Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fairy Tail Cosplay- by Martina Muzzi

You'd think that we have a thing for Italian cosplayers since we've done about one before, and you're totally right. Martina is a really talented cosplayer from Italy and she has cosplayed many characters for anime and for video games. Her FT cosplays are our most favorites.

Was actually inspired from this picture

Other than FairyTail, her cosplays include Naruto, H.O.T.D, Resident Evil, Captain Tsubasa, Catherine, Ace Attorney, Final Fantasy, One Piece, Vocaloid, Fatal Frame and many more. A lot? Yeah. You can find all of them here on her DeviantArt and World Cosplay account.
And thank you Martina for letting us borrow your pictures.

Stay tuned for the next epik cosplayer, next Sunday!


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