Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay- by Twinfools.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows Twinfools. He's a Canadian cosplayer of 23 years of age and is currently believed to be one of the most popular ones out there. I've chosen to feature his Kingdom Hearts cosplays because I fucking love all of them!

He wants you to kiss him.

In the mean time, for the budding cosplayers who wish to know the details about his Kingdom Heart Cosplay costumes, I had asked Twinfools to elaborate about them a bit.
"Roxas and Sora were both costumes that were purchased online (Ebay) at least 5 years ago. Since then there have been alterations made to each of those costumes. The shoes for both Roxas and Sora were made to scale by myself and Nova , the shoulder pads for Sora were re-sized and the jacket for Roxas was re-sized as well. The wigs for both of those cosplays were styled by me with bases from Ebay.

Axel's wig was ordered from Ebay and it came pre-styled. The Organization coat was made by Nova. Riku was entierly made by me with the exception of the shoes which were bought locally. The wig was initally borrowed from Valdrein and later on I styled a Riku wig myself.

I also made Terra by myself. The armour was made of craft foam sealed with white glue and the pattern for the pleated pants was based off of a pair of Hakamas I had from a past Ichigo cosplay. The wig was ordered off Ebay and styled by me. 

A quick notation: when I say "ordered off Ebay" what I mean is that I typed in the name of the character and "wig" or "cosplay" depending on what I was looking for. I no longer have records of the specific stores that the products came from because they were ordered so long ago. " ~Twinfools.

Find out more of Twinfool's cosplays on his deviantArt account. He also has a facebook and a Tumblr. You can also bug him on his Twitter.

Excluding Kingdom hearts, so far he has done cosplays for;
Card Captor Sakura.
Code Geass.
D.Gray Man.
DN Angel.
Death Note.
Fairy Cube.
Final Fantasy.
Fushigi Yuugi
Gentleman's Alliance.
Harry Potter.
Maximum Ride.
Nabari No Ou.
One Piece.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
Princess Tutu.
Sailor Moon.
Skip Beat.
Soul Eater.
Togainu No Chi.
Well, basically everything known to men.

Thankyou Twinfools for letting us use your pictures.

Stay tuned for the next cosplay, next Sunday.

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