Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 402 Review - Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon

Written by: Shiggins

The "Face Fakeout" thing is getting annoying.

Every time somebody stops Face, Mard Geer or some other loser reveals a new way to reactivate it again. Back-up plan after back-up plan. Natsu, just kill Mard Geer and get it over with. Anyway, the chapter begins with Natsu charging to Geer and introducing himself as Igneel's son. (Yes. Geer didn't even know who Natsu was until now!)

"I'm sorry. I'm totally running a blank here".

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NARUTO Chapter 693 Review : Once again...

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

Kishimoto apparently realized chapter 685 was a mistake,
'cause he just took his shovel to bury SasuSaku for good.
Instead, he simply sowed the seeds of NaruSasu/SasuNaru,
watered them with hatred, and will be trying to make them bloom into love.

What's happening in this chapter ?

The manga resumes where we left it last time : Sasuke. Revolution. Yadda yadda yadda.
Naruto asks him to release the Tailed Beasts as they aren't going to do any harm now, but Sasuke lets Naruto know that he wants to eradicate anything that has their chakra... meaning the Beasts of course and Naruto himself.

"I am the seme and YOU are the uke, so you shut up and comply to my wishes !"

Magi 240th Night Review

Written by: Micha

I went through the raw when it came out like I always do even though I’ve little clue about what’s going on since I can’t read Japanese. But the minute I saw Gyokuen on the panels, my fangirl juices have been flowing nonstop ever since until I read the translations today. You can tell I haven’t even started reviewing yet I’m jumping to the middle pages of this week’s chapter. I need help.

This chapter starts with Judar’s entrance to the political summit, which is where they left off in the previous chapter. Everyone is quite shocked to witness his uninvited arrival, especially Alibaba, but it could be just that Ohtaka likes to draw him very much.

Alibaba thinks that he hadn’t seen Judar since Balbadd, yet could feel the difference in the atmosphere than when he had seen him last. Aladdin asks how Judar could appear without disturbing the rukh, which greatly baffles him.

The greatest contribution to this manga is Judar's sass.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 401 Review - Igneel vs Acnologia

Written by Shiggins

I hope you already read last week's chapter because if not, that title just spoiled a ton.

In the red corner, weighing "who-the-fuck-knows", wielding scarlet scales and a lot to answer for, we have the dragon of flames himself Igneel! 
And in the other corner, the current heavyweight champion of dragon fighting, we have the darkness himself and former human being Acnologia! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 97 Review - That Butler, Curiousity

Written  by: Shiggins

Well... That was strange.

So, this arc took an odd turn today and honestly, it made me uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons. I'll obviously talk about that later but for now, let's focus. Instead of running off to England, the story goes down the stairs and deeper into the Green Palace where the "magic circle" is. After breaking in silently so the werewolves don't hear them, the trio finally make it to their destination.

The snake also told me some interesting bra sizes...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bleach 597 Review –“Winded by the Shadow”

Bleach 597 Review –“Winded by the Shadow”
Written by: ClayDragon

Om nom nom nom nom.

Cannibalism solves everything.

After having his ass handed to him by Zombie Kensei, Pepe is confronted by Liltotto, who slowly begins to walk towards him. Not quite sensing the mood, Pepe begins to lie through his teeth, saying that he’s happy she survived. As she advances, Liltotto activates her Vollständig and points out that Pepe tried to kill her and Meninas, and tells him that he should at least take responsibility for it. Despite Pepe begging for forgiveness, Liltotto extends her mouth and begins to eat Pepe alive.

Fairy Tail Week: Fairy Tail Anime - What I Think

Written by: Shiggins

400 chapters. 200 episodes. And still going to this day!

For Fairy Tail Week’s final article, I’m going to take a look at the first anime of Fairy Tail, which lasted 175 episodes before taking a hiatus to prevent catching up to the manga. I would review the second anime too but it’s only had 25 episodes and I think it deserves more time to impress me.
This anime is one with many ups and downs, so unlike my opinion on Naruto Shippuden, this one will be both positive and negative in areas. Some areas are amazing, and other areas are… lacking. Once again, the areas I’ll be judging are animation, music, story, openings and endings and The Others.

