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How I Came To Hate Hinata

Note: I like writing to controversial topics, so here. This article is purely opinionated and heavily biased. Also, you think this makes me an asshole? Let's see if I give a flying fuck about that.:)

We’ve been reading Naruto for years and we’ve tolerated a fair amount of things that we consider as achievements; courtesy to our lack of self-control, anger management issues, and minor carpal tunnel syndrome of our fuck-this-shit-we-want-to-be-a-seahorse drive. We’ve survived Obito becoming Tobi, Juubi’s metamorphosis to a half assed deformed rock, Gai’s embarrassing fillers, Kabuto’s hideous transformation to what we call a faggot, and also Gai’s embarrassing fillers.

To be fair, he has a horridly, disturbing giant butt.

We’ve dodged many bullets in the fandom but sadly we just can’t seem to wrap our heads around this waste of panel space we call Hinata Hyuuga. At the beginning we did not dislike her as a character; she seemed like the cute, shy type that everybody would come to love. But as the story progressed, her character became obnoxious and simply a pain in the ass.

Also, have I mentioned Gai's embarrassing fillers?

Her Character In General Is Just Downright Repelling.

I don’t know what having giant breasts do to your self-confidence; I haven’t had giant breasts in a while. But from what we’ve seen Orochimaru’s snakes have a bigger spine than Hinata’s. Her lack of self-confidence is the biggest flaw in her character and we believe not only is she a disgrace to the Hyuuga clan, but also she’s a disgrace to women in general.

This is Hinata in battle mode.
All most all mangas have that shy, nervous, I-can’t-speak-more-than-two-syllables-without-peeing-my-pants kind of character like Hinata, but at some point they all sucks it up gets over it. In Part 1, Hinata has done nothing but blush and repeat “N-Naruto-kun” like a mantra on the given rare moments of screentime. She had said a countless number of times how much she wanted to change and all we saw was while Neji was training at the end of Part 1, Hinata was serving her dad and him a cup of tea.

After Naruto left the village, you’d think that she’d have time to work on her ninja skills and her self-esteem as she’d have more free time from her busy schedule of obsessing over the main character, but no. The minute she saw Naruto again, she fainted. Perfect, character development, Kishimoto! That’s what we were all waiting for.

This mostly ticks us off because we like to think ourselves as proud, dignified women (including Eli) who are not afraid to speak up for ourselves but then there’s women like Hinata who are the reason why they all keeps telling us to shut the fuck up and make them a sandwich.

She Sucks As A Kunoichi

Now coming to the role of her as a Shinobi, let’s cut the chase and say that she’s a terrible one. She has yet to win a battle in her life and to be brutally honest, she has been a disgrace to her family ever since she was born. Heck, we all know that her little sister Hanabi could kick her ass anytime.

Shinobi Rule 101: Duct tape thy breasts. Or at least wear a sports bra.
One of the many skills that escapes Hinata is being tactical. We’ve seen her using plain fighting moves against her battle with Neji, and not to mention the time she jumped between Pein and Naruto making the NaruHina wet dreams come to life. What was she thinking when she did that? Did she have a plan? Did she have some kind of battle strategy in mind like a normal ninja would?

 And for the people who didn’t read the manga chapter of Hinata’s battle against Pein and instead watched the anime episode instead, I pity you. Hinata didn’t do half of the shit the animators made her do in the anime. She did not choke Pein, she did not break the chakra rods stabbing Naruto, she did not get up and crawl towards Naruto like an old lady, and she did not say her ninja way while gripping Naruto’s chakra rods and doing lovey-dovey googly eyes. No. She didn’t do any of that shit in the manga, it’s just the animators fangirling Hinata.

Here’s what actually happened. Naruto was stabbed to the ground, Hinata jumped between Pein and Naruto, said that she loved him, and Pein blew her away like she was a fucking housefly. You don’t believe me? Read this chapter

She Doesn’t Give a Shit About Her Clan.

Probably one of the most debated topic in the fandom right after the event of Neji’s death was ‘who’s gonna be Hyuuga Clan’s next head?’ Of course, there’s no doubt that the Hinata fans were jizzing rainbows at the thought of “Hinata” and “head” in the same sentence but seriously, when was the last time Hinata ever had a genuine thought about her clan? Just take a moment and think about it for a while. And no, you cannot say fillers, fillers don’t count. As the first born to the main family, she ought to take some responsibilities and give a flying fuck about her clan rather than printing her room wallpapers with the design of Naruto’s boxers. Okay, that was exaggeration, but you get my point.

To be a clan’s leader you’ve to have some qualities like self-confidence, leadership, dedication to the clan, competency, communication skills and intelligence; everything that Hinata does not have.

Yes, I just called dumb. So, what?
At the end of the day, Hinata is the failure of the clan, Hiashi should’ve used a condom and Hinata could use some breast reduction.

She Is Selfish As Fuck.

Okay fanboys, before you yank off your high heels and start throwing them at me, hear me out. Ever since Hinata was little, she has been using Naruto as some kind of a resource to boost her confidence. Sure, this seems fine, every person is allowed to have a role model to help them progress in life. But the problem with her is that despite knowing Naruto’s pain when they were kids, while Naruto was there struggling and suffering all alone, she stands there watching him, building her confidence from him, and drawing her strength from him to make herself better. She could’ve said some kind words to Naruto as Hinata was one of the few who weren’t blind to Naruto’s agony, but she always just stood there watching him.

She said it herself, do I need to elaborate my point further?

Hinata’s FanBase Is Full Of Faggots.

*I shall pause for the inevitable screaming*

First of all, they call themselves ‘Hinatards’ which technically implies that they’re all retards. Second of all, Hinata fans are the main reason why I started hating her in the first place. I know, it’s illogical and extremely unfair to hate a character for their fanbase, but I just couldn’t help it ever since I was exposed to her fandom.

Most of Hinata’s fans have this horrible tendency to make out Hinata to be something she is not. I consider myself as a person who is very active in the fandom since I’m creeping on every Naruto community known to men for the past five years (yes, even the VIZ. They’re faggots, though). And in the meantime, the most obvious trait I noticed among her fandom is that they have this habit of undermining other kunoichis (mostly Sakura) to upgrade Hinata. And the most horrid of all is that while they see the worst in other characters, they seem to give a blind eye when it comes to Hinata and refuse to believe that Hinata is nothing less than perfect. That is pathetic.


I’ve been told that they like Hinata because she’s cute, shy and very kind. But do you know who else fits all of those traits? Chojuro. Oh wait, that’s right, he doesn’t get to have a huge-ass fandom because he doesn’t have giant breasts. You can argue how much Hinata cares about Naruto, how much she notices Naruto’s efforts to become stronger but if you hypothetically, hypothetically take out Naruto from the picture, what does Hinata become? Nothing. Nothing but a busty shojou girl whining about her life.

