Thursday, August 15, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Kakuzu

Favorite personality trait:
Greed. I know it’s not a positive trait, but it caused so many funny arguments between him and Hidan. And he knew what he was doing. He was good at it too.
Favorite relationship:
Hidan of course. Like I already said, their arguments were hilarious. Hidan shouting at him and Kakuzu not listening at all. That kind of stuff. Definitely one of my favorite Akatsuki pairs.
Favorite fight:
His fight with Team 10 en Team 7. It showed his amazing, but creepy, skills. I also liked the idea behind the masks.
Favorite jutsu:
Earth Grudge Fear. Amazing technique. He used it for almost anything. Sewing Hidan and Deidara back together, to fight,… Without it, he wouldn’t have ‘lived’ that long.
Favorite outfit:
His Akatsuki outfit, since there’s only one.
Favorite random thing:
The fact that he’s the oldest shinobi. Or was. 91 years old.
Personal thoughts:
I always enjoyed the parts with Kakuzu and Hidan, only because of their behavior towards each other. But like I said, I liked Kakuzu’s techniques. The way he killed people to steal their hearts and obtain their skills, is creepy but fascinating.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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