Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Tobirama

Favorite personality trait:
Understanding the Uchiha’s curse and making sure they are ‘safe’ from it, by creating the Konoha Military Police Force. This showed how much he cared and knew about the clans in the village.
Favorite relationship:
Hiruzen. The fact that he appointed Hiruzen as the next Hokage, showed how much faith he had in him and how good he knew his abilities. And the fact that he apologized to him before being sealed for all the trouble he and his brother have caused, says enough.
Favorite fight:
The only fight we’ve seen (yet), his fight with Hiruzen. It showed how skilled and powerful he was, even though he wasn’t reincarnated with his full powers. And the way he and Hashirama worked together perfectly, was great.
Favorite jutsu:
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall. This technique usually requires an existing water source, but Tobirama was able to do it without one, which was one of the reasons why he became Hokage. It’s also a technique that changes with the amount of chakra someone puts into it, so a skilled shinobi like Tobirama is able to create a huge and sturdy wall of water. 
Favorite outfit:
His normal outfit. Love the fact that Hashirama wears red, and Tobirama wears blue. Fits perfectly with his chakra nature.
Favorite random thing:
The way he’s enraged by Sasuke’s threat of destroying Konoha and his brother telling him to stop his attack. He really acts like a little brother.
Personal thoughts:
Tobirama is awesome. I like his appearance, his personality, his relationship with Hashirama, just everything. Also the fact that he was the founder of a lot of important infrastructures in the villages, makes him even more awesome.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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