Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things I Hate In Shonen Manga

Written by: Micha.

Picture this. You have a huge stock of your favorite pizza lined up for you with your most favorite pizza toppings (if you hate pizza, get the fuck out) but the catch is, it has olives too and you hate olives. The olives were tampering the flavor of your food. It was disgusting you. It was making you vomit.

I get the same feeling every time they ruin my favorite shonen manga with little things that gets on my nerves. And I must warn you that this article is where I will look like a narrow-minded, conservative, intolerant little piece of shit to some of you, because what I hate in shonen will be mostly what you love about it.    


I must confess that I’m an out-and-out sexist. Despite being a woman myself, I have been giving my middle finger to most of my species. There’s just something about stereotypical women that makes my blood boil every time I encounter one. So naturally, my interests and preferences in most things lie on common ground with those of men.

Let me tell you this. Shonen was created for the purpose of promoting an idea of heroic young boys. It exists for the purpose of making nerdy boys feel special and courageous in an entertaining and educational way. Shonen is their turf. Shonen is the geeky retreat for them. And whenever there’s anything beautiful such as that, women just have to butt in and ruin it.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapters 361 and 362 Review - Bring On The Beast!

Written by: Shiggins

(Since I was busy last week, I'm including last week's review in this week's.)

Jackal shows true evil!

So, we go back to that old man Mikelo who is currently running as fast as he can and demands random people to save his life because he's an Ex-Council member and that makes him think his life is ultimately important. Personally, I find it a bit silly he's running around revealing himself to people he can't trust but he is desperate so I suppose rational thinking isn't likely here. Wendy and Lucy try to attack Jackal but the explosions seem to just blow them away. (I'm not sorry for the pun.)

Away With You, I Say!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bleach 559 Review – “The Night Right”

Bleach 559 Review – “The Night Right”
Written by: ClayDragon

In which nothing much actually happens.

Inside Shunsui’s office, Haschwalth notes that the fights seem to be going evenly, and Shunsui agrees with him. Haschwalth then draws his sword, saying that it’s his role to make sure the scales lean to the Vandenreich’s side, and he shatters Nanao’s barrier with a single stroke. He explains that he gradually absorbed the Reishi comprising the barrier, and weakened it to the point of being able to break through it.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Lee

Favorite personality trait:
His persistence to prove everyone wrong. He believes in his own skills and will try anything to prove it to others. And even after he’s been through hard times, he isn’t giving up.
Favorite relationship:
Guy-sensei. The way Lee looks up to him and the way Guy keeps supporting Lee, is just amazing. He literally tries to copy Guy (even his outfit), but if that helps him to reach his goal… why not? Without Guy-sensei he would have given up a long time ago, so I really hope Guy keeps supporting him no matter what happens.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 10 Anime Lists Update

Top 10 Lists Update
Written by ClayDragon

This update has the Jiraiya Seal of Approval.

As you probably noticed, the previous Top 10 list was delayed by a week due to my workload at university. Unfortunately, my workload has in no way decreased, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to find time to write the articles.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Izumo

Favorite personality trait:
Pride. In contrary of Kotetsu, he’s proud to be one of Tsunade’s errand boys. That’s a good thing, since Kotetsu will try to avoid work all the time and he’s the one dragging him back to finish the job.
Favorite relationship:
Kotetsu. His loyal partner. I really love this relationship. They know each other so well and know exactly what to say to the other to get him to do something.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Sai

Favorite personality trait:
Empathy. I know it’s horrible what Danzo did to him by ‘taking away’ his feelings, but it makes him such an entertaining character. The way Sai reacts to emotions and tries to understand them, is actually very interesting.
Favorite relationship:
Naruto. I’ll never forget the moment that Sai decided to change his mission of killing Sasuke, into a mission to save Sasuke. Only because he was interested in the strong bond Naruto had with him before he left Konoha. I just loved this moment.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bleach 558 Review – “The Heart of the Wolf”

Bleach 558 Review – “The Heart of the Wolf”
Written by: ClayDragon

 Victory! Of a sort.

In the cave, Komamura’s great-grandfather thinks to himself that Komamura acted like a true member of his clan, and that he is proud of him. Meanwhile, Bambietta is in shock over the fact that she was hit, and realises that her bombs were pushed back into her body before they could explode, causing them to explode inside her. Defeated, she trails smoke behind her as she falls from the sky.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 10 Anime Duos

 OtakuNuts' One-Year Anniversary! 

Top 10 Anime Duos
Written by: ClayDragon & Shiggins

You know those two people. The ones who are almost always together, to the point where it’s virtually impossible to imagine one without the other. Be they a couple, siblings, or just really good friends, they’re always much better together than they are alone. This collaborative list between Shiggins and myself brings together the top ten duos in anime.