Like all Naruto characters, Hinata does have some good qualities like her love for Naruto which is...wonderful. And also her…yeah, I think that’s all. Overall, I do not like Hinata. Her fainting and stuttering might appeal to some hormonal teenagers and closeted pedophiles but for me it is very, very irritating.

You know who my favorite kunoichi is? Sasuke.

Written by: Micha

Micha: [Co-founder]
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  1. you know Micha. This is your style. Well written, as usual... But your arguments are kinda disappointing. XD You kinda lack coherence.
    The pic you used to make fun of her battle mode, was from the moment when Neji was psychologically crushing her. He tried to win her without even fighting. Too bad she only needed a word of encouragement from her love to regain all of her determination. And oh yeah. Disgrace as a kunoichi? In fact, she was so determined to prove her change that she almost got herself killed by Neji. She NEVER gave up. "the most important thing for a ninja is not the number of jutsu one can master. The most important thing is the guts to never give up." Well thank you Jiraiya for your wise words. She has guts to spare, she's a fucking worthy kunoichi. I won't even bother mentioning how useful she is as a Byakugan bearer. She didn't use tactics when she jumped in to save Naruto? This argument is laughable. Say, the person you love the most is about to die. What do you do? You sit there and watch cause they ordered you to do so, or you fucking jump in and try to save him/her with everything you got? Seriously. LOL

    Yet the most laughable argument is the one about her selfishness. LOL She never tried to help Naruto? ORLY??? LOL
    1) chunin exam, written exam. She tried to let him copy.
    2) chunin exam, before the beginning of the final part. Naruto had lost his confidence, having to fight such a tough opponent. Hinata's kind words gave him back all of his usual determination. This is exactly what he did with her before. I could say they're totally even after that. XD
    3) Pain crisis. Here she gave her life to protect Naruto. She said she was being selfish. Do you get the real meaning behind those words? Please, you're smarter than that. Her saying she was being selfish was clearly antithetic with what she was doing. Giving her life to protect somebody is not exactly what I'd call selfish. Yet her kindness brought her to think she was acting selfishly, getting in Naruto's way even though he asked everybody not to do that. Funny how her selfishness is what actually saved Naruto. AGAIN.
    4) this just happened a couple weeks ago. For the fucking THIRD time in his life, Naruto was about to lose his resolve. It happened when he was scared of Neji. It happened when he couldn't find an answer to Pein's question. It happened again when Obito pointed out how he was unable to protect everybody. YET. For the third time out of 3, Hinata was there for him. Her light slap and her warm words brought him back. AGAIN.

  2. As for the Hyuuga thing, I may agree with you. Even though she clearly proved that her kindness could go past the damn curse that afflicts the Hyuugas, with the main and branch house thing. In fact, she never ever saw Neji as somewhat inferior to her. Nor she tried to use her right to boss him around, or use him as a shield. She always thought of him as a precious relative and an important bond. She looked up to him for his strength. And she always tried hard to get better, so she wouldn't be a shame for her clan. Kurenai once said she always failed in the missions, she'd always lose it when it was time to act. Too scared to do anything. Well. Guess what? She's fucking standing on the battle frontier. Standing her ground against the Juubi, Madara and Obito. Now excuse me if I see this as character development... ="D
    So yeah. She has some traits that a good head requires, yet she may be far too kind for that.

    Her fanbase? Like I give a shit. There are fans that are a shame for the others. This is valid for the whole manga as well. People who lose objectivity and can't judge things properly. True there are among the Hinatards, as much as there are in any other fandom. This argument too is invalid. LOL

    Finally, the good things about her:
    1) her kindness
    2) her sensitivity
    3) her determination
    4) the purity and the strength of her feelings
    5) as a kunoichi, she's fairly strong. I mean. If Kurenai is a jounin and all she could do in front of Itachi was tremble in fear, then why can't Hinata be considered strong. Of course there are stronger kunoichis. Tsunade and Mei (well. They're fucking kages). Then there would be Konan. Surely Kushina. Then I wouldn't know about the others... Temari? Sakura? I don't know... As of now, though, she's the one doing useful stuff. While Sakura and Temari are off panel. So yeah. Maybe she's fairly strong.
    6) she's a Hyuuga. She has the Byakugan. Usefulness.
    7) she's hot. Okay. Not good enough a reason but... She's hot and I needed to say this.
    8) dunno what else. I could go on forever, but I'm already dragging this far too much. My point should be clear anyway that she's got a lot of good qualities.

    Lastly... A couple things you said that are kinda linked to each other. You said she'd be nothing without Naruto. And you said she's too reckless to make a good kunoichi. Well. Naruto is the most reckless shinobi alive, yet he could very well be the strongest (or at least that's what he's gonna become soon enough), not to mention, savior of the world. So yeah. She looks up to him and she wants to be like him. I think she is doing just perfectly. As for what she could be without him... She would probably be the failure they always told her she was. In fact, when you have no confidence, you're bound to fail. If she didn't find a source of confidence to make up for her weakness, she would be lost. On the other hand, what would have been of Naruto if she didn't save him when HE was the one lost? I think all I said proves just how your arguments were invalid. LOL And that's why I make a good Hinatard who can make his points. ="D too bad you won't read this. It'd be cool to see your reaction. ="""""D

    1. Yes yes... Too long. XD well. Your article wasn't short either... XD

    2. Yes yes... Too long. XD well. Your article wasn't short either... XD

    3. Reply Part 1
      All the Hinatards keep saying her kindness
      ..well Hinata wasn't so kind when her own clan member meant to guard her told her to run away. Not only did she shame him on the battlefield by being brought down like a housefly under Pain's power, she did not under any circumstances try to heal his broken leg or his arm that was in considerable damage. No she left her own guard who mentioned it as his duty to protect her. From what we gather of the Hyuugas, had she really died, she knew herself that the guard would have faced a pretty bad punishment.

      She's only kind when it involves Naruto. When the shinobi war know why she did it? Her very own words: "...for Naruto-kun!" and not for you know shinobi, the village, her family. This is ALL for Naruto-kun she said.

      Yet for some reason the fans proclaim she is powerful and a better healer than Sakura. She didn't even try to heal a member of her clan, but when it comes to a dislocated shoulder on Naruto, she'll pop it back in.

      Her sensitivity falls under the denomination of kindness. Now you're just being repetitive being unable to find different words for her. I already pointed out her true "kindness."

    4. Reply Part 2
      Second she didn't save him. Naruto's dad did. You clearly only watched the anime episode which super exaggerated that. In the manga, "Naruto I love you!" she jumps and bam the next second she is on the ground. That's not saving. In fact she made it worse.

