Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fairy Tail Chapter 457 Review - Battle of the Naked

Written by Shiggins

Well, that could have been a LOT worse!

I remember last week I had a bit of a rant about the stupid inclusion of girls bathing together for no real reason, except maybe to just highlight Brandish's ability of power. And while this week didn't do anything to justify the nudity, it didn't succumb to the inappropriate water-wrestling image the title claimed would occur. In fact, it's a surprisingly interesting chapter on many levels.

I don't have a joke here. That's just funny.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Strike the Blood Anime Review

Strike the Blood Anime Review
Written by: ClayDragon

Imagine a city dedicated solely to housing demons and other supernatural creatures. A city where demons, witches and shamans are commonplace, and new magical advances are made every day. Kojou Akatsuki is an inhabitant of such a place, called Itogami City. Despite living in this place, Kojou only wants a normal life. Unfortunately, he happens to be the Fourth Progenitor – an incredibly powerful vampire with a host of magical familiars. As such, this causes him to be labelled as a potential threat, and so the government send an agent to observe him and, should he threaten the safety of the island’s inhabitants, kill him.

Attack on Titan - Season 2 Won't Bring Down My Walls

Written by Shiggins


Yeesh, that title was rather suggestive, huh?

How fucking amazing was Attack on Titan's first season? It had perfect animation, fantastic testosterone-raising music, and the action was so intense and felt so good that we could almost classify it as erotica! To put it simply, we all wanted to have this series' babies. Unfortunately, I have come to realise that there are three main reasons why Season 2 of Attack on Titan, though still most likely good, will not be as pants-changingly awesome as it's predecessor.

A comedy grave.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Became Total Badasses

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Became Total Badasses
Written by: ClayDragon & Shiggins

Character development can be a wonderful thing. It can take weak, wimpy and annoying characters and, with a bit of time and effort, transform them into forces to be reckoned with. For this list, we’re looking at anime characters who, over the course of their series, went from being ineffective to amazing. As such, we’re not counting main characters, or characters who simply went from strength to strength.

Thanks to Cade Conner, who requested this list on! (Sorry about the wait).

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fairy Tail Chapter 456 Review - Order

Written by Shiggins


Our newest chapter came out a bit early, which is perfect for me because I have a busy week ahead, so I was pleasantly surprised. The "pleasantness" of my surprise went down a few notches as I kept reading, and by the time I finished this chapter, I wasn't even sure how to respond. In some ways, I still don't. 

And it only took him 9 years.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bleach 646 Review – The Second Eye

Bleach 646 Review – The Second Eye
Written by: ClayDragon

Aren’t comrades great? Whilst Shunsui has been fighting Lille, Shinji decides to leave him to it and continue their advance towards the Vandenreich’s base. Momo begins to argue against his decision, claiming that they should go and back Shunsui up. However, Shinji points out that they’re running low on time, and explains that, were Ukitake with them, he would tell them that Shunsui is capable of looking after himself.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fairy Tail Chapter 455 Review - Defence of Magnolia

Written by Shiggins

So... Mavis didn't see this one coming?

A bit early for me to start criticism but honestly, how could you be so smart and plan tactics to deal with every possibility, but you didn't come up with precautions for this one!? Honestly, that's the main thing that bothered me this week, but I suppose nothing says "we're so fucking screwed" like a situation where even the top tactician is unsure what to do next.

I know, Freed. You're right. You're always right.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fairy Tail Chapter 454 Review - Team Flying Dragon and Team Osprey

Written by Shiggins

Let's hope this doesn't become Tartarus 2: The Same.

The army of fleets are here and with no time to waste, Mavis sounds the alarm. Ajeel orders the fleet to open fire with their cannons, but a large magical barrier blocks all the attacks. It turns out this barrage is being blocked by one of my all-time favourite gay characters; Freed!

Aww, my gayby has all grown up.