Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bleach 539 Review – “Prob-less, Progress”

Bleach 539 Review – “Prob-less, Progress”
Written by: ClayDragon

In which more questions are raised than answered.

This chapter starts in the ruins of the Squad 12 headquarters, as Akon arrives after recovering from his injuries. He’s greeted by an unnamed female researcher, and they discuss how Captain Kurotsuchi has been in his room with Nemu ever since the Quincies attacked. Akon realises that all the security cameras have been deactivated, and surmises that the Captain must be doing something in his room that he doesn’t want anyone to see. Using a secret camera he set up in Kurotsuchi’s room, Akon and the female researcher witness the Captain standing over what appears to be an operating table, with a dark shape lying on it. Sadly, we don’t actually get to see what he was doing.

Maybe he's just scared, ever thought of that?

Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Anime Characters That Suck!

 [Our 100th post!] 

Written by: Shiggins

Obviously, manga and anime have great characters. Just look around. However, I’m here to bitch inform you about some of the most overrated characters that have yet have been unlucky enough to find its stupid or wasteful self in my path of rage and anger!

Spoilers for Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail and One Piece. Deal with it.

10. Tobi/Obito – Naruto

I’m going to start with one of the most frustrating villains, and tell you why he needs to realise he isn’t actually as great as he claims to be! Ladies and gentlemen, my number 10, Obito Uchiha!

Tobi Is A Lucky Boy!

Obito is basically Naruto except he was smart enough to get cooler goggles than Naruto and decided to keep them for as long as possible. Like every main villain of Naruto that doesn’t kidnap children for the purposes of stretching out his tongue, Obito is from the Uchiha clan and has the sharingan, which he got seconds before a giant rock crushed him and he “died”.

So he survived because the true villain, Madara Uchiha, saved his scrawny ass. After a bunch of shit happened, Obito got easily manipulated into being evil. And why was he so easy to manipulate? Rin died. So Obito decided to wear a mask, become super-evil, start a war, summon the dead, murder tons of innocents, and be an overall douche to Kakashi.

I'm A Sexy Bitch!

4 Reasons Why Sasuke Should Become Hokage

Written by: Micha 

I’m done living in denial.  Ever since the release of Chapter 631 I’ve been constantly having wet dreams of a certain Uchiha, and surprisingly this time it does not involve me drowning myself in the East River. If these certain dreams have taught me anything, it is that Uchiha Sasuke have finally conquered my hollow, dead heart with his charmingly good looks and hair products. And his announcement of wanting to become the Hokage has left me wanting to tear off my limbs like a hungry dog on weed just so I can have something to shower him as confetti.

See how conveniently Kishimoto drew the sparkles? 
I’ve to admit, I was rather upset as to how the Naruto fandom responded to Sasuke’s announcement, with their aggressive Tumblr posts and fanarts. It is rude and immature, people, and I highly recommend that you take the full liberty of grabbing a handful of those offensive posts and shoving it to the place where the sun doesn’t shine. Sasuke should become Hokage. And here are a couple of reasons why.

4. Sasuke loves his village.

For some unknown reason, this idea seems to escape most people in the fandom. After researching for sleepless nights, I’ve come to the conclusion that the fandom is being deceived by the manga translators who clearly are bred by the Satan, and have reserved themselves a special room in the bottomless pits of hell after committing this blasphemy. We’re being cuckolded by illiterate fools who probably do not understand the meaning of cuckold.  Or maybe they really wanted to keep us in the dark since they’ve finally realized that they can never claim Sasuke’s expensive hair products.