      Her fans? They make her worse by not only exaggerating but making her out to be something she is not.

      By the way EVERYONE who's not guarding the village is standing on the battlefield. What makes her more special than Sakura or Ino? or anyone for that matter? What makes her more special than Kiba, Shikamaru, or Chouji? Or her sister that are on the battlefield?

      You only prove anti-hinata peeps that Hinatards bring up points that apply to all or most shinobi and act like she's the only who does it. Considering she's only on the battlefield "for Naruto-kun!" and not her family, the village or shinobi like everyone else mentioned she is a selfish, naruto-centered brat.

      She is only determined when it's Naruto-approved. If Naruto were to one day say 'I don't like cats' and she had one, she would get rid of it.

      Kurenai broke Itachi's genjutsu and did more than "tremble in fear". She was also shaking on what to do next considering she did attempt to fight him with another illusion (which is her specialty).
      This is the point of double standards you Hinatards exhibit all the fucking time. You see what you want to see and completely ignore every other quality of the other kunoichi.

      Sakura is STRONG by using chakra to increase it, but she can punch the ground or knock a boulder clear through the skies. She is powerful and you're completely ignoring it. If you can recall the flashback Sakura had when she was completely sad to have stayed behind because "a medic-nin should never enter the battlefield". Why? Because she has to heal her teammates.

      Yes, Hinata's feelings are so pure she ignores her injured clan member and is in the war only for pure. My ass. Sarcasm heavily induced.

      Naruto's reckless and can be downright annoying, but AT LEAST he makes battle plans.

      Useful as a Byakugan bearer? I can see her entire clan being more useful than her as Byakugan-bearers. Again what makes her so special that you act like she's the only one?

      As of now they were all doing something. Man you are completely blind. Did you see all those tiny figures with big huge fans? Temari was one of them. Sakura is helping the fallen shinobi by healing them. In fact she's right there on the battlefield. You can see Kakashi and her dodging one of the many spikes the Juubi hurled out in chapter 614.

      Do you remember Temari battling the third Raikage who even the Hachibi had trouble with? She knocked him down, but the sealing team didn't seal him in time. Obviously she's got the skills and the power. And do you know who's countering the Juubi's shockwave from his tails alone? Temari on top of a rock with other wind users like her.

      From manga chapter 616, Naruto says, "Faster than me, nice Ino!"

      Man, are you blind.

      Hinata is useless and pathetic exhibited even more from her fanbase that ignores every damn panel and pretends the girls were never there.

    5. You are my hero.

    6. hm... I think something is off here... LOL Did I miss sth? Because I didn't know Hinata knew of healing jutsus. LOL I believe that's sth Sakura can do. And Ino knows a little. Not Hinata. Not that I know. XD So yeah. That thing you said doesn't mean jack. LOL and you repeated that several times. And the guard will get punished because he didn't protect her? He was injured and she ran away of her own free will. If he gets punished anyway, that's only cause the Hyuuga clan is shit and they're like nazis. XD
      Or maybe you confused her hitting Naruto's shoulder as healing? When you have a dislocated shoulder, you fix it by putting it back into place. Not with some healing jutsu XD So yeah. I seriously dunno wtf you're talking about here. I double-checked. She doesn't know healing jutsus XD

      Kindness and sensitivity are 2 different things. Look that up. XD you can act kind all you want and be completely unaware of other people's feelings. Sensitivity means you can empathize with other people's feelings. And you can understand them better.

      Kurenai couldn't possibly stand a chance against Itachi's genjutsus... But to be fair, nobody could. Still, at least Kaka tried to do shit. XD she used a genjutsu on Itachi and she found herself struck in a genjutsu after that. XD

      About Sakura and Ino and Temari:

      first: Temari.
      she's strong. It's okay. She's probably stronger than Hinata. Not to mention, she can fight from a distance, thanks to her long range fuuton jutsus. But LOL. Of course she could deal with Raikage. Because he used raiton. Its weakness is fuuton. I suppose you get it that Hinata couldn't possibly attack the raikage, since she uses taijutsu. Yet, Hinata could very well attack Madara. While fuuton is useless on him. So yeah... We should consider type advantages and all.
      P.S. When Temari fought the third Raikage, Dodai came and said "we need more strong fuuton users.". Then she said: "I'm a fairly strong fuuton user myself...", "To be honest, in this alliance, apart from me, there aren't any other fuuton users" then Naruto comes and says: "except me!!!". This is chap 553, pages 12, 13. This proves just how Kishi screws with the plot all the time. Now he shows us many fuuton users with the fan. LOL

    7. Sakura.
      She is strong. She is the best healer after Tsunade. Yet, what is unbearable is her character. LOL She's a whiny bitch and I lost count of how many times she promised to herself and to Naruto "next time I'll be fighting with you. I shall stop crying and just relying on you. I want to use my own powers to bring Sasuke back... blah blah blah". She said that:
      1) when Naruto failed the mission to bring Sasuke back. She said that in the hospital or sth like that.
      2) I'm not double-checking things, but I'm about sure she said that while she was fighting Sasori. First and only time I saw her being useful in a fight (LOL)
      3) she said sth like that after they failed to bring Sasuke back, after meeting him at Orochimaru's hideout.
      4) she said that after the Pein arc., when Sai told her she put that burden on Naruto's shoulders... blah blah blah
      5) she's probably thinking about saving her beloved Sasuke-kun even now that she's fighting that Ninja World War.
      YET. The reason why she keeps saying that is that she fails EVERY FUCKING TIME. She is a failure. Apart from that fight with Sasori, she always failed in being useful. Which I recall is her objective, since the character herself notices how useless she is on a battlefield.
      ALL of this said. I think you so should remember what the gentle fist is. The best taijutsu. XD Since Sakura only knows healing jutsus and the way to use sheer strength, she doesn't really stand a chance against a Byakugan. XD Unless she keeps healing herself countless times and dunno. Somehow her opponent runs out of chakra before her... Then MAYBE she'd be able to land a hit. LOL
      AGAIN, all of this said, I did say she might be stronger than Hinata. It's not like I care. She is not fighting. True she's doing the healing. I hope she went to Tsunade's place to save her or sth. Because otherwise I can't see a valid reason as for why she couldn't take care of Naruto's shoulder. XD I mean. Naruto did tell her: "Him first" (meaning to heal Kakashi first), but that happened kinda long ago. XD now she's off panel all the time. Dunno, I don't see her being useful. I hope she's doing sth useful XD Anyway my whole point was not to prove Sakura's uselessness. It was to prove Hinata's usefulness. XD And I think that's the reason why I mentioned her standing on the battlefield. XD They say she's useless? Hell no. She's right there fighting with the others. Actually, she's in the first line, right next to Naruto XD

