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Naruto 618 Review: and Oreo-Chi lived happily ever after!

Here we are again, defying the impossible. Let's be clear, lets be very clear. This is a world where both televisions and samurai's coexist. Da fuq you thought this was?

Now unto the review:

Team Hebi or Team Snake or Team One Direction return to Konoha, where apparently they have been site seeing and exploring for the past three or four chapters now. Thanks for the anticipation Kishi. I bet we'll just stare at our good ol' "Those who know everything" for the next six or so chapters. You watch!

Naruto 618 - Page 3

From the look of it, they appear to be in the outskirts of Konoha, perhaps at some of the old sites that were damaged and clearly affected by Pein's Shinra Tensei but sadly failed to get any of captain Yamato's wood loving. If you notice at the end of the last chapter, you'll notice what appears to be smaller shrines, possibly graves of fallen Senju and Uzumaki shinobi. I honestly think it is a shrine dedicated to the masters of sealing techniques aka the Uzumaki clan as you'll notice from the symbol at the top of the shrine.

Team Oreo-chi go inside and pick up one of the many identical ninja masks inside the shrine and they journey back to Konoha where they enter the Uchiha section of the village where they find the Uchiha Nakano shrine also in ruins. Though its not the Nakano shrine team Oreo-Chi are here for, but what is underneath it. There is a block marked by the Sharingan symbol that only opens at the presence of an Uchiha who has awakened the Sharingan and it is the same secret place alluded to by both Kabuto and Obito aka Tobi.

I've yet to truly grasp why they've ventured inside the secret Uchiha shrine. It's rather strange since they've yet to utilize the shrine in any important part of their plan. Perhaps it will be realized in the chapters to come. As Orochimaru explains to the team, if you use the mask combined with what is in Scroll X, yep, I said it mates, we've found out what was contained in Scroll X:

Naruto 618 - Page 11

Scroll X contains a jutsu that allows you to release what is contained within the bowels of the Dead Demon Consuming Seal Shinigami or Death God or the Ninja Reaper as I like to call him. Upon activation of the jutsu, the Ninja Reaper will take control of the user and will cut open its bowels, causing the practitioner to do the same and die. That is if they're anybody but Oreo-Chi. Apparently he has more than 9 lives and now he's also a dragon, and oh he has his sealed arms back so good luck trying to stop him now.

I almost forgot to mention that Oreo-Chi also has all 4 former Hokage's in his control. Does Sasuke even understand what he's just offered up to Orochimaru willingly in a silver platter? The most critical part of this chapter was the fact that the souls of four sealed former Hokages were released completely defying what many considered to be impossible. I'm not gonna lie, it seemed impossible and Trollshimoto supplanted that notion through his mouthpiece, that Harry Potter looking bastard, Kabuto. Nope, I still don't feel sorry of his ass.

Many have referred to the incorrect translation of the term, "One who know everything" to disprove the notion of the Hokages being revived but it was plain for me all the way up to the correct translation "Those who knows everything" that indeed, no one knows more than the 4 last Konoha Hokages. To those who stuck to the first translation, I must really suck to again be on the failing side. Don't worry, i'm sure you guys will eventually be the winners someday....however unlikely that will be.

Until then...feast thou eyes on this awesome, awesome, awesome awesome panel:

Naruto 618 - Page 17

Final note: To clarify again, for those confused about why Sasuke and Team Oreo-Chi are in Konoha and doing all this feat of insanity, it is so Sasuke can get closure and clear up all the contradictory versions of the Uchiha story he's been hearing first from Tobi then from his brother Itachi and then Kabuto. The second purpose is to get an idea from the 4 former Hokages as to the weakness of the Juubi and Madara Uchiha.

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. Do share you thoughts.

Written by Eli


  1. to think that everyone thought that Naruto might fight his daddy... oh well. And what can I say. It took 600 chapters to make Sasuke step his foot on the Konoha again. Nice. Only Oro can do that. Naruto lose to a pedo. Thanks fr the review...At least this chapter didn't caused any shipping wars now which is a good thing...

  2. Shipping Wars? What shipping wars? I thought it was all settled and done. I mean, if anyone is still holding on hope for NaruSaku, I think they're on the Titanic. Best jump before its too late, the NaruHina lifeboat is here to save all those who have any sense left in them.

    Jokes aside, I doubt Minato will fight Naruto now. Had this happened before the Juubi came into the equation, i'd be open to that, but the Juubi is a serious threat, to both Orochimaru and team Hebi as well. They need to get rid of this Tsukiyomi nonsense if they want to get on with their business of revenge and etc. I'd be fascinated to see what will happen after the Juubi saga is over. Orochimaru is looming up to be the next great villain, if only he wasn't the last great villain lmao. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Such a great review, as usual. Though I am super pissed at Kishi for the direction the plot is taking... Everybody getting revived... Lol. Oh and it should be team Taka now. Sas-emo said so. "from now on, we're no more Hebi. Now we're Taka." then he joined Akatsuki and tried to get rid of everybody. Too bad Suigetsu is so sticky... Which reminds me that I wanna say something serious about the consequences of this chap:
    1) Oro can't try anything funny. Sasuke can use his ems to kick Oro's ass anytime. And even have him release the jutsu. Or maybe he can do that himself, since he's watched Oro perform it and Itachi releasing him. You know... Good old sharingan. Back then, when it still had just one power... XD and that was allowing one to copy other jutsus... That stuff.
    2) Karin is a sensor type. She's so gonna find Sas-emo. What will be her attitude? Somehow, I've grown curious of finding it out. XD also... Since she's an Uzumaki... She might turn out to be useful.
    3) seems to me we're ready for some good talk no jutsu and flashback no jutsu. I believed those who know everything were Madara and Obito. Cause indeed they do. XD but it's true that Sasuke already knows their version. So. Hashi to get to know how to stop that Madara bitch. And to learn the truth behind the Uchihas' curse of hatred. Minato and Hiruzen to learn the truth about the night Naruto was born and the Uchiha massacre. It will be pretty funny to see Sasuke getting super mad by realizing Tobi played him for a fool. LOL like when he said the Kyuubi attack wasn't caused by the Uchihas. Natural disaster... Bastard. So yeah. We'll get to see Sasuke getting super mad. =D mad in a positive way, for once. =)
    4) so much for the Hokages joining the fight, I was talking with somebody about the chap. She said something interesting... Naruto currently has half of Kurama's chakra. The Yang part. Which would be the light. Guess where's the Yan part? Shinigami's belly. I noticed that not just 4 soul-like thingies came out of there. What if they retrieve the missing half? And... LoL the Yan part would be darkness... Who's the guy who's mmpissed the most for Naruto' strength, in a desperate need of a new power-up?! Right. It'd be.pretty cool if Sasuke took the Yin part. He could control the Kyuubi with the sharingan... No prob there. And he would get a kickass power-up... Not to mention, he'd be Naruto's missing half. Yaoi fangirls would die omfrom heart-attacks. I think this idea sounds brilliant. But as of now, I think we can come up witb ideas 10 times better than Kishi's... So yeah. Not sure. T.T

    all of this said. I am praying that Kishi will somehow save Minato's epicness. U.U