Friday, August 2, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 346 Review - The Rapists Are In Town

Written by: Shiggins

Getting a bit more interesting now.

As I expected, Minerva arrives to fight Erza. I was more expecting a kidnapping but Minerva would just rather kill Erza right now, while she can only just manage to summon a sword. It also turns out Erza is fully aware of the symbol of the Dark Guild that Minerva has joined, known as Succubus Eye if you haven't been paying attention. Minerva reveals she only went in it because it's the strongest guild around. I'd like to see just how powerful some of these members are if that's the case. Maybe one of the Wizard Saints? We'll find out soon I hope.

Also, The Sky Is Blue And That Sword Is Pointy.
Meanwhile, Minerva's partner, who I have nicknamed Mask, is facing Natsu in his child form. Obviously, we can assume Mask is also a member of Succubus Eye since Minerva called him "partner". Due to Natsu's body regressing to that of a child, he can no longer use his magic properly or take hits like he used to it. When he finally manages to trick Mask and starts running, Mask decides to take off his mask and reveal to the reader what he really looks like. Ugly! 

Ironic How One Of The Scariest Guys Around Is The One Going After Children
He called himself a Non-Human. This interests me as it opens the door to tons of possibilities. We've seen giants, men turned into trees and now this Non-Human. It makes me wonder just how many species are secretly out there and how much of an impact all these types will have on the plot. To put it simply, I don't think Fairy Tail is ending for some time.

Now to Lucy and Wendy. After the Exceeds decide to go on ahead, Wendy mentions how the treasure hunters are following them. After seeing through the "brilliant" disguises, a small argument breaks out where the hunters demand the keys be given to them. At first, Wendy tried to be nice but when Hiroshi slashes one of the giant statues, clearly showing he doesn't care about them, Wendy gets mad and prepares to fight. Before the fight to the death happens, an unexpected reappearance from everybody's favourite lesbian rapist,  that is not a part of this blog, appears to back up Lucy and Wendy. Flare Corona has returned.

Now for Flare's new symbol. We all have theories here and I'm just going to place mine into the pot. I believe it's the symbol of  Tartaros, making Flare a member of the Dark Guild we've heard about for so long and are expecting very soon. I'm not sure why she'd be in Tartaros, but the idea of her being in a huge guild like that, filled with many possible villains and plans, is one that sounds like a lot of fun. That or Flare started her own guild called "Lucy's Sexy Ass". We'll find out next week I bet.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Flare Corona for her surprising return and for making me wonder what that symbol means.

Predictions: The Treasure Hunters will get properly defeated this time. Natsu will find the location of the voice, which I still think is the Eternal Flame. Mask will reveal a hidden power that only Non-Humans possess. Somebody will stop Erza from getting killed by Minerva, but only just in time so as to make it dramatic.

P.S I had a feeling these Hunters had a strange fetish.

The Furries Vs The Rapist

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  1. first comment oh well......
    any way flare scared me idk why but she keeps popping up every where Minerva fight was expecting since ending of gmg arc since they said she went missing i wanna see what flare Lucy and Wendy can do though :3 go team Lucy!!!

    1. I think Flare's recent reason for popping up is so she can show her affection for Lucy. She's clearly lusting right now.

      I've been hoping for Minerva too for ages. I'm just surprised it was soon.

      I can't wait either! Next week can't come sooner!