      LOOOOOOOOL. Okay. I love Ino-Shika-Chou. They're my most fave team. Team 10 ftw. The only thing is Ino is seriously weak XD Her jutsu is useless if she uses that alone. Shikamaru's and Chouji's jutsus are fundamental for her to hit the mark. Also, she needs protection all the while. So yeah. Of course she trapped the Juubi. After Shikamaru binded its shadow with his jutsu. And LOL. Do you remember they were both kinda powered up by Kurama's chakra? Cause well. I could say Hinata stopped a Juubi's hand with just a hit from her palm. XD It doesn't really make sense. Ino is indeed weaker than Hinata XD Without the other 2 guys, she can't do shit. And well. As for her speed. LOL She was setting her jutsu while Naruto's clones were all around the battlefield, handing chakra to the army. THEN ONE of Naruto's clones (or the original one? Don't remember and doesn't mean anything) realized Chouji was in danger and run to save him. XD That's why Ino (powered up by Kurama's chakra, helped by Shikamaru and Chouji) could make it faster than him. XD

    8. To end this all. I was pointing out how the article brought up inconsistent arguments. Such as her being selfish, weak, useless... I proved she's caring (not just for Naruto. Neji as well. And well. Her overuse of the byakugan, back then when Neji was all worn out, proves that she does care for his comrades, the army, the war. Not just for Naruto, who wasn't even there. And also, this should prove that she's useful as a byakugan user. LOL dunno what's your argumentation as for why every other Hyuuga should be more useful than her. Neji was a genius. That's why he could so easily top her. I don't think every random Hyuuga is more skilled than her. She's probably the strongest around, now, after her father.), fairly strong and absolutely not useless. That was it. I didn't say she's the strongest kunoichi or the best or stuff. I like her best because I love her qualities. One can like Temari best because she's more of a badass. Or the Kages cause they got more boobs. XD I seriously don't care. But when you say shit about Hinata, then I need to remind you that's you who's randomly hating on her and being blind. Also, I don't even watch the anime. I mainly read the manga. I watched that episode though. It's true her fight is dragged. But it's also true that it's shown in a panel in the manga that she was trying to hit Pein and he dodged several times. That was all in a panel. But the actual fight must have last longer than it takes to read that panel. XD I mean. She tried to hit him dunno. 10 times? Sth like that. Then he used his shinra tensei and she got owned. Not that a jounin like Kakashi could manage much against that jutsu. So yeah. Your point? She did save Naruto as he had lost his resolve. He was stuck there and he couldn't find the answer. He was still mad at Pein, yet he couldn't come up with a better solution. Hinata's sacrifice brought out the Kyuubi. Then Minato saved Naruto. But yeah. Guess who would have died if Hinata didn't try to save him? ="D

    9. @KekkoTMB Bashing all the other characters to prove why hinata is useful is pretty much the reason why her fandom is shit. At least Sakura was in a major battle, hell at least she has been in a few battles.Sakura found out the white zetsu's plans which was a MAJOR help. She has saved numerous lives, but that one battle hinata was i.....wait she was never in any battles besides sparring with her friends LOL She has defeated a few Zetsus -_______- It took all the way up till the war for her to actually be useful. You said the battle with Sasori was the only usefull fight with Sakura, yet you ignored the fact that hinata has not won a single battle with a poweful enemy. Sakura's far from usless compared to Hinata. There are some things i don't like about Sakura, but she is doing her best in the medical core, finding out info and other things, besides fighting cause thats not what Sakura's character supposed to do. Hinata is purely a fighing character yet she sucks balls :l

    10. We all know you were just bashing the others characters just to show how useful Hinata is, which is another Hinata fagdom trait. Hinata is a good kunoichi, Sakura is NOT useless and is a good kunoichi, Temari is a wonderful kunoichi, Tenten Ino etc. They each have their flaws and own unique ability. You did write a lot about Sakura, so i can only imagine your a pretty big hater for her.

    11. oh god. Why people are such idiots. I fucking remarked how Hinata has her own dignity as a kunoichi. Since the article said she is a pitiful kunoichi. Then I said there are several kunoichi stronger than her, pointing out some name. Then again the first idiot came spilling out bs as if every single kunoichi were stronger than Hinata. That's when I went through those characters to point out how they also have weaknesses and well. I believe saying Ino is stronger than Hinata is plain bullshit. This isn't about bashing other characters. Go and fucking read my first comment. Really now. What a bunch of idiots. -.-

    12. Actually when it came to Sakura all you did was talk about how you think she's useless. So you pretty much was trying to prove her uselessness. You only talked about the others jutsu being useless.
      Hinata is pretty much the pinnacle on useless, never winning a fight. Sakura and Chiyo beating Sasori is enough to prove Hinata is more useless cause she's done nothing. Temari at least fought the Raikage without getting owned like Hinata vs Pain XD
      People trying to say Sakura is useless have obviously not met Hinata. If you want to see useless than go watch Needless and come back and tell me Sakura is. Fuck the Naruto fanbase, people like this retard saying Sakura is useless and saying Hinata has meaning is just laughable. Hinata is not important, she's barely done anything, she can barely say one sentence to Naruto since the beginning of the series, loving her kindness and what not is okay, but stop praising her for doing nothing.
      I don't know why people sit there and say Sakura is a useless bitch. Hinata has done what exactly? Yet most people focus on Sakura. Sakura has saved most of the army already at the beginning of the war arc just by defeating a zetsu, Hinata was about to give up until Naruto came and saved her. Yes i am a Sakura lover and don't hate Hinata, but it annoys me when people try to stick up for her and never talk about her actually doing anything.
      My point is that people hate on Sakura cause they think she's useless but praise Hinata for doing jack shit the entire series. Awesome fanbase is awesome LOOOOL Stupid ignorance.

    13. I almost believed you till you started bashing Sakura to elevate Hinata; verdict = FAIL

  3. Great rant :) I agree with everything! All there is to Hinata's character is just....obsessing over Naruto, & that's it.

  4. I adore this article. Truly. It's so valid.. It truly is. xD I laughed and laughed, cause it's insulting to Hinata.. But it's all true. Wonderful job. One of my favorite articles. xD

    1. Thankyou very much for taking your time to read the article!

  5. Good blog.

    I can't say that I hate or love Hinata. From part 1 to part 2, she did have some development in her fighting skills. She is more willing to fight but is she stronger? Probably not. The main reason why she is doing such air time is because Kishimoto even stated himself that he views Hinata more of a heroine than Sakura. She is much more confident than she used too and I do agree that at some points in the manga that she was pretty selfish. Leaving an injured clansmen behind, not taking her place has heiress etc. With her calm, kind & shy character, its good that she has flaws since no one is perfect and it makes her character more believable. Could she beat Sakura, Ino or Temari, maybe she could if she really tried to her full potential but she could also be defeated.

