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Fairy Tail Side Story Reviews - Welcome Home, Frosch and 413 Days

So I got bored and decided to do an extra review.

I think Hiro Mashima gets bored easily. He loves to bring out chapter after chapter of Fairy Tail, and sometimes he decides to do a comedy side story instead. I might do some searching and review some of the older side stories, but for now I want to review the two newest ones that have come out in the past couple of weeks.

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Welcome Home, Frosch is the side story about Sabretooth. It starts with Sting doing a joke parody of the previous guildmaster by making Yukino take off her clothes, but it turns out to be because they are going in swimsuits to jump in the new pool. Sting seems to have turned into a bit of a child now as he splashes everyone, until Lector comes over and announces that Frosch has gone missing. This of course, becomes the main story for this chapter. 

At least Sabretooth know how to treat a lady.

Sting and Rogue start arguing over how Frosch doesn't know how to get back to the guild on his own, so Yukino steps up and tells them that they need to find the Exceed. They then run into Gajeel and Pantherlily, who gives them directions. After that, we see Wendy who gets scared by Rogue's desperation to find Frosch. This leads them to Frosch, who is looking at a large map. It turns out Frosch is trying to find his own way back, and Rogue decides to watch Frosch and let him make it back himself. 

Rogue... what happened to you?

Next to appear are Gray and Juvia, who find Frosch is crying over the fact he is unable to get back to the Sabretooth guild. Rogue is emotional too but determined to let Frosch prove himself. Frosch is also determined and wants to get home without being walked there. Soon, after lots of distractions, Erza makes her cameo and gives Frosch directions... to Fairy Tail.

So the moral of the story is... Frosch sucks?

 And now for Juvia's special story in 413 Days. We start off with a typical Hiro Mashima scene. Juvia taking a shower in what might be the creepiest shower scene I've seen in manga. We see Juvia intimately washing herself with a Gray-shaped sponge. We see Juvia drying herself off with a Gray towel. And we see Juvia kissing a Gray doll as she walks out. Juvia then tells Erza, Wendy and Carla that today is the 413th Day anniversary. If you can't figure it out yet, it has been 413 days since Juvia met Gray and she wants to celebrate it.

A girl showering has made me shudder... Damn you, God.

Erza tells Juvia to get Gray a gift, and Juvia loves that idea. After seeing her typical fantasy of Gray suddenly wanting to marry her for a simple reason like baking a cake, we skip forward a bit to see Juvia with a scarf she made for Gray. Juvia then starts to hallucinate and sees the two most popular couples of the entire series in her hallucinations. NaLu (Natsu/Lucy) and GaLe (Gajeel/Levy).

*uncontrollable sobbing at this not actually happening... yet!*

When Juvia finally finds Gray outside, he rejects the scarf in his usual bitchy way and walks to leave. Juvia is properly upset here and tells Gray it's their anniversary. Gray finds the anniversary the most random thing he's ever heard and chooses to not do as she asks and not be happy. Erza later meets a crying Juvia, who explains that she found out from Lyon that today was in fact the anniversary of the death of Ur, Gray's and Lyon's old master. 

Worst. Timing. Ever.

Erza then gives Juvia some comfort, giving kind and wise words about how each day is your choice, whether or not you should celebrate it. Back to Gray, we see it's starting to snow and he looks about for something. He then finds the scarf abandoned in the snow and puts it on, which Erza sees and is happy about. After an apology from Gray to Juvia, Juvia offers a body pillow instead. 

Let James Franco explain to you, Gray.

Overall, I laughed. I really did. The jokes were funny and plenty, with only a few not really hitting the mark. Seeing Rogue act like a comical idiot was