Friday, February 8, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Hiruzen

Favorite personality trait:
His undying faith in everyone, especially his students. He always believed in them, even when they went on the wrong path like Orochimaru.
Favorite relationship:
Iruka. I really loved the part where he comforts Iruka after he lost his parents. It showed how much Hiruzen knew about his villagers and how he could comfort them. It was also the first time we heard about the Will of Fire.
Favorite fight:
The only fight we ever saw of him, with Orochimaru. We discovered through his way of fighting and thinking why he was called God of Shinobi and The Professor. And it was amazing to see what a strong and skillful opponent he was for Orochimaru, even on his age. I just loved the fight.
Favorite jutsu:
Monkey King Enma. Not a real jutsu, but a summoning animal. I loved the way they repected each other and fought together. Would have loved to see more of him.
Favorite outfit:
His outfit while training Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. It looked great on him and yes… he looked great as well.
Favorite random thing:
His pervyness. He helped Jiraiya develop a jutsu to spy on girls, loved to talk to young girls and fainted after he saw Naruto’s Sexy no jutsu. Just too funny.
Personal thoughts:
Hiruzen was (still is) awesome. He’s a perfect example for the future Hokage’s and shinobi. He passed on the Will of Fire to everyone he knew and made it stronger by sacrificing himself to protect the village and villagers he loved and believed in. 

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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