  6. You know i can agree with most of what you said. I manly laugh my ass off though-out reading this.Only a few things i sorta disagree with but overall i never sugar-coated her as a character just because she liked the the main character like Sakura and the others you hear alot of shit about she has her own flaws.

  7. agree with everything, that was wondeful

  8. Good article i think; i also consider Hinata's characteristic existance as an insult to female gender; some people are portraying her as the ideal female; and that maks me want to throw up; no thanks but i want to be strong, independedent, caring(for more than 1 person duh), useful, succesful, intelligent and active in life; being a little submissive shy wimpering girl is a part of weird preverts' fantasies; not my or any other legimate women's ideals.

  9. Perfect. I always feel frustrated when some Hinata fans go over the top and say how perfect she is. They say that NaruHina will be canon soon and if we can't see it then we are blind. If she is to be the love interest, why isn't her character developed more? Makes no sense.

    Honestly. Sometimes I feel like the Hinata fan boys love her so much because she's their ideal girl. Quiet, shy, sweet, and always does what you want her to be. Oh yeah, and her boobs. ;) But guys like these probably can't get girls at all. LOL so keep dreaming Hinatards.

    1. I honestly don't care who Naruto ends up with. But what pisses me off the most is when they say Hinata "deserves" Naruto. Love is not about deserving. It just pisses me off. -_-

  10. This article is so COMPLETELY spot-on. Hinata fans are always saying that Sakura is useless when Hinata has practically been the definition of useless for most of the series.

    I mean everything she did is related to Naruto in some way. When Neji died, all she could think of for her future goal was 'Oh, Naruto's hand is so big! I'm gonna protect him and be with him after the war!"

    Like HELLO, what about your CLAN? Or the fact that you, being the Hyuuga heiress by right, will have the power to do something to help the branch house if you actually DO SOMETHING step up to take the role? You know, in order to honour your DEAD COUSIN who died to protect you? Nope, instead she, in her typical stalkerish one-track mind, thinks about hooking up with Naruto.

    And instead of picking up on that, Hinata fans immediately go 'OMG SHE HELD HANDS WITH NARUTO!!! NARUHINA WIN!!!'.

    If the war had nothing to do with Naruto, she wouldn't have done ANYTHING to contribute to it. If it hadn't been Naruto fighting, she wouldn't have stepped in to protect anyone else at ALL.

    Temari was on the frontlines fighting a Kage. Ino used her clan jutsu to transmit vital info to the army and helps take down her own freaking zombie teacher with her team . Tenten was on the frontlines and fought to the point of exhaustion. Sakura healed the army and it was because of her that the allied forces knew about the Zetsu clone which helped to save many lives.

    All Hinata does is say a few pretty words after having accomplished nothing else before and Hinata fans immediately go "OMG SHE IS SO AWESOME!!! SHE'S THE BEST FEMALE CHARACTER EVER!!"

    Sakura herself may have many flaws and she's emotionally weak when it comes to Sasuke, but she has done A LOT MORE than Hinata ever did so it annoys me when people call her useless.

    A lot of Hinata fans always make her out to be some perfect goddess and words like 'innocent', 'sweet' and 'adorable' to describe her. The truth is, if someone with Hinata's personality existed in real life, people would probably dislike her or get irritated real quick with such a shy, retiring personality and inability to focus on anything else besides the boy she loves.

    Instead, I believe there's a lOT more of a 'Sakura' in most girls than there is of a 'Hinata'. Maybe that's why more people dislike Sakura - because she's more real. She was meant to represent human weakness after all.

    Whereas I guess Hinata fits a lot of fanboys fantasy standard for the so-called 'perfect girl' in their eyes- a shy, meek and retiring girl with no backbone and opinions other than her constant adoration for you and willingness to do anything for you.

    1. I'm glad you see it that way too. I agree with you 100%. And thankyou for taking the time to read the article.

  11. Wow, i would never ever consider myself a Hinatard or w.e the hell its called. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But you realize she is a FICTIONAL character, no use in hating and MUCH less writting a WHOLE blog on her. Lol, but maybe you're like me and just love writting and anything to write about will do?

    But also, realize, she is created in Kishimoto's image. So if he wants her to be a shy cute innocent submissive "hot" anime he has every right to it, just like he has a right to make Sakura a useless pile of manly looking crap. Go figure.

    All these anime characters are extremely selfish at the same time extremely kind, BECAUSE they are FAKE and they could be molded into whatever the hell they are needed to be for the story to get it's view, for kishi to get his mula and for entertainment.

    C'mon don't be idiots, don't get annoyed by characters much less hate them, it's laughable! Just enjoy the ride. Because at the end of the day these little posts and blogs and opinions and fanbases, DO NOT MATTER. Because Kishi is getting his money, and no matter what he does he will continue to get his money and thats all he cares about.

    So this anger towards a fictional characer really is pointless just like my super long writting.

    But i think i mentioned it already, i love writting and writting about anything will do ;)

    1. Thank you very much for reading this article, so to your response, I would like to like to quote you, "Everyone is entitled to their opinions." If I can love a character, fictional or not, I can also hate a character. And I'm not sure if you've notice this but, this a platform for writers who love anime. If we're not gonna write about fictional characters, then who are we going to write about? No, I do not write about just anything. I write mostly to controversial topics, because that's my main niche.

      Please do not misunderstand the aim of this post. I did not write this to send a message to Kishimoto, or to make an impact on his profit. I could care less about his profit keeping in mind that I do not even buy his volumes. Hinata was created by Kishimoto, by his own imagination, and the fandom would be the people to react to it. And this post is me reacting to Hinata's character, and I see nothing wrong with it.

      I'm sorry if I seemed angry in my writing, but I do not really feel strongly about most of these things. I wrote this blog mainly to piss off the Hinata fans, which is something I love to do. In the end, material is material, and I'm sure you'd understand that if you're a writer. We're both even.

  12. Another great job of making your point. Hinata, right now in the manga is really annoying. And wow! The manga part is true. Fucking animators...deceiving everyone and the manga.

    1. Thankyou. Hinata has always been annoying, and since this war she seems to have become better at being annoying for some reason.
      It is very, very true. I stopped watching the anime after these little things. Many of the fillers are created to make her look good, and the 12 year olds who doesn't have the brain capacity to comprehend manga thinks it's all true.
      You wont believe the shit animators have pulled in the anime. For instance, they made Hinata a medic in anime.
      That woman doesn't know shit about medical ninjutsu to save a life.

