Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Naruto 618 Review: and Oreo-Chi lived happily ever after!

Here we are again, defying the impossible. Let's be clear, lets be very clear. This is a world where both televisions and samurai's coexist. Da fuq you thought this was?

Now unto the review:

Team Hebi or Team Snake or Team One Direction return to Konoha, where apparently they have been site seeing and exploring for the past three or four chapters now. Thanks for the anticipation Kishi. I bet we'll just stare at our good ol' "Those who know everything" for the next six or so chapters. You watch!

Naruto 618 - Page 3

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fairy Tail Cosplay- by Martina Muzzi

You'd think that we have a thing for Italian cosplayers since we've done about one before, and you're totally right. Martina is a really talented cosplayer from Italy and she has cosplayed many characters for anime and for video games. Her FT cosplays are our most favorites.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sasuke Cosplays- by WhiteSpringPro

If there's any  talented Sasuke cosplayer at the moment in the fandom that is WhiteSpringPro. She's a cosplay from Norway who is the creator of World Cosplay Producti and is among one of the four members in the group. Below is a picture of her cosplaying Sasuke, and giving you the sexiest look ever!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chapter 615- NaruHina??

Okay, I’m just gonna make this quick blog, I already have a bunch of other articles piling up on my head.  The main reason I’m doing this is because people are drowning in NaruHina glitter and riding unicorns as we speak. This blog is for people who don’t like NaruHina, because no matter how much I try to convince NaruHina fans that the recent chapters are not Kishimoto shipping NaruHina, they wouldn’t understand. How could they? They’re already masturbating to it.