Friday, August 2, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Tsunade

Favorite personality trait:
Her will to keep on living. Seriously, what she has gone through is just horrible. Losing Dan and Nawaki, losing her team mates. She lost all her loved ones. But she keeps on going. And in one way or another, all these losses make her stronger and fuel her will to protect the people she cares about.
Favorite relationship:
Jiraiya. I really loved their relationship. Even if she ignored his feelings and argued with him a lot during their youth, she cared about him. Their conversation about dying on his mission, was a very touching one. Especially the moment Tsunade had her break down after the hearing of his death, showed how much she cared about him.
Favorite fight:
Her fight against Madara. We’ve seen some of her fighting skills before, but this a fight on life and death. She’s using all she’s got to defeat him.
Favorite jutsu:
Her medical jutsu in general. She’s amazing. And I really love the way she passes on her knowledge to the next generation. It’s also funny to see how Sakura became a younger version of Tsunade after being trained by her.
Favorite outfit:
This one.
Favorite random thing:
Katsuyu. A snail as a summon? Doesn’t look very powerful, but she is. Definitely one of my favorite summons.
Personal thoughts:
I love Tsunade. For being cynical about being Hokage first, she’s doing an amazing job. The way her personality changed after meeting Naruto, is just awesome. He changed her in a good way and I think their bond will only get stronger over time. And like I already said, her medical skills are the best thing ever. But one thing I would like to know, is how she really looks like. Just once is enough.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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