    2. OMG, what the f*ck is this (O_O) ? I watch the anime AND read the manga, and I don't remember seeing this shit ! God, this is just the biggest bullshit I've seen in a while concerning her, and believe me, I see A LOT of bullshit about Hinata...

    3. Don't watch the fucking Anime....... it is just full of fillers.

  13. God, I love this article so much (particularly the Hinatatards section). Finally someone in the English Naruto fandom that doesn't worship the ground Queen Hinata walks on. I do not necessarily support NaruSaku/NaruHina over the other based on the actual happenings in the manga, but Hinata's hardcore fans/Sakura haters piss me off so much that I want to ship NaruSaku just to spite them. Chs 630/631/632 caused quite a few prominent Youtube reviewers to create videos bashing Sakura senselessly and then following up with videos whining about "so much Hinata hate". Give me a fucking break. "Hinata needs to slap Sakura. She could beat her ass so bad", "Hinata deserves Naruto - she knows what love truly is", "Sakura is such a stupid bitch. I can't wait for her to die so Hinata can be the main heroine"
    ....(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I do want Hinata to succeed (as Hyuuga Clan leader, mind you) and I don't hate her as a character, but it irks me that people claim she's this great heroine and is so much better than Sakura when ALL HER DEVELOPMENT REVOLVES AROUND NARUTO. Now, as a disclaimer, Sakura is FAR from perfect as well, but she just gets so much irrational hate while Hinata gets the complete opposite. Like you said, if this war did not involve Naruto she would probably give close to zero fucks. Didn't give one when Neji died (don't even fucking get me started with this..), didn't give one when she threw herself at Pain. All she ever thinks about is Naruto. Sorry to burst everyone's bubbles here, but Naruto has never once shown any signs of returning her ROMANTIC feelings. Ever.

    Another thing that really pisses me off is when Hinata fans claim that it's "their manga" and that "NaruHina is the most popular pairing, therefore they should be together". First off, it is true that NaruHina is likely the most popular (or at least vocal) pairing in the ENGLISH FANDOM. However; KISHI DOES NOT GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT WHAT THE ENGLISH FANDOM THINKS, or even the Japanese one for that matter. In fact, the Hinata popularity in Japan is far from what it is over here.

    Yikes. I need a drink.
    TL;DR: I agree with your article. Although I do not hate her, Hinata is VERY overrated as a character in the English fandom.

    1. Hei, thankyou. I know, we're a rare species. People worship the ground Hinata walks on because for some reason she represents the ideal woman for them or something. Yeah, I do not support NaruSaku either. Look at that, we have found each other.

      Hinata is so one-dimensional. I hate characters like that. She doesn't even care about her family or Neji's dead body on the battlefield. It pisses me off so much. -_-

      And again, thankyou for reading the article, and giving feedback. I'm glad you like it.

    2. I'm sure you really enjoyed this latest chapter.
      "Neji sacrificed himself for me.......Thank you Naruto-kun! Your hand is so big and strong and I'm always by your side blah blah blah blah 64-palm jizz". -________-
      Reviewers are praising her and saying she's developed so much, meanwhile Sakura summons the FUCKING SLUG and everyone's like "Asspull. Stupid. Still useless". *facepalm* InoShikaCho, Kiba, and even Shino (!!!) had some good stuff too but all anyone thinks about is Goddess Hinata and her Naruto obsession.

      I hate this fandom.

    3. Yes, I really like the recent chapters.

      I know, right?! Well, this is the Naruto fandom we're talking about. There's nothing much we can expect from our community. It's beyond help.

      Sakura has shown the biggest character development but people can't seem to get their head outta their behinds and accept it. They don't want to accept it. What Hinata did wasn't all that impressive. As a Hyuuga, she should've done that ages ago.

    4. Didn't neji try to kill her then worshipped her because she is treated like crap by her father and blamed her fir being head hyuuga family even though she doesn't want to be, although her love is completely stupid and plastic, besides sakura who only gained any character devolopement through tsunade she is one of the only self changing characters, such as mastering a move neji nor hiashi knows protection of the 8 trigram 64 palms which fyi is a badass move concidering she can hit bees with it. She has amazing chakra control, and does care for the branch families (something hiashi doesnt besides neji) you cannot bash her for being told she will never be anything from neji and from hiashi... So please consider what she has gone through before bashing her

    5. Everyone seems to forget that Sakura´s strength is measured by comparing her to her teammates Naruto and Sasuke. Which seems kind of unfair to me, since Naruto is basicly a monster with his chakra (cause of the Kyubi) and Sasuke with his lineage and extra training he got as a child.
      Of cause it´s hard to shine with teammates like that and a teacher who does not seem intressted in teaching.

      Hinata´s competition and standard in scale of teammates is pretty lame. I have nothing against Kiba but he´s somewhat of a one trick pony with his lame Gatsūga attack.
      So of couse no one in her team points out Hinata´s flaws or even uses the word useless when talking to her.
      They treat her like a baby with big breasts (which she basiclly is lol) and I always wonder why she even botherd to become a ninja if she can´t take it?

  14. I use to like Hinata, I did as she was one of my favorites in the series but now, thanks to her fanbase I could care less about her. Part of me would want her to be paired with Gaara but the fanbase of hers is nuts.

    Your article is spot on about her and the fanbase that puts her on a pedestal and everything she does is perfect and has zero flaws while everyone else is a slut or whore for daring to interact with Naruto who she deserves. You don't deserve love, you earn it.

    The only thing she has basically learned the whole time is how to stuff balloons in your shirt? Strongest attack at 15? 32 palms, something Neji was capable of performing effortlessly and up to 128 when he was Genin and she just now has gotten to 64 meaning even now she's still weaker than he was in the Exams. She has zero development or any interactions with any character that isn't Naruto. Hell she didn't even care when her bodyguard was injured during the Pein arc trying to protect her and didn't even bat an eye when Neji died saving her hide.

    She's one dimensional and has nothing about her that stands out. She's cute...that's about it.

    Honestly, I like out there pairings like Naruto with Tayuya or Kin Tsuchi (The Sound Kunoichis from Part 1) than what canon has to offer but I do hope its him and Sakura in the end.

    1. I agree. Her fans are blind.

    2. Hahahahaha ; ) so awesome!!!!!! I am laughing so hard that I started crying

  15. I love this post. This is the best post ever.
    HARUNO SAKURA all the way.

  16. Here's another thing that irritates me within the fandom. I write Fanfiction on under the name 'Fan of Fanfics,' and also started my own forum about why the NaruHina pairing is a ridiculous notion, which is actually how I found your article. One thing I continue to see in Fanfics these days is authors making Hiashi Hyuuga out to be this Psychotic evil bastard that cares nothing for his daughters. While I respect fanfiction is an author's choice, these people honestly read the manga and watch the anime and actually believe that he's like that in canon as well.

