Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 402 Review - Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon

Written by: Shiggins

The "Face Fakeout" thing is getting annoying.

Every time somebody stops Face, Mard Geer or some other loser reveals a new way to reactivate it again. Back-up plan after back-up plan. Natsu, just kill Mard Geer and get it over with. Anyway, the chapter begins with Natsu charging to Geer and introducing himself as Igneel's son. (Yes. Geer didn't even know who Natsu was until now!)

"I'm sorry. I'm totally running a blank here".

As Natsu charges, making his intentions to obtain the book clear, Geer responds with his thorns again but Natsu dodges to Geer's surprise. And then both Natsu and Igneel use the signature attack "Iron Fist" on Mard Geer and Acnologia. And yes, it's easily the best page of the chapter.

Isn't it kinda weird though that Natsu's signature attack is "Iron" when there is already an Iron Dragon Slayer?
With this intensity going on, Geer uses his telepathy to contact Kyouka again and tell her to, you guessed it, activate Face as soon as possible. With the Ex-Chairman no longer able to be used, Kyouka must now form an "organic link" with Face to become the key itself. After some hesitation from Kyouka because she will most likely die because of this, she jumps up and fuses with the big glowing orb thing to become the key.

"I have a tail now. Tails are cool."
Tons of dots appear, each one representing a Face bomb, Kyouka tells Erza the obvious answer to stop Face: Kill Kyouka. However, the problem is that Kyouka has finally unleashed her devastating Etherious form on Erza. 

Opinion: Can we please stop Face now? It keeps starting and stopping and starting and stopping! It's getting ridiculous! Even Aizen didn't have this many back-up plans! On the bright side, it does give us another reason to have Erza kill Kyouka, since Kyouka is probably really needing to die at this point. 

Even though Erza shouldn't be standing because of all that has happened in this...Oh forget it. I'm tired of complaining now.
Natsu fighting Mard Geer was okay, but nothing special. So far, Mard Geer seems to be barely trying and all he's done is use thorns. Either he better start fighting properly or just die. I'd be happy either way. And speaking of fighting, we never did see Silver, Ki-su or Lamy transform, did we? That's a shame.

And that's it. Nothing else to really be said about this week... It was an okay chapter. That's it.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Kyouka for (hopefully) providing the final way to defeat Face permanently. 

Predictions; Erza vs Kyouka. A big dramatic battle. Maybe Kyouka will cry randomly and Erza will give words about love or something equally stupid to convince Kyouka she should want to live to be a lesbian with her girlfriend. I hope not but I'm predicting that right now.

Best Part: Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon!

Worst Part: Face returns again... again... again...

I wonder if there's ever a picture of Erza that isn't either:
A) Carrying a sword
B) Fanservice
C) Both

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  1. Natsu fighting Mard Geer sure reminds me of the time he fought Future Rogue, huh? Considering both men almost have the same looks, personality and vibes imo

    Not to mention dragons are also battling it out nearby!

    Marde and f!Rogue share similarities, but they don’t strike me as nearly identical. They’re both ruthless when it comes to using people or getting them out of their way, but that’s a trait they share with many other antagonists. Their styles are different; for instance, f!Rogue operated as a lone wolf, while Marde has no hesitation in deploying his underlings to take care of trivialities (as he sees them!).
    however future rogues attack called rough silk is similar to the thorn technique mard tried to use on natsu right down to the stance in first page and natsu reacted due to remembering that fight

    1. The two do have many similarities which is a shame really. I'm not sure if Mashima was unable to think up a proper villain for this arc, maybe he ran out of time or maybe he just didn't want to focus on Mard Geer that much. Either way, I think I enjoyed Future Rogue a lot more because F.Rogue had a history, mystery and depth to him.

  2. what do you think of the theory that mard geer is rogues father.

    1. Hmm... Nah. I think it's too random and makes me think of fanfiction.

  3. what do you think of the theory that mard geer was once human due to the fact that His physical appearance, his status as a demon, his loathing of humans, and certain aspects of his personality have drawn several comparisons to Naraku.

    1. Very interesting. Would explain a lot about his personality and make Mard Geer somewhat engaging as a character. As I think about that possibility, I wonder if that means Mard Geer has an ulterior motive for meeting Zeref. Perhaps something not as friendly as he made the other demons think...