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Fairy Tail Chapter 330 Review - It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Written by: Shiggins

And just when you thought this series couldn't get any more perverted...

So to start off our chapter, Natsu and F.Rogue are having an ultimate staring contest on top of a dragon, who we now know is called Motherglare. Instead of actually attacking each other, F.Rogue gives a command. Motherglare suddenly starts laying eggs all over town, creating dragon minions.

If This Was A Human, It Would Be The Most Disturbing Image Of All Time!

Laxus decides to step forward and literally punches the flaming dragon, who is called Atlas Flame in the manga and Raging Flamer in my mind. He and his gang of lunatics decide to stay behind and fight Atlas Flame together, although everyone tells Bickslow, Freed and Evergreen it's a waste of time since they will be useless. I disagree but let's see what happens.

Gajeel, who is literally only able to see out of one eye and bandaged up, goes off to fight a dragon too. Rogue and Sting split up, with Sting staying to fight against the dragon attacking Sabretooth. Apparently, Natsu's speech from the last chapter has finally influenced Sting, who now wants to be a proper good guy and save his friends. Rogue runs off to help a guild that doesn't have a Dragon Slayer.

I Ask Myself That Same Question Every Day...

Ichiya puts up a brave fight, using his special "Parfum", which is rather smelly. So smelly in fact, that everyone is affected by it. Except the dragon, because it doesn't have a nose because it is made of rock and rocks don't have noses. With Blue Pegasus regretting they don't have a Dragon Slayer to help them, Cobra suddenly falls from the sky and, after punching the Rocky Dragon on the head, proceeds to tell Blue Pegasus "move away, weirdos." Ichiya was offended by that.

If It's Weird To Make A Perfume From My Armpits To Fight Dragons Then I Don't Want To Be Normal!

Now for the perverted moment you've all been waiting for. Zirconis looks around and seems to try to decide who to eat first. Deciding that clothes don't taste nice, he uses his ultimate attack. He erases clothes. Yes you read that correctly. Only the clothes, which leaves us with every guard there naked and having to run for their lives. Also, for added effect, he shoots one at Lucy too to make her naked. He wants to eat the girls anyway and Lucy is always the target for things like this. So because of this evil nudity crime, Wendy has decided to fight Zirconis.

Vote For Your Favourite Naked Soldier! Mine Is The One With The Hairy Chest! 

Overall, this chapter was a laugh and Hiro Mashima was clearly wanting to be a bit pervy and silly again. He also set the next chapter up quite well, providing almost everyone with an opponent to fight, and even dealing with all the non-Dragon Slayers by giving them some generic minions, who honestly could probably do well in a video game. Seeing Wendy step up to actually fight a dragon on her own is a big step for her and one I hope to see next week.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Zirconis because, just like the people at Otaku Nuts, he is clearly just a pervert at heart.

Predictions: Next week will involve Wendy preparing to fight Zirconis, trying to think of a good strategy and getting emotional support from Natsu. Gajeel and Rogue will each go to either Mermaid Heel or Lamia Scale. And whoever goes to Mermaid Heel, will be swooned over.

P.S I shall start campaigning for Zirconis to join us on this blog if he decides to make Mirajane naked too. The more he targets, the better his chances are.

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