    It's a form of blind bias to the highest degree. Many of your points were excellent, but I'll even go a step further. I am here to say that Hinata does NOT love Naruto, rather just has a hero worship of him. People need to remember that in Part 1, these characters were 12 years old. I'm sure everybody had a crush on someone when they were that age...they don't actually last.

    I find her to be very selfish in the Pein scenario, both in her actions, and the reasoning behind them. The reason she confessed her 'love' for Naruto wasn't a show of character development, nor was it a sudden bolt of courage...she thought they were all going to die. She saw it as her last and only chance to tell her feelings. Plain and simple. To me, that is far more cowardly than it was brave. And let us remember what happened next. Naruto went 6-tailed (which some of you know actually shortens his natural lifespan) Though let's be fair, he would have done that for ANY of his comrades, because Naruto is incapable of distinguishing the different kinds of love, probably due to his upbringing, or lack thereof.

    I myself am an author of crossovers, and even they are being infected with NaruHina stink. It's getting so you can't blast Naruto into a different series without an uproar of 'SEND HINATA TOO!' disgusting, really.

  17. Haha, anon comment here.
    I'm not a Hinatatard(?), but she is one of my favourite characters. I found this thing interesting to read (lol Guy's embarrassing fillers aha xD), but...
    She's not all that bad. At least she admitted she was selfish.
    I mean, I'm just saying something right now, but she's probably one of the most human, flawed characters in Naruto. She isn't the best shinobi (don't even think she's the worst, maybe?), isn't really the best person, and regular human beings are like that. Selfish, impractical, silly, awkward.

    And there's actually a bit more dimension to her personality, if the overthinking fanfic writer thinks about it. Since my English actually quite sucks, I can't explain it well, but...
    I dunno. Everyone has their own opinion, and mine is this– I like Hinata, she seems human to me. That's important to me in a character.
    Random anonymous blog-stalker who also doesn't want to see rude.

    1. Here's the problem. You NEED to explain it. Regardless of your skill in English, or lack thereof, you still need to explain yourself, otherwise all you sound like is 'I'm right, you're wrong, lalalalalala'

    Makes her personality more badass.... And surprisinglyshe still keeps some of her ppersonality traits

  19. I hope that Kabuto wakes up from Itachi's jutsu soon and has a chance at a better life. The poor guy went through so much. He lost his family, he can't remember who he really is due to the fact that he suffered amnesia when nonou found him. Then later he lost her too..Then he was used by Orochimaru for years after that, which dealt a major blow to him in the end. He needs to catch a break. He deserves a better life.

  20. I like Hinata as a character,but majority of her fans are worshipping her like she was some goddess.That way I find her fandom really annoying. As a fan,the one that I find disappointing with her character is that she's Naruto-centric;it's like she just placed her family,teammates and her village to one-side (which technically,I see as a "flaw")and she's not really that strong (but not weak as well)....overall,she's okay,just don't turn her into a goddess...which is why I like Sakura more than her...she's human and balanced.

    BTW:I love your post~

  21. Yeah, Hinata's kind of a cardboard cut-out. She's grown, but... her entire character is and always has been Naruto. And that's really pathetic.

  22. *sigh* the majority of the females in naruto are written badly...

  23. It's sad actually. This is the most popular post on your blog, and it's about a poorly written Naruto character. The reason why it gets it's publicity over other articles is that there's an inexplicably large fanbase that cares who Naruto get's hitched with, be it the useless Sakura, the poorly written Hinata, or- I'm gonna hurl- that faggot Sasuke.
    Basically, people walk into this, and read about how Hinata has a stupid character. But the fans of Naruto read this and say stuff like "yeah, Sakura is better!" They like it, or notice it because it talks about a relationship. No, scratch that, it talks about her character, but her only character is her attraction to Naruto!
    If you want to write your fanfiction, does it really matter? You're ignoring "canon" anyway.
    Go read a shojo or something.

    1. Hello, anon.
      This is the most stupidly written article in my history of writing, I know that. But the reason why it's the most popular is because this is the most opinionated and controversial one there is, and people dig that. I've been trying to deviate readers towards other articles but it seems to be failing.
      I personally do not care who Naruto ends up with because that's the least of my concern, and I do not care if Sakura is better than Hinata. Not once in this article have I mentioned about either of those topics and neither is this article geared towards those topics. I will not be held responsible for what readers make of it since I never mentioned it anyway.
      I don't like shojo.

    2. No, I'm not complaining about you writing the article, I'm saying that the people who come here are usually here for the reasons stated above.
      I'm a hypocrite somewhat, as the was the first article I saw on your blog, but I moved on to better stuff.

  24. I don't like Hinata either (or even Sakura), though some my reasons may seem a bit shallow compared to yours.

    1. She's shy, and I hate shy girls; their cootsie-wootsie voices are like nails on a chalkboard.

    2. She's weak. While not quite as weak as her pre-Shippuden self, she didn't progress as much as I had hoped. But then, I could say the same for Naruto.

    3. Her more rabid fans. In fact, this was probably what caused me to REALLY hate her. Their. . . adoration for her is- more a lack of better term- disturbing. And yes, as I'm sure you can attest to, I believe I saw one person actually call her a "goddess;" some even said they would stop reading a story if Hinata wasn't paired with Naruto. And they do use the "Hinata's loved Naruto before anyone else, so she should be with him" excuse to justify the pairing, which is ridiculous because: one, Naruto never knew that, so that's kind of a moot point; secondly, she never tried to be his friend when he needed one, so what good was her "love?"

    4. Her eyes and hair. While not a very good excuse, they are a bit of a turn-off.

    All-in-all, I don't really see the hype in her, but to each their own.

  25. O.O u guys are good expressing urself O.O
    I srsly luv u
    Sry i am krzy but thats only bcus i am loving u in a non-lesbo way!!!111!!! likeomglol

    Moron-speak aside, I like how you can clearly express yourself without fear and hesitation despite knowing the fact the you are committing a grave sin in the eyes of the great Hinata-sama's crazed fanboy/fangirl army that lurk around the net. I find that really hot.
    Nah. I just really like how we seem to dislike the same things. I mean, I'm not a part of the anti-female-anime-characters alliance and I certainly recognize a good female character when I see one, but Hinata really isn't one of those chicks.
    Kishimoto sucks at writing females - that really isn't new, but hey, I'd take Sakura despite her faults over Hinata any day.
    You probably had fun reading the comments from the members of Hinata's cult.
    Also: "Hiashi should’ve used a condom" - I love this line so much I would marry it if I were given the chance.