I’ll try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, although expect some minor ones.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fairy Tail Week: Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters

Fairy Tail Week - Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters
Written by: ClayDragon and Shiggins

For today’s entry in Fairy Tail Week, we’ve made a list of our Top 10 Fairy Tail characters. As with many shonen series, Fairy Tail has a huge amount of characters, so there was no shortage of options when it came to writing this list. However, as always we’ve had to limit ourselves to choosing the best of the best, so apologies if your personal favourite isn’t on this list, but sadly they didn’t make the cut.

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fairy Tail Week: What You Never Knew About Fairy Tail

Written by Shiggins

As with every fictional series you'll ever read, Fairy Tail is full of trivia and references that you won't notice right away. And since it's Fairy Tail Week here on Otaku Nuts, I figured I should create a list to provide as much information as I can to all readers of Fairy Tail and any who are just interested in small pieces of trivia about fiction.

You may find spoilers ahead. 

Just like Levy, I devoted time to researching for this article. It took longer than expected.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Magi 239th Night Review

Written by: Micha

Lord bless early translations.

Don’t you love political summits? I sure do. It seems that after my religious dose in the Alma Torran arc, we’ve switched to politics which is my second most favorite subject in this manga.

Last chapter ended with Aladdin calling all three big empires; Kou, Reim, and Sindria, for a ceasefire treaty, and this chapter reveals the final decision of the king vessels to Aladdin’s suggestion. Aladdin says that all the empires to stop quarrelling with each other, considering that shit got done in the Magnostadt crisis because they all worked together to eradicate one common enemy.

Aladdin then infers that the crisis was not over, mentioning the “world hole” ill-ilah opened. The hole that opened the space between dimensions that ill-ilah used to come down the Earth was not closed. At this point, I’m certain that he refers to the black rukh as ill-ilah in general.

I will never get over how good Ohtaka's art is.

Fairy Tail Week: Top 10 Fairy Tail Magic Powers

Fairy Tail Week - Top 10 Fairy Tail Magic Powers
Written by: ClayDragon & Shiggins

For today’s entry in Fairy Tail Week, we’re taking a look at the multitude of different magical powers that are showcased in the series. Almost everyone has a unique style of magic, so we were bound to make a list like this sooner or later. Please note that this list refers to magic powers only, therefore other abilities (like the Edolas powers or Tartarus’ enchantments) are excluded from this list.

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fairy Tail Week: Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 3 Review - Night of Embarking

Written by Shiggins

Fairy Tail Week has officially begun! (Perfect timing for this review!)

After last week's fun meeting between Mavis and Yuriy, while Zeira hides behind a bookcase, Mavis and Yuriy make a deal that whoever wins this battle gets a reward. If Yuriy wins, Mavis will show him where the island's jewel is. If Mavis wins, Yuriy and his friends must leave. 

A convenient recap of the rules so I can be lazy and not bother explaining it to you.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 400 Review - Wings of Hope

Written by: Shiggins

Chapter 400 everybody! We made it here together! And we got a good reward too... Not great though.

Acnologia is here and he's blowing up shit. Massive pages of Acnologia doing nothing but blowing up the area around him, yet not somehow harming anybody, which I find strange but we'll just accept it. We see Cana, Erza, Kyouka, that dancing guy that nobody remembers the name of and more as they all freak out about Acnologia being here. 

I don't think even he knows why he's blowing up this random area anymore.

Magi 238th Night Review

Written by: Micha

Alma Torran story is officially over, which has gotten me a bit depressed but hopefully this continuation of the political summit will cheer me up. I like that stuff.

Now that Aladdin is finished with the story, it was a matter of how the people were going to react. This chapter covers most of that, and also coming up with a solution to their most upheaving problem that is the conflict between Reim Empire, Kou Empire, and Sindria.

There is someone in chapter whom I wanted to talk but didn't talk, and he has a goatee.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bleach 596 Review –“Rub-Dolls 3”

Bleach 596 Review –“Rub-Dolls 3”
Written by: ClayDragon

Giselle, no!

Because violence is funny.

