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Fairy Tail Chapter 358 Review - I'll Choke You, Bitch

And the death toll rises.

To start off this surprisingly dark chapter, we go to where we left off last week's chapter with Laxus about to fight the member of Tartaros. Laxus catches up and the cloak comes off to show how how he really looks and is predicted, he is Tempester of the Nine-Demons. Next up is some intense battling which results in Laxus proving once again that he seems to the most overly powered character in Fairy Tail, by defeating Tempestra before the chapter is halfway finished.

This Would Explain Why Toby Looks So Wierd

After some praise from his little gang of weird but fun teammates/subordinates/fangirls, Laxus asks Yajima what to do with Tempestra. Yajima mentions how he is unsure due to the Council being defeated, including the branches due to the head of the council dying. This seems fairly weak to me but I guess that makes sense with a lot of organisations and companies. They then decide to take Tempestra to Fairy Tail and interrogate him about Tartaros.

Gotta Love A Girl Who Can Handle Some Meat
Tempestra then turns the tables but not in a way I expected. He chooses to "die once" and then suddenly explodes into black mist. Tempestra's voice speak to all of them, revealing how it is lethal to all mages and it is called Mashou Ryuusi, which is translated as Magic-Damaging Particles. In fact, Tempestra would easily have killed them all if it wasn't for the fact he had to go to retrieve his previous physical body from his own guild. Seems a bit stupid to reveal your weak point but I guess he really is that arrogant and stupid.

Back To The Tardis!
With Tempestra gone and leaving them all to choke and die, Laxus gets desperate and works to save the town. He uses his Dragon Slayer lungs to absorb the mist and save Freed, Bickslow, Evergreen and Yajima. After this huge sacrifice, we timeskip to Porlyusica (Fairy Tail's Nurse of Magic that appears once or twice). She reveals just how messed up the people from the restaurant are.

A Fun Name Does Not Mean A Fun Person
With all four of them in critical condition, especially Laxus, it looks like they'll be out of this arc for some time. Everyone is shocked of course because Laxus and his crew were always the big tough guys you could count on to come out on top. The idea that someone who defeated the entire Raven Tail guild single-handed being defeated by just one of the Demons is definetly troubling.

That Smile Made Me Think He Was Actually Going To Die
Freed talks to Makarov, begging him to answer whether or not Laxus actually did save the town. Surprisingly, Makarov lies and tells him that Freed was right. This is where it gets really dark. Tons of people died and Laxus failed. Freed cries happily, unaware of how much higher the death count has just gotten. As Erza realises that Jellal will most likely be a target soon, Natsu gets enraged and declares that war has begun.

Gameplay Of The Next Fallout Game
With over 200 people dead in just three chapters, this arc has been quite impressive so far. It's taken a fun and lighthearted series and given it the dark twist that tons of whiners and bitches were hoping for. People are dying and nobody is safe from Tartaros. I personally can't wait to see who dies next.

I Know Who I'm Rooting For Next
And speaking of death, I thought I should give my theory about why Tartaros are targeting ex-council members. I believe that years ago, one generation of the council did something to piss off E.N.D years and years ago. E.N.D has declared revenge for this and has gone for the "Kill them and all who follow" method of vengeance. Either that, or they want to kill anyone that could use Etherion on them. (Etherion is that super-big-scary-weapon-of-doom the council once used to try to kill Jellal.)

Manga Rating: 5/5

Character of the Week: Laxus Dreyar for his fight with Tempestra and noble sacrifice.

Predictions: Natsu and the gang are going to search for Tartaros and find a way to make one of them appear to fight. Erza will figure out that if they stay with Jellal then Tartaros will come to them. We might see more Jellal/Erza (or Jerza) and then Jellal will die through sacrifice. I'll be glad.

P.S A sneeze in Asia is believed to be a sign that they are being talked about.

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