    1. Oh, I haven't expressed myself enough in this, actually. My hatred for this woman is beyond this article. But I did this mostly to just piss people off, and it's working, I guess.

      Thanks. I wouldn't mind if you loved me a lezbo way.

      And I'm glad you find me hot. I really was trying to piss people off, aside from venting my frustrations. I think I have a created a Hinata hating cult with this article. Which is a good thing because us Hinata haters gets ostracized every time we voice our opinions.

      Nah. It's not that Kishi sucks at writing females. He's just a traditional shonen writer. Which I love most about him. Shonen isn't about promoting women, as sexist as it may sound, but it's how it is. However, new manga authors love to include a lot of badass female characters, and it's been pissing me off. I blame FT. They started this shit.

  26. Man, I love this article!

    I'm impressed that you have the courage to spot the flaws of our beloved perfect Lady Hinata.

  27. *bows down*
    Your humor was fantastic! Thank you! Truly hilarious.
    One thing: you might wanna fix the link. I don't think it works anymore and I'd really LOVE for ppl to actually read that chapter because the scene is fucking hilarious

  28. I actually kind of like Hinata,I think you are being a bit malicious(But truth does hurt) still I agree. All the worshippers of The Almighty Byakugan User Who's Name Is Too Wonderful For Us To Say It put her on a pedestal,point out all her good points and ignore her flaws, like only giving a shit about Naruto and only dwelling on Neji's death for like,Two seconds was it?And if she loved Naruto so much,when he was hurting about being ignored and treated like trash,she did not do ANYTHING. But she still has her good points(Not her boobs),no I did not watch the anime,I read the manga. But what do the Hinatards do,"OMG!They HELD HANDS!NaruHina is like sooo popular!We LOOVE YOU HINATA!!!SUCKURA,INO-PIG AND TENTEN CAN LICK THE GROUND YOU WALK ON!"Sakura is pretty awesome,but she's selfish and emotionallyretarded when it comes the Sasuke. Same with Ino. Ino lost her dad. Did anybody give a fuck then? Tell me hobestly Hinatards,if Hiashi died you'd go,"Poor Hinata..."Oh she didn't deserve it!Fuck you Kishimoto!And now..."Eh.Ino's not worth it."Amd you know what Ino did?She kept on going and didn't collapse like Hinata might have done,and knew she didn't have time to mourn him or his death might have been in vain.Sakura healed everybody she summoned stuff although I think she was still in a state of shock since Sasuke's return. And yes,without her I'm pretty sure the death rate would have skyrocketed. Tenten was also awesome,she fought at the frontlines FURIOUSLY even more so when Neji died,to the point if near exhaustion. I'm writing that no character deseves to be bashed so badly when another who does the SAME thing(well...almost) gets worshipped.

    1. you know what is funny is that even now as Naruto is dying all Hinata's fans thinks she will save the day, BS is all I can say.

  29. A sweet post and true I mean you see all her fans bash anyone that is not Hinata into the ground even Naruto. I mean look at 631 they bashed Minato and Naruto for hurting their Hinata's feelings which I feel is getting old. Maybe the manga name should be changed to 'Hinata' since that is all her crazy ass fans care about.

    I mean look at it now Naruto is dying and they already think Hinata will save the day while Sakura will just say fuck you to Naruto and heal Sasuke.

  30. I'm just ordinary fans,,i agree when you said "love is not about deserving". I too found it very annoying of Hinata fans always talking scrap like HINATA "deserves" NARUTO'S LOVE. I mean 'what the fuck they talking about'.,Well, i know Naruto and all characthers inside are Kishimoto's creation,the plot of story and everything, I dont care Which one of those Kunoichi he's gonna end up with. However in my opinion Sakura has the highest chance gonna end up with Naruto in the end of Naruto Story. Those Hinatards always saying scrap "Naruto is really dumb if he ignores Hinata's love blablabla..... i dont know, Fuck your own ass Hinatards.

  31. I don't know if anyone's been reading the manga but Karin just past Hinata in terms of badassery. In just one page. Sorry Hinata fans, I like her but she's been missing in the past few chapters. Sakura is pretty hardcore as of late too so all sakura bashing arguments are invalid.

    1. Uh, no actually, Karin been a terrible, terrible character since every other chapter before this one.
      She's a crying mess obsessed when the series' faggot, Sasuke. Who was betrayed be him, resolved to rightfully hate him, but became a crying mess again after one "sorry."
      A random "she's an Uzumaki" isn't going to explain why she randomly could fight at hokage level.

    2. Thank you for posting this,Otaku Nuts.I don't exactly hate her all right (just because I'm a Sakura fan doesn't mean I'm gonna hate on Hinata),but I do dislike her (the same way on how I thought about Karin).I have this like/dislike relationship with them,since both girls have character reversion.Before I hated Karin,now I pretty much dislike her.I dislike both girls,but I give credit to them when they do something (which rarely happens *sigh*). To conclude,I'm neither pro or anti Karin or Hinata (though I'm more of the anti side though).

  32. I agree with your points. I KNOW that Sakura has a lot of bad points, and Hinata does have some good points, but she is a very typical and predicatable character. Let's face it, Naruto fans: Hinata IS WEAK. Yes, she is very kind. So are a lot of other characters! Maybe Sakura doesn't show her kindness to Naruto that much, but that's part of her personality. Embarrassed if she's super nice. Hinata's priorities are screwed up: instead of focusing on her clan, she focuses on Naruto. It IS TOTALLY FINE to have a role model, but she didn't make any attempt to try raising her standards or trying to get even stronger. I admit I am a Sakura fan, and I DO like Hinata sometimes, but most of the times I don't. For those NaruHina fans, DO YOU SEE HIM EVER show ANY signs of liking her? He thinks of her as a close friend... and that's all.

  33. Fat people live here.

  34. This post is make sense, all of you that said the opposite is just dumb people that should just die. This manga series is dumb, all of you who support the character in this manga to the point that insulting other people is big idiot. Hinata character is the most pathetic useless figure I have ever see

    1. Yeah, hinata is the weakest among the rookie 9, even kishimoto said that he should just killed hinata in the past because she makes the story more complicated

    2. Completely agree

  35. I loved this article so much and I agree with everything said what got me mad was when Hinata could of actually grabbed Naruto and jumped away. and Filler makes her more powerful then she actually is and by the way people protective 8 trigrams 64 palms is also filler. when I first saw the anime Hinata vs Pein I was like WTF i was pissed I don't really like either pairing but I hate that people are so blinded to think Hinata is so much better than sakura thank you for this Hinata pisses me off so badly with her stuttering and shyness and people see this as cute and Innocent.