Somewhat shocked to see Kensei and Rose on the battlefield, Byakuya asks them what happened just as Hisagi launches himself at Kensei. Unfortunately for him, it would seem that Zombie Kensei has retained his fighting skills, as he effortlessly beats Hisagi into the ground and forces him to let go of Senbonzakura. He then picks it up himself and shambles over to Byakuya in order to return his Zanpakuto.

NARUTO Chapter 692 Review : Revolution

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

I honestly couldn't believe it when I heard that some people 
were surprised by the turn of events in the manga...
It not like Kishi confirmed a few months ago (once again)
that Sasuke vs. Naruto would happen or anything.

Looks like the perfect "happy ending" picture right..? Well, it only LOOKS like it...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 399 Review - Wings of Despair

Written by: Shiggins

And the shit has officially hit the fan. We're all going to die.

You know when you predict how an arc will end, and then suddenly something awesome or terrifying appears and laughs at your obvious prediction? That was what this chapter achieved. It's making fun of us for underestimating it. And I love that because predictable plots are a huge pet peeve of mine. So as you can tell, I really liked how this chapter ended and the possibilities opened up by the surprise appearance.

But before we talk about what makes Fairy Tail great, here's a supremely unnecessary panty-shot!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

NARUTO Chapter 691 Review : Happy Birthday

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

Ooooobiiiiiitoooo !! Will you kindly GTFO of the manga PLEASE ?!
You've been dead for two-three chapters now !
This was a farewell chapter yet not many feels were felt (for me at least).
Hopefully, next week will have the Konoha 11 back.

What happened in this chapter ?

Chapter starts with Hagoromo introducing himself and Sakura casually stating that she doesn't even give a f*ck anymore (just like me). The dead Kages are surprised to be there, with so many other Kages, Tailed Beasts and the Sage of the Six Paths in person in the same place.

Tsundere Kurama giving his beloved Jinchuuriki the middle finger, that's love bitches.

Bleach 595 Review –“Rub-Dolls 2”

Bleach 595 Review –“Rub-Dolls 2”
Written by: ClayDragon


*Ahem* Still under Pepe’s control, Hisagi continues to fight Byakuya whilst the Sternritter watches. Pepe begins a monologue about how fights are always sad due to love being involved. He claims that fights happen because of love, be it love for a family, friend or ideal. As a result, he believes that there are no fights without love, and this makes fights both beautiful and sad.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Magi 237th Night Review

Written by: Micha

Holy shit, have you read this chapter? Have you? Things have finally fallen in to place. Questions have been answered. The whole system makes sense now. And I can finally sleep at night.   

After Alma Torran went in to ruins, all species and magicians have been living underground. But with the depletion of resources, Ugo came up with a plan to survive, in five years’ time; that is to transfer them in to an alternate world that is rich in resources.

Ugo explains to the people that there is a prosperous world in an alternate universe, and they would be able to move together with the rukh through the dimensional tunnels. Now, I’m not certain what in god’s heaven a dimensional tunnel is, but I’m pretty sure it’s very cool.

One world down. Let's exploit another now, shall we?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Top 10 Anime Powers

Top 10 Anime Powers
Written by: ClayDragon and Shiggins

For a large number of us, these are probably the reason why we wish anime was real (others may wish anime was real due to all the women, but let’s not get into that). They’re flashy, unique, and just plain awesome, so it was only a matter of time before we did this list. For the purposes of this list, we’ve described the term ‘power’ as being ‘a distinctive ability unique to only a few characters that does not involve a transformation or being assisted by an outside source’, so things like Titan Shifting and Bankai are exempt from this list.

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 398 Review - The Final One-On-One Battle

Written by: Shiggins

That title is BULLSHIT!

And you'll understand why soon enough. Anyway, our chapter begins right where last week ended, with Gajeel the only one left standing after Torafusa! was finally defeated. (Why is Levy not moving? She seemed fine last week...). Gajeel is heavily weakened and exhausted, which makes things problematic when Tempesta finally gets off his lazy ass and goes behind Gajeel to finish the job Torafusa! failed to do. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Gray appears!

Out of fucking nowhere 1: Robin Hood of Icewood