I’m talking about Chapter 402 where they had conveniently translated that Sasuke wanted to destroy the village; all thanks to me, which we now have come to realize that is nothing but garbage.
And no, this isn't photoshopped.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Iruka

Favorite personality trait:
His compassion. Of course towards Naruto. He’s sweet and always tries to do well. And he understands Naruto, most of the time though. I really liked their trips and talk while eating Ramen a lot.
Favorite relationship:
It would be cliché to go for Naruto, but I’m going with Hiruzen. I really liked the way he and Iruka got along. The way he took care of Iruka after his parents died, the way they had lunch together,… I really liked their relationship.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why Fairy Tail Sucked for Me

Written by: Micha

You could say that I’m one of those people who subscribes to certain anime just for the heck of hating them. I’ve thought about it for a while and even decided to fix it as my career choice.  I don’t really hate Fairy Tail, per say. Hate is a strong word. I don’t hate it at all. I’d rather prefer the term, if-you-love-FairyTail-I’ll-feed-you-to-a-tank-of-sharks-when-you’re-on-your-period kind of love.

Yes, Shiggins, I so would. With love, of course.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 332 Review - Yummy, Yummy I Got Fire In My Tummy

Written by: Shiggins

Eating Is The Best Strategy Ever! Of All Time!

So to start off, Laxus and his gang of misfits are attacking Atlas Flame, the dragon of fire, with every attack they have to offer. Atlas just laughs at them and, keeping up his constant dramatic flare (Get it?), tells them how he is unaffected and cancels out any magic. When the group are worried because even Laxus can't fight him, Natsu drops down from above and starts trying to eat him!

This Is Going To Ruin My Figure. 
Atlas gets annoyed and starts thrashing about, trying to shake him off in a rage. Natsu plays the cowboy on a mechanical bull and refuses to let go, despite Atlas getting angrier. Laxus and the gang are then told by Natsu to go ahead to help Wendy fight Zirconis, because she's too young to do it alone. (I think she's 12 or 13 actually. Unsure!)

The next few panels are clearly just filler, and have Natsu holding onto Atlas and getting a good ride out of it! As this bucking bronco goes on, Atlas starts to recognise Natsu's magic and questions him, sensing a connection between Natsu and Igneel. Natsu comments on how Igneel was his dad and raised him and Atlas suddenly has a change of heart, revealing how Igneel was his friend and King of the Flame Dragons.

This Picture Is So Hot! (Get It? Innuendo!) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bleach 538 Review – “Standing on the Edge”

Bleach 538 Review – “Standing on the Edge”
Written by: Clay Dragon

The learning is over, and now the training begins.

Carrying straight on from last week’s chapter, Ichigo has announced to his dad and Ikumi that he’s leaving, and it very quickly becomes apparent that he has no idea how to get back to the Soul Society. Thankfully, Mera appears out of thin air, grabs an understandably shocked Ichigo, and teleports back to the Soul Society. It transpires that Ouetsu decided to send Ichigo back to the real world for one evening, and if nothing had changed during that time then waiting any longer would have been pointless. As a number of Asauchis surround Ichigo, he reaches out to one particular one and grabs its hand. It looks up, revealing itself to look remarkably similar to Ichigo’s Hollow form. Ouetsu smiles, and promises to forge Zangetsu again personally.

That moment when one simple question completely ruins your plan.

Meanwhile, in a training arena in the Soul Society, a swordsmanship class is interrupted by Hitsugaya, who wishes to be trained to use swords due to his Bankai being stolen. As he begins, he vows to look forward, and not hold any sentiment towards his lost Zanpakuto. In a clearing, Kensei confronts Hisagi, and orders him to reveal his Bankai. Due to the fact that the Vandenreich can steal an opponent’s Bankai, Kensei figures that more people need to learn to use them in order to effectively fight the enemy. However, it turns out that Hisagi won’t be fighting Kensei in order to obtain his Bankai. He’ll be fighting......Mashiro, who was last seen during the fight with Wonderweiss about 160 chapters ago.

She's alive!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 331 Review - You Spin Me Right Round, Baby!

Written by: Shiggins

Nudity is awesome and if you don't agree, leave this blog!

