouldn't say that Luffy is that stupid, in fact he's smarter than Naruto. Luffy was faced with a similar situation as Naruto in having a member of the crew, wanting to leave, after said member disrespected and attacked Luffy and what did Luffy do? He kicked his ass and let him leave. Then after that said friend wanted to get back in Luffy's good graces, Luffy refused to allow him back into his crew to unless he apologized. Naruto is still chasing after Sasuke to this day.

    He's even better at romance than Naruto is as well, Boa Hancock doesn't tell Luffy that she's in love with him, but implies it and Luffy's reaction to her is to let her down and tell to outright reject her. Naruto is faced with the same situation, and the dofus just leave everything up in the air.

    When Luffy broke down, physically and mentally it was when his older brother died protecting him, after Luffy had been poisoned within an inch of his life, was exhausted, and was basically running on empty, right after Luffy had saved his brother from the execution block. Naruto shut down when he heard that Sasuke was finally going to be labeled a missing nin after attacking the Kage summit.

    Luffy is aware of the fact that he cannot defeat an opponent, and doesn't know this opponent's weakness, Luffy's response to this is to avoid getting into a fight with said opponent. Naruto's response is to fight said opponent and to win or live by way of PnJ.

    Luffy may be stupid but at least he's smarter than Naruto.

  17. 100 % agree with sasuke uchiha. but y sakura not in the list.

  18. personally natsu from teneojimou arc has mature and guess what everybody lost the final battle against the dragon and natsu especially started the after that death in the 2014

  19. Two guys on this list are far more irritating than could be explained by ten pages of writing : Natsu and Ichigo.

    That Natsu's annoying level can be estimated by just his looks seemed shallow and far fetched originally. But after a few arcs, he really proved as pathetic as the cross breed of Naruto and Sakura (focus on hair and face), though in quite a different way. It is unbelievable how he manages to avoid losing all the time without forming even a semblance of a stategy. I can't fathom why it isn't made official already that "Natsu has an impermeable, invisible, unconquerable, unremovable all attack disabling armour" sheathed over his cheap-fabric-covered skin that trifles even the most devastating of attacks once the fight gets serious. It would really save the pain caused by brainstorming just how is he so totally unaffected to make his next attack. There is the excuse of will power... As if his opponent is totally bereft of any and all motivation to be incapable of getting up after taking just one serious hit.

    If you want someone to stamp his seal of power all over the place in that fashion, let that be predetermined, at least doing so makes Naruto a little tolerable (Kyuubi). Making it seem that Natsu is the underdog, then gradually making him work his way to best the villian is impossible for the rational mind to accept, when it is clear that the guy has no ability to perform even a brainstem's worth of thinking.

    Be back later on Ichigo

    1. Yeah, I have to pretty much agree with what you've said. Maybe the series will prove that Natsu is actually different because he's E.N.D or something but for now, there is no excuse and therefore we are all fed up with him winning all the time.

      I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Ichigo.

    2. Well Ichigo, Hmmm ....

      So likable when he nosedives into the grinder to save his family. It was nice to see him make progress in his soul reaper duties - kind of reminded me of Busou Renkin. Additionally, it was subtly hinted he had tons of potential, some of which came to light against Renji (and some while later Kenpachi). It was pleasing to see him make a comeback after being routed by Byakuya. But it was against Byakuya himself where the gratifying journey of following Ichigo took a different turn. That point onwards he eventually, but decidedly demonstrated that he had no purpose in life but to be a pompous, self concious brat who was delighted to find himself being hailed as a salvager.

      He went up against Byakuya for what ? To save Rukia. Then when he was on the verge of getting the job done, the only thing he cares about is whether he's looking cool or not : claiming that he should contest unaided (when clearly unable to do so), apologising for inner hollow interfering ? Why ??? I get that he didn't want to be ruled by his hollow but if you are true to your goals shouldn't you be treasuring your luck for whatever force just saved your skin by its timely intervention ?

      Not once has Ichigo ever been grateful for or even so much as acknowledged the tremendous GIFTS (its in caps for a reason) that fate has bestowed upon him. Such mentality is befitting for overbearing and boastful people like Vegeta, but certainly not on someone who is playing the perpetually guilt driven, ever responsible saviour of humanity (which an ignorant case like him can never be).

      The height of his arrogance was when he came back to senses vs Ulqiorra, after which he shamelessly plucked his sword out of Uryu to run around some more. Even Naruto showed remorse over striking Sakura (4 tails).

