Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 349 Review - The Wild And The Young

And I'm finally getting properly interested in this arc!

Gray vs Doriate is the first thing we see. It turns out the masked man's name is Doriate which does suit him in my opinion. A very gruff and caveman-like name. Gray is not impressed by Doriate's magic and admittedly, manages to impress me with his fun ideas. Most of the time, we see Gray summon some spikes or hammers to defeat his opponent. Unable to do that, he has to use his imagination and being a kid, his imagination is higher than his adult-state. (Think the Green Lantern but with magic instead of a glowing ring.)

His Butt Hurts More Than It Does On A Saturday Night

Monday, August 26, 2013

Gosick Anime Review

Gosick Review

Written by: ClayDragon

It’s like Sherlock Holmes, with romance and tsunderes.

Allow me to be particularly honest for a moment. When I was first recommended to watch Gosick, I checked out a quick summary online, and I wasn’t exactly gripped with enthusiasm. A romantic storyline set in post WW1 Europe? It sounded like a slightly tweaked anime version of Downton Abbey. However, in the interests of writing a fair, balanced review, I decided to push aside my doubts and actually sit down to watch it. This, it turns out, was a good thing.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 348 Review - Gray The Red Riding Hood

Written by: Shiggins

The boogeyman is in town!

So to start off, we see Flare telling her tragic tale of how she used to live in the city of giants. Apparently, she was scared of being the only non-giant, so she left the entire village and went to a faraway place. To make money, she ended up with Raven Tail. Apparently, she had no clue that a scary bastard in a crazy mask or a bunch of assholes and freaks were the "villains". I can't help but question her judgement there. I understand she didn't know about the world, but joining a crazed guild of abusive gits seems like something you'd realise is a bad choice, no matter what.

How Could She Trust Orochimaru's Cousin?!

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Temari

Favorite personality trait:
The way she speaks her mind. She’s a strong girl, that’s for sure. She never thinks about the fact that her words could be harsh or may hurt someone, like when she talked to Shikamaru after the Retrieval mission.
Favorite relationship:
Definitely the one with her siblings. They feared Gaara for years and only saw him as the monster he was said to be. They were just his siblings to him, nothing less, nothing more. But all this changed after Gaara met Naruto. He started to care for her and Kankuro, apologized for everything and also started to tell them about his feelings and his plans for the future. The way she and Kankuro handled when Deidara kidnapped Gaara, was amazing and showed how much their bond changed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cowboy Bebop Anime Review

Cowboy Bebop Review
 Written by: ClayDragon

Three, two, one, let’s jam!

Along with Dragonball Z and Pok√©mon, Cowboy Bebop can be seen as one of the driving forces behind the proliferation of anime in western countries. In fact, it’s the longest running show on [adult swim], going on for over a decade. The story of Cowboy Bebop focuses on a group of bounty hunters, who, in the late 21st century, travel across the solar system on their ship, the Bebop, hunting criminals and trying to earn money. Whilst the summary sounds fairly straightforward, the backstory isn’t quite as simple. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 347 Review - Girl Power!

Written by: Shiggins 

Boys vs Girls but without a bed to fall back on.

So to start off this chapter, we get Flare's reason for appearing to fight the Treasure Hunters. Sadly, she was only kidding when she said she was stalking Lucy all the time. It turns out the truth is far more coincidental, as Flare actually grew up in the Sun Village, and had returned home since she had no place to go. The symbol on her breast chest is the symbol of the Sun Village. Admittedly, this saddened me as I was hoping for a lot more. Also, I've never heard of a village having a symbol which just made this huge coincidence even weirder and far too lucky for me.