Sorry about the delay on this one, I've been under a lot of work lately. Enjoy!

WARNING: Due to the nature of this list, there may be spoilers/yaoibait here. You have been warned.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Shizune

Favorite personality trait:
I actually like her personality as a whole. She’s timid, but not afraid to speak her mind or to become quite aggressive when it comes to protecting the ones she cares about. There really isn’t anything that I don’t like about her personality.
Favorite relationship:  
Tsunade,  of course. She really cares for Tsunade and helps her whenever she can. If there’s anyone who knows all about Tsunade, it’s Shizune.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 360 Review - And Boom Goes The Dynamite

Jackal vs Dragon Round 1

So we start immediately where we left last week, with Natsu and Jackal having a staring contest. With Wendy and Lucy going to help Mikelo get away (and his grumpy attitude starting to just annoy me now), Jackal does some type of spinning dance that reminds me of that Last Airbender film that everyone despises. Within seconds, the entire surrounding area explodes in what I personally felt was a bit over-the-top, but effective nonetheless.

He's Also A Terrific Singer

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bleach 557 Review – “I Already Threw Away My Life”

Bleach 557 Review – “I Already Threw Away My Life”
Written by: ClayDragon

On exposition and the nature of immortality.

Continuing on from last week's chapter, Komamura has released his new Bankai and he starts smashing buildings in an attempt to hit Bambietta. As she flies around the battlefield, she continues to taunt Komamura, and fires an attack at his Bankai. However, it grabs her Reishi blast in mid-air, and whilst its hand explodes, the wound heals up almost immediately.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Jiraiya

Favorite personality trait:
Perviness. The way he admitted that he was a super pervert, showed that he wasn’t ashamed of it. And it also gave him the inspiration needed for his Icha Icha novels. But it also gave Naruto a way to get him to do things while using the Sexy no Jutsu.
Favorite relationship:
Even though he tried to hit on her when they first met and he was a real show off, they became really good friends. The way they made a bet involving his life when he went on his last missions, showed how much she cared about him. Too bad this was the only bet she every won.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 359 Review - Animal Week

Any furries in the audience?

We start our week in Tartaros HQ, where Tempester was regaining his old body and telling Kyouka how he always forgets his name every time he dies, which I found weird because he remembers everything else. Apparently, Tempester will take longer than usual to regenerate due to Kyouka creating a new demon. And it's Minerva! So, I'm happy because Minerva is still alive and she'll be becoming a super-powerful demon soon, which means Erza can't win so easily next time, thank God.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Until Mashima Put In Tentacles With Naked Girls

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Sasori

Favorite personality trait:
Ambition. He desired everlasting existence, which he finally acquired by turning himself into a puppet. But like Kankuro said during the War, he didn’t become immortal, his puppets did. All because he put his soul and heart into the while creating them.  
Favorite relationship:
Chiyo. She took care of him after his parents died and taught him how to make puppets. She was the one how gave him a chance to be happy, because he made the Mother and Father puppet thanks to her. Too bad she was also the only one capable of killing him.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bleach 556 Review – “The Wolfsbane”

Bleach 556 Review – “The Wolfsbane”
Written by: ClayDragon

What…I can’t…What is this I don’t even...

Firstly, it turns out that Bambietta’s attack hit Shinji, and he collapses in a smoking heap as another explosion goes off behind him. Bambietta says that it doesn’t matter if Shinji’s Zanpakuto disoriented her, as she can just blow up everything and kill him that way. She reveals that her Sternritter letter of ‘E’ stands for ‘the Explode’, and she uses her Vollständig wings to fly up and bombard the area below her.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Top 10 Anime Locations

Top 10 Anime Locations
 Written by: ClayDragon and Shiggins

Let’s face it, most anime series wouldn’t be nearly as good without their locations. Whether they’re beautifully designed, well-thought out, or just plain cool, they’re clearly a big part of their shows. This collaborative list between Shiggins and myself brings together the top ten locations in anime. 

WARNING: Due to the nature of this list, there may be spoilers here. You have been warned.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 358 Review - I'll Choke You, Bitch

And the death toll rises.

To start off this surprisingly dark chapter, we go to where we left off last week's chapter with Laxus about to fight the member of Tartaros. Laxus catches up and the cloak comes off to show how how he really looks and is predicted, he is Tempester of the Nine-Demons. Next up is some intense battling which results in Laxus proving once again that he seems to the most overly powered character in Fairy Tail, by defeating Tempestra before the chapter is halfway finished.

This Would Explain Why Toby Looks So Wierd