About OtakuNuts

About this blog:

If the school girls and fetish for 2-D people didn't give it away, this blog is dedicated to all things otaku. Here we will rant our feels produce finely written articles on some of the best anime and manga out there. The writers' forte lies within Naruto but expect to see many other anime and otaku things!

All our work will be tagged accordingly, for easy access to desired articles for the readers.

Be fair warned that the writing style of each person varies, but we all enjoy humor that may be seen as offensive to overly sensitive social justice bloggers. The content is not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form. That's a lie, take us very seriously. We're famous.

How the blog got started:

The idea for this blog came back when one of us had randomly woken up one morning.

From the prophecy of that dream, this blog was born! 

Why OtakuNuts:

It's just a stupid name the co-founders(we, Amber and Micha) came up with. We wanted to proceed with the blog design first and decide upon a new (and hopefully a less stupider) name later on. However, OtakuNuts just kind of...stuck.

What's this about:

We both love pissing off people, but not every website let us do it however we want to. We both believe in letting out our opinions no matter how many people disagree with us. 
We're freaks of nature that way, and we want to attract other freaks of nature like us.

We try to recruit writers who are different in their own way and can produce quality contributions to our hopeless appreciation of everything anime. Plus, all our writers are cute.

Except for Sean. He's cute maximus.


Amber and Micha. We met at a lesbian conversion camp. It didn't work out so well.