We start off with Wendy preparing her magic to fight Zirconis, who is now holding the naked Lucy in his grip. Lucy is terrified because she is naked, and possibly the giant dragon about to eat her but mostly the naked part. Mirajane turns into her Satan Soul and attacks Zirconis, which he laughs at until Wendy comes up behind him and uses her magic on him. This angers Zirconis, causing him to literally throw away Lucy and focus on Mirajane and Wendy.

Sorry Demon Lady. I Can Only Be Hurt By Underage Girls! 

Meanwhile, Natsu and F.Rogue are battling it out, with Natsu having trouble. By the looks of things, F.Rogue is just too powerful to beat and the dragon he is riding isn't going to stop any moment soon. This is when Natsu turns his head to literally see a flying Lucy smack into him and send them both flying to the ground, where they land in what appears to be a bell which then topples over, spins the two of them around, and lands.

Someone Likes A Certain Song By The Weather Girls.

Happy, who had followed to save Lucy, catches up and jokes at how bold they've gotten, especially after Natsu's genius plan to cover her up. (Personally, I saw nothing wrong with his plan.) Lucy then goes on to complain about how strong all the dragons are and how she was almost eaten, which seemed to make Natsu think up a strategy to defeat them all.

It's True. He Really Didn't.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bleach 537 Review – “Prinz von Licht”

Bleach 537 Review – “Prinz von Licht”
Written by: ClayDragon

The flashback is over! For real this time.

Defying all expectations, Isshin gets right into explaining why Masaki died. He tells Ichigo that Quincies have a skill called ‘Blut’ (‘Blood’), which helps to raise their skills by making reiatsu flow through their veins. In particular, Masaki’s ‘Blut Vene’ (‘Blood Vein’) was very powerful, and should easily have protected her against the Grand Fisher. It turns out that, after the attack by the Vasto Lorde, Masaki became a mixed-blood Quincy (half Quincy, half Hollow). Isshin then reveals that he was aware that she had fought the Grand Fisher, but didn’t go to her aid as he was confident that she could handle it herself. He then changes the subject to Uryu’s mother, and asks if Uryu ever spoke about her.

I wasn't aware he even had one until you asked.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Kankuro

Favorite personality trait:
His personality itself. He completely changed during the time skip, in a positive way. At first he was scared to death of Gaara, now he cares for him and supports him no matter what situation they’re in. One of the biggest character changes of the series in my opinion, next to Gaara himself.
Favorite relationship:
Easy, Gaara. Like I said in the above question, their relationship changed a lot. Gaara started to tell Gaara the way he felt about meeting Naruto, wanting to protect Suna, etc. Meeting Naruto didn’t only change Gaara, but Kankuro too. His acting like a big brother and that’s how it should be.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Deidara's Breastfeeding.

Fairy Tail Chapter 330 Review - It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Written by: Shiggins

And just when you thought this series couldn't get any more perverted...

So to start off our chapter, Natsu and F.Rogue are having an ultimate staring contest on top of a dragon, who we now know is called Motherglare. Instead of actually attacking each other, F.Rogue gives a command. Motherglare suddenly starts laying eggs all over town, creating dragon minions.

If This Was A Human, It Would Be The Most Disturbing Image Of All Time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bleach 536 Review – “June Truth”

Bleach 536 Review – “June Truth”
Written by: ClayDragon

The flashback is over! Except it’s not.

After his sudden appearance in Masaki’s mind/Inner World/wherever, Isshin taunts the Hollow briefly before killing it with one Getsuga Tenshou. Masaki proceeds to scream and (showing no shame whatsoever) glomps Isshin whilst bombarding him with questions, which culminates with him berating her as she asks for his name. Back in the real world, Urahara confirms that he was able to connect their souls, and that Masaki will be fine.

Meh. Ichigo's Inner Hollow is much better.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Naruto's Vagina.

New category where we're not afraid to demonstrate how fucked in the head we at OtakuNuts are.

To be fair, he DID say this.

Ao No Exocist Cosplays by Yuiie

We have introduced her kickass Magi cosplays before, and we're now here with her Ao No Exocist Cosplays. Because I fucking love them.