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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapters 15 & 16 Review - Turning White & Ash and Dark Clouds

Written by Shiggins

I love it when I'm right.

Yes, to everyone's surprise I'm sure, I was actually proven correct in one of my theories about a new Fairy Tail character! Admittedly, it was an obvious theory that I'm sure 80% of you guessed, but I still wanted to point out that I'm in the majority! Why? Because victories should always be boasted about to the point of causing people to hate me and regret it. It's why I'd make such a great politician.

Whoops. Wee translation error there? Well, it doesn't matter. These translators do a great job, and mistakes are human. Thanks for all the reading material, guys! Sincerely.
We start with Jellal and Touka giving each other a glare-off, and Touka tells him that Fairy Tail is too powerful a guild, which she believes will eventually cause their own magic to destroy them and everyone around them. To put it simply, it's too much of a good thing. Touka then starts to drain Jellal's magic, but she's stopped by herself. Yes, the real Touka is not the "White Mage" Touka!

I've seen the Last Jedi. I know this means the White Mage has tapped into the Dark Side. Don't you lie to me!
This internal battle is halted by the sudden tackling of Gajeel, Lily, Levy and Juvia, which causes Touka to go unconscious. And we then go back to Erza battling against my Sword Waifu Kyria. It's actually quite a fun fight of hand-to-sword combat, ending with Erza unleashing a Wendy-enchanted sword called Belserion. (Nice callback!)

"Leaf hot wind!" (P.S Why do fighting women always wear high heels, instead of hard boots?)
Meanwhile, Natsu is dealing with Madmorl and goes through some intense pain, but he uses the heat of his flames, rather than the strength of his punch, to overwhelm Madmorl. Finally, Lucy and the others arrive to help out. Madmorl gets back up, angry. As the ship is literally melting around them, Erza and Kyria finish their fight with the expected result.

Ravioli, ravioli, don't lewd the windy loli.
The three members of Diabolos are now together, and Natsu tells them to leave the Water God Dragon alone. Skullion says that since the Water God Dragon is without his power, their new target will be the "White Mage", since they say she has stolen it. The three disappear into ash, with Skullion declaring that he will get his allies from the Guild to show them their true power.

Even the ship disappears, revealing it was similar to Gray's magic. The group then, some more reluctantly than others, decide to return to the Water God. Back to Mercuphobia, who is slowly waking up. However, he is clearly in some sort of trouble as he grabs Caramille's throat in a state of distress.

Opinion: It's good to get back to Fairy Tail in 2019, is it not?

So I made an off-handed comment in another review that I bet Touka had another personality, and I was surprised how right that was. So now we know that the real Touka is a good person, the other Touka is religious, and the tail is... Wait, where is that tail?! We still haven't seen it come back! Did she perhaps copy someone's cat-like magic, and that was the result? Or is it a sign of the White Mage's personality showing up? I really don't know.

Fun fact; This is how Gajeel asked Levy out on their first date.
As for the White Mage's philosophy, we'll see if it is just an excuse for her to show up and cause trouble, or if it could actually impact the future. I can't think of that many stories where characters getting too strong is considered a bad thing, so it is a fairly rare fruit that these guys could try out. (Medaka Box did it surprisingly well, after all).

We know he wasn't being serious because his shirt was still on. That's what Dragon Ball taught me.
I'm liking that Diabolos is sticking around, since it would be a waste for a Guild of literal "dragon eaters" to not show up at some point. And I don't know if you've been able to read between the lines, but I enjoy Kyria in every way. Skullion is still generic and Madmorl feels unexplored, but that just gives the writers more opportunity to show them off. Let's hope they take it and give us a damn impressive Guildmaster or S-Class mages.

Lastly, Mercuphobia is having a meltdown, and obviously there's a few possibilities there. Is he remembering the past, having PTSD, and thinking he's back to when he was an uncontrollable monster? Has he remembered that Caramille is actually the one who sealed his power, and he's afraid of her, even though she might not be evil herself? Or is he just a bad guy? By the way, I wouldn't bet on that last one.

Manga Rating: 

Chapter 15: 3.5/5

Chapter 16: 4/5

Best Part: More Diabolos.

Worst Part: Predictable ends to the fights.

Erza, stop trying to copy his prayers! Teacher might be watching!
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  1. Really enjoyed the chapter tbh! So far it is decent. I'm glad that we see the new techniques team Natsu learned after this year(Dragon Slaying sword Belserion, Fire Dragon King's Purgatory), it's really cool. Also, it seems that Erza will finally be a legitimate threat against the dragons with her new powerup(not that not having dragon slaying magic ever stopped her anyways)
    Also love that Diabolos isn't getting stomped. I really hope that at least some of them can use dragon force, since the last time we saw an opponent use dragon force was natsu vs sting and rogue, and they weren't even real villains.
    I just hope that Lucy and Gray also show some new skills(Like Gray's "Lost Aspect" - it wasn't really explored that much)