Thursday, February 28, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Kabuto

Written by: Nitaya
Yes, I know it's February 28th. But I don't want to wait another 3 years to do Kabuto's challenge. And I don't want Micha to haunt me for the rest of my days for not doing it... so there you have it.
Favorite personality trait:
His determination. Even if it’s creepy he used Orochimaru’s DNA to become as he is know, you can’t say he isn’t determined. Everything he did from the moment he joined Orochimaru up to the things he doing now, is to find his own identity. He never lost sight of his ultimate goal in life. That’s determination.
Favorite relationship:
Easy, Orochimaru. Meeting Orochimaru was the best thing that could happen to him and he knew it. He needed someone to guide him through life and to give him a purpose in life, and Orochimaru was at the right place at the right time. He became his right-hand-man and personal medic, which made that Orochimaru trusted him blindly. Through the years Kabuto found his own identity by gathering information, and in the end even Orochimaru’s DNA to become ‘complete’. And even after that accomplishment, he keeps on searching for more, like Orochimaru told him when they met for the second time. This shows how much he respected Orochimaru and he’s grateful for what he taught him.
Favorite fight:
His last one – or at least for now. I loved the Snake Sage mode. It looks awesome, the things he can do with it are even more awesome. He used Jugo’s DNA to make it possible to absorb natural energy when moving, which is usually a disadvantage of Sage mode. It shows how good he is at doing research and how well he can work with DNA. It would love to see more of it.
Favorite jutsu:
Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation. The fact that he surpassed Orochimaru in developing and using the technique, is just amazing. Great technique too, even if it’s used in quite a cruel way to play with the opponents’ emotions.
Favorite outfit:
His current outfit. I know it’s basically just a cape, but the cape and color go well with his snake like appearance.
Favorite random thing:
The fact that his birthday is actually once in four years. I’ve always been ‘fascinated’ by people who are in same situation.
Personal thoughts:
Kabuto is a character that didn’t really mean something to me, until the chapter about his youth was released. It revealed why he joined Orochimaru and gave his constant change a reason. A very interesting background it is. 
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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