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Naruto Chapter 642 Review - Loss Of Dignity And Limb

Written by: Shiggins

More disadvantages followed by an actual achievement.

At the beginning of the chapter, everyone waits to see the end result of what happened from last week, when Naruto and Sasuke made a lovechild made of jutsu together. It turns out the end result was nothing because Obito actually can't be hurt by that anyway. He's too strong to be hurt, even if you do somehow hit him. Obito's amazing power is brilliant and is extremely necessary as the final villain needs to be extremely powerful. However, I can't help but feel that maybe it's starting to go too far considering every single chapter is a wasted effort if they can't even hurt him when they spend a whole chapter focusing on one punch.

What A Beautiful Flower... Oh God, It's Going To Kill Us!

To make matters worse, Minato's arm won't grow back because Obito's jutsu powers make all other ninjutsu obsolete. To put it simply, if they get killed by Obito then they don't get to come back. Obito is so powerful that he can kill the dead! As for Minato, I can honestly say I'm starting to dislike this aspect of him. I've always liked Minato right from when I first saw his epic coat but now he's just a bit too admiring. He keeps talking about Sasuke and Obito as if they are in fact the people for which we should all go on our knees for. Tobirama's attitude towards him is starting to make sense.

It's Okay If You Are, Really.
Naruto decides to enter his Bijuu mode. And suddenly, it fails and Naruto just looks foolish too. At this point, Tobirama is clearly wishing he had somebody badass and competent on his side. Sadly, Hashirama does not make an appearance in this chapter in this chapter which means Tobirama is stuck with the group he has now. And he hates all of them so much, he even takes away their dignity with his insults.

Gamakichi is about to disappear now. Apparently, the summoning has a time limit which makes sense but I'm just surprised to see it since we've never heard of it before now. Before he goes, he decides to randomly fire a blast from his mouth. I'm not sure what he hoped that would accomplish but surprisingly, it did actually accomplish something.

Be Thankful It Isn't Coming Out The Other End
Minato then decides to try reasoning with Obito. Admittedly, I've been wanting to see this happen for quite some time, although I'd have preferred it before he turned into a crazed monster with another monster inside of him. As Obito states, Minato is far too late with his lecture and reasoning, and Obito is still pissed off about Minato being away when Rin and Kakashi had their final mission together. Minato starts blaming himself at this point, wishing he'd known it was Obito who caused the attack all those years ago. This is one of those times I remember why I like Minato again. He's a true warrior filled with guilt and is practically one of the biggest heroes of the series.

I'll Become The Hero That Gotham Deserves
Obito starts to badmouth Minato, calling his life a failure and showing how pathetic Hokages truly are. I'm thankful Naruto spoke up here because I was starting to just feel really bad for Minato now. He's feeling guilty and sad, he wants to end this with words and not violence, then suddenly Obito starts calling him names and insults all Hokages everywhere. Hearing Obito's words, Naruto suddenly creates a rasengan without a clone (Only took him over 10 years!) and tells Obito not to "badmouth Hokages just because you couldn't become one". Naruto is especially pissed over what Obito said about his daddy, which is clear in the next page.

My Dad Could Beat Up Your Dad... Whoever He Is.
Tobirama teleports Naruto behind Obito, which is a great advantage that will probably disappear soon because Obito seems to be a God right now. Naruto smacks Obito with a rasengan, and it actually seems to work this time. When they all look closer, it turns out Naruto has gone Sage Mode and is using Senjutsu. Apparently, Gamakichi's attack wasn't erased which means Senjutsu has an effect on Obito. So all I can say about that is fucking finally! Obito has a weakness! (At least, I hope they found one and aren't being trolled right now.)

The last panel is interesting. Behind Minato, is a shadow of Kurama who is also known as the Nine-Tailed Fox. I think it's clear what it is but I'll say anyway. It's obviously the other half of Kurama's chakra, which Minato took from Kurama during his own death. And clearly, it's got it's own body too.

That Or It's Kurama's Heartless
Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Naruto Uzumaki for finally landing a hit on Obito, during one of the times when he needed it the most.

Predictions: That senjutsu attack will have barely done anything, so Minato will give his half of Kurama's chakra to Naruto which will give him full power so he can use even stronger senjutsu against him. If we're lucky, one of the many forgotten characters will appear soon.

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