Saturday, January 26, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Minato

Favorite personality trait:
His kindness. Towards Kushina when he rescued her, Naruto when he restored the seal and told him he believed in him, his students, Jiraiya when he praised him as a shinobi and perfect example for Naruto, etc.. He knew how to talk to people and to win over their hearts. Like a Hokage should.
Favorite relationship:
With his team. From the few things we’ve seen about his relationship with them, it was clear he knew their potential very well and the things that were going on between them. I know this is the same with every sensei and students, but I just loved Minato’s relationship with his team. Also the fact that he gave Kakashi the chance to be in charge of his team mates, showed he had great trust is his abilities.
Favorite fight:
With ‘the masked man’ after Naruto was born. It was the first time we saw some of his unique techniques and his way of fighting.
Favorite jutsu:
Flying Thunder God Technique. I love this technique. It’s awesome and unique to Minato. That’s all explanation needed.
Favorite outfit:
His Hokage outfit. Love the fact that he had his own unique coat.
Favorite random thing:
The fact that Kushina described him as a wuss, and still Minato became Hokage. From the fights we’ve seen, he wasn’t scared at all. So, I really love the contradiction about his bravery.
Personal thoughts:
I love Minato from the start. The more we saw of him, the more I loved this amazing character. His unique jutsu’s, his personality and of course his love for Kushina and Naruto. I would love to see and learn more about him, like when we found out A, Bee and Minato fought each other.

Written by: Nitaya.

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