Personally, I Preferred This Reason

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Kakuzu

Favorite personality trait:
Greed. I know it’s not a positive trait, but it caused so many funny arguments between him and Hidan. And he knew what he was doing. He was good at it too.
Favorite relationship:
Hidan of course. Like I already said, their arguments were hilarious. Hidan shouting at him and Kakuzu not listening at all. That kind of stuff. Definitely one of my favorite Akatsuki pairs.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Zabuza

Favorite personality trait:
Ambition. Even though he gladly sacrificed his own people to reach his goal, there’s no doubt he was ambitious.
Favorite relationship:
Haku. I know he trained him to be of use to him, but in the end he cried over Haku’s death. It took him a while to realize how much Haku meant to him and maybe things would have ended differently if he wasn’t so blinded by ambition, but I think this was a perfect ending for both of them. Haku protecting Zabuza with his life, and Zabuza finally realizing why he did it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Black Butler Anime Review

Black Butler Review

Sadly, not quite one hell of an anime.

Black Butler (known as Kuroshitsuji in Japan) is a manga which covers the story of Ciel Phantomhive, an Earl in Victorian London. Due to losing his parents in a house fire when he was young, he ended up summoning a demon to aid him in finding and exacting revenge on his parent’s murderers. In order to fit in, the demon takes the form of a butler, and is named Sebastian. The anime version of Black Butler splits from the manga quite quickly, and it brings in its own villains and story arcs. It’s split into two seasons, each with their own characters and storylines.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Yamato


Favorite personality trait:
His calm demeanour. It shows why he’s such a respected and skilled ANBU. Planning everything, keeping calm when something unexpected happens,… He’s a good addition to the team to keep Naruto in check.
Favorite relationship:
Kakashi. I love the way he keeps calling Yamato, Tenzo, like when there were at the ANBU. And they also know each other’s technique, which only helps in fights and planning missions.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Naruto Chapter 642 Review - Loss Of Dignity And Limb

Written by: Shiggins

More disadvantages followed by an actual achievement.

At the beginning of the chapter, everyone waits to see the end result of what happened from last week, when Naruto and Sasuke made a lovechild made of jutsu together. It turns out the end result was nothing because Obito actually can't be hurt by that anyway. He's too strong to be hurt, even if you do somehow hit him. Obito's amazing power is brilliant and is extremely necessary as the final villain needs to be extremely powerful. However, I can't help but feel that maybe it's starting to go too far considering every single chapter is a wasted effort if they can't even hurt him when they spend a whole chapter focusing on one punch.

What A Beautiful Flower... Oh God, It's Going To Kill Us!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Durarara!! Anime Review

Durarara!! Anime Review
Written by: ClayDragon

The successor to Baccano! suffers from Difficult Second Novel Syndrome.

In a similar vein to Baccano! (in fact, they’re both written by the same person), Durarara!! started life as a light novel, before being adapted into an anime series. However, Durarara!! is different from its predecessor in a number of ways, and these keep it from being as good as Baccano!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 346 Review - The Rapists Are In Town

Written by: Shiggins

Getting a bit more interesting now.

As I expected, Minerva arrives to fight Erza. I was more expecting a kidnapping but Minerva would just rather kill Erza right now, while she can only just manage to summon a sword. It also turns out Erza is fully aware of the symbol of the Dark Guild that Minerva has joined, known as Succubus Eye if you haven't been paying attention. Minerva reveals she only went in it because it's the strongest guild around. I'd like to see just how powerful some of these members are if that's the case. Maybe one of the Wizard Saints? We'll find out soon I hope.

Also, The Sky Is Blue And That Sword Is Pointy.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Tsunade

Favorite personality trait:
Her will to keep on living. Seriously, what she has gone through is just horrible. Losing Dan and Nawaki, losing her team mates. She lost all her loved ones. But she keeps on going. And in one way or another, all these losses make her stronger and fuel her will to protect the people she cares about.
Favorite relationship:
Jiraiya. I really loved their relationship. Even if she ignored his feelings and argued with him a lot during their youth, she cared about him. Their conversation about dying on his mission, was a very touching one. Especially the moment Tsunade had her break down after the hearing of his death, showed how much she cared about him.