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Fairy Tail Chapter 349 Review - The Wild And The Young

And I'm finally getting properly interested in this arc!

Gray vs Doriate is the first thing we see. It turns out the masked man's name is Doriate which does suit him in my opinion. A very gruff and caveman-like name. Gray is not impressed by Doriate's magic and admittedly, manages to impress me with his fun ideas. Most of the time, we see Gray summon some spikes or hammers to defeat his opponent. Unable to do that, he has to use his imagination and being a kid, his imagination is higher than his adult-state. (Think the Green Lantern but with magic instead of a glowing ring.)

His Butt Hurts More Than It Does On A Saturday Night

After making Doriate fall down a couple of times using some trickery, he tries to summon a hammer but it's too small and weak to do any damage. Gray dissolves it instead, pouring snow on Doriate's head. This is when Gray reveals that he is aware Doriate never froze the village in the first place. The reason for turning adults into kids is because he's too much of a baby to fight adults. 

Due to the anger Doriate is feeling, his magic ends which finally reverses all this kid stuff and make everyone their proper ages again. Erza was pinned down at this point with Minerva telling Erza to beg for her life. Instead, Erza tries to reason with Minerva and convince her it's not too late to turn sides. I hope it is too late because seeing Minerva change sides would instantly sadden me. And if Minerva becomes the next Jellal, somebody is going to die.

Even These Two Have More Screen-time Than Lisanna
Just before Minerva finishes Erza with a blade, Erza's breasts return to the series. The rest of her body follows and we see Erza fight Minerva again so there is a bit of distance between them. Minerva has prepared a plan to deal with Erza's cheat-armour (also known as Nakagami) but she refuses to fight until there is an immediate change in Erza's current clothing situation. Yes, she is only wearing a black shirt. To make matters even more fun, Erza stole Minerva's skirt. You can't hate it when girls start strip-fighting.

I Can Practically See The Sexual Tension
With Natsu and Gray both back to normal, Gray notices that Doriate is getting larger and angrier. At first, Gray was mocking him but then starts to feel fear and nostalgia as he realises Doriate hasn't activated Beast Soul or Satan Soul (like Elfman and his sister that actually helps the plot). Doriate's true form is revealed as a demon from the Book of Zeref. Which means that Doriate is just like Deliora, who once destroyed Gray's entire home and his former teacher.

With everything going on, it's good to see this arc get even more confusing and deep. We now have the Eternal Flame, a frozen city of giants, Minerva from Succubus Eye, Natsu hearing a voice, the Gate of Hades being mentioned and now a demon from the Book of Zeref, with whom Minerva has formed a partnership with. If all of this is a coincidence, then that's just fucking stupid. I can't wait to hear the answers to these and more over the upcoming weeks. Maybe we'll find out more about the Book of Zeref too.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Gray Fullbuster for defeating Doriate's first form and using childhood to his advantage.

Predictions: We'll see as Gray fights Doriate, but his mind is too messed up about Deliora and he will lose in the end. Lucy, Flare and Wendy will then save him before he dies. Minerva will reveal she has a new power or magic to defeat Erza's Nakagami armour, which Erza will defeat using some other cheat. Natsu may actually find the source of that voice.

P.S I only just realised this week but Doriate has the same symbol as a laptop!

Now We Know How To Turn This Bad Boy On

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