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Fairy Tail Week: Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 3 Review - Night of Embarking

Written by Shiggins

Fairy Tail Week has officially begun! (Perfect timing for this review!)

After last week's fun meeting between Mavis and Yuriy, while Zeira hides behind a bookcase, Mavis and Yuriy make a deal that whoever wins this battle gets a reward. If Yuriy wins, Mavis will show him where the island's jewel is. If Mavis wins, Yuriy and his friends must leave. 

A convenient recap of the rules so I can be lazy and not bother explaining it to you.

With Mavis claiming she can win this in one round, no matter what, Yuriy is shocked and trying to assess the situation. Is such a method possible? Was Mavis just bluffing and trying to make him freak out? Of course, Yuriy comes to the conclusion that Mavis is lying and therefore he will prove her wrong. And so we begin.

Never fuck with The Mavis.

The first one is pretty funny, if not a bit of a tease too. Yuriy goes to say "That bird is your pet" but Mavis interrupts him before he can say the "r" and so Yuriy ends up saying "That bird is you". Basically, Mavis is a sneaky trickster and Yuriy was wrong. Obviously, Yuriy is angry and demands a rematch since that was unfair... technically. 

"Respect me for I am clearly the adult here!"

With the additional rule of being allowed to finish sentences, they begin again. It's Mavis' turn now yet she still claims to be able to finish this in one go. With Yuriy getting angrier by the second, Mavis finally takes her turn. "You have blinked 57 times since the beginning of this match". 

Well... Fuck.

This is of course throws Yuriy off his game, causing him to ask more questions. Has he blinked 57 times? Mavis apparently hasn't blinked at all, but Yuriy isn't sure if he has. Without knowing the answer himself, he cannot possibly answer because it's not technically the truth and... Yuriy has lost! And as he freaks out, Precht and Warrod appear. 

Hmm... I wonder which one is the serious one of the trio...It's a mystery.

It turns out that Precht and Warrod already found where the Tenrou Jade should be, but it was gone. Apparently, it was stolen years ago and Mavis thinks it must have been the Blue Skull Guild who attacked 7 years ago. (That number appears far too many times in Fairy Tail for it to be just a coincidence). Mavis then demands that the trio take her along with them to get it back.

This Tenrou Jade is so important to her yet she didn't notice until just now...

With Mavis using Yuriy's promise to meet the fairies to convince them to bring her, she begins to pack. This is when Zeira is finally introduced to Yuriy and I'm saddened to say she's not a ghost or anything. Zeira survived and I'm more upset about that I should be. (I knew it was impossible for a ghost to age but still... It's a shame). Zeira and Yuriy have a small exchange with Mavis helping them out, and the journey begins.

I don't think I'll ever get used to Mavis without her dress on.

Opinion: To be honest, it's difficult to find a problem with this chapter. It was funny enough, Mavis was adorably sneaky and cunning and the plot is properly advancing now. Mavis and Zeira have joined the trio as expected and left the island to find the Tenrou Jade. 

To be fair, I am a bit disappointed that the Tenrou Jade is just a plot device to get the series started and although it's obviously not what's important about this series, I would have loved a big dramatic quest like how Natsu wants to find his father. 

This is better than having no goal at all.
I was a bit frustrated when I found out the game was a waste of time but to be honest, I gave it some thought and I don't dislike it now. It was showing Mavis and Yuriy battling it out with wits, and gave us a brief glimpse of why you should never fuck with the little girl. I'm curious to see how she interacts with the others now.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Month: Mavis Vermillion for her sneaky behaviour against Yuriy.

Predictions: No idea. This series could literally go almost anywhere now. Will they stay on the boat and have some adventures on the sea? Or arrive in a mysterious new town? Time will tell.

Best Part: Mavis winning the game.

Worst Part: It looks like Zeira isn't dead. (I know I keep going on about it but it bugs me). 

Come back tomorrow for the next Fairy Tail Week article!

This is clearly such an appealing cover to fans everywhere...

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  1. Personally, I think Zeira is still dead, I mean, when Mavis introduced him to Zeira, Yuriy looked like he wanted to say something, so I'm guessing Zeira is just a coping mechanism for Mavis

    1. That's what I was wondering and although I do hope for that, I am trying to prevent getting my hopes up too much.