      When he lost his fullbring, he wailed and moaned as he no longer could no longer go swinging and act swaggy.

      The only reason he is sought after is due to him possessing the most uncomplicated and unbelievably convenient Bankai. Even that isn't to his credit as Zangetsu chose him.

      Your term 'Smug Prick' is a most accurate verdict.

      I might have given more examples, but I'm kind of short on time here. But thanks for reading.

    3. Whoa ! You really have pushed the limits on over-the-top hating there man ! I'll agree bleach is getting irritating for ichigo starting to be such a mary sue, but he's really not all so crap. What do you say mr shiggins ?

    4. Well, to be honest, my biggest problem with Ichigo is all the powers he has because he was born with them. It does take things away from his hard effort when he was born with the powers everybody needs/wants. I do enjoy Ichigo from time-to-time but the powers do go a bit overboard. I'm surprised he can't steal other bankai right now.

      Another problem I have is his lack of a motive besides "I want to protect them". I like when a character has a reason and backstory for what they do, but Ichigo never really had that.

      That said, I do still enjoy Ichigo for the most part.

    5. Could you elaborate on your second reason ? This is how i interpret it : As humans we only side up with those we can relate to. All of us are selfish in some way. Ichigo's noble and selfless will about protecting everyone may cause us to feel flawed and guilty, to the point that i can only think of him as someone too virtuous to exist. If he had some backstory (which in anime is usually a painful experience) that could highlight a more personal motive, a self-serving sort of cause that lends his character some selfishness or a little greed maybe i could accept him more.
      But maybe that's just my inferiority complex, maybe it is possible for a person (even though this is fiction) to be so utterly righteous and pure-hearted?

    6. My second reason is mostly his lack of a reason for being selfless and wanting to defend others. As if he was born pure-hearted and wanting to save everyone. I know that this could relate to the pain of losing his mother but he never establishes this.

      If you need an example, I like to look to Naruto for this. Naruto wants to become Hokage because he grew up without parents and was shunned by everybody. This made him want to be recognised and being Hokage would do that. Ichigo, Luffy and Natsu have nothing like that, which is what annoys me from time to time.

  20. So Basically picked all the great character (except Yamcha) while completely ignored those who are truly worst !
    For example : Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! For 20 freaking year he still 10 and still unable to win an actual League.
    Or Sakura Haruno From Naruto ! She fixed her mind on Sasuke to the point that her heart still chose him over Naruto even after Sasuke tried to kill her.
    Or Jack from Yugioh 5D! A guy claim himself a king even when he was born in a dump.

    Lufty, Natsu & Ichigo are better and developed character then them! Natsu did show maturity when he stop fighting ''Savertooth Leader'' .
    As for he beating Main Character , Well he's the main character so he suppose to defeat the final villain.
    Just Like Goku always defeat the final villain! It was only different during Cell Saga where his Son Gohan defeated Cell ! However at the villain its ether Goku or Gohan that defeats the final villain. You don't see Vegeta defeating the last villain.

  21. Aren't you a little too harsh with Renji? He did kill Mask de Masculine after all and is probably one of the stongest shinigami right now. Also I think Ichigo having so many powers could bite him in the ass. Shunsui did say that Ichigo could end up being locked up, because he is too powerfull. He could end either in Muken or on that XXL Hogyouku-crystal prison thing the Soul King was, for example.

  22. the only chars that actually suck in the list are:Natsu and Yamcha.The rest are really popular cahrs esp luffy ,sasuke and Jellal.

  23. Actually Sakura is worst than Hinata,Naruto,Sasuke,Ichigo,Natsu,Luffy combined.So she should be in the list

  24. yeah.. no... seriously, hinata never acted on her feelings coz she truely loved naruto n admired him. love is strange in that way..we just dont expect them to reciprocate coz.. well like i said strange she knew about naruto n sakura n deep down she respected that, her one true loves'wishes. just because naruto is an idiot does not mean hinata is overrrated.. n if she is itz coz she protrayed the character of every single girl who had loved someone else.. n yes remember she is a girl which makes it all the most harder. the same goes for jellal. as for the other i might concur with you

  25. Can't say I agree but I respect your opinion. Also, where Kirito and the SAO characters?

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    when i read this paragraph i thought i could also make comment due to this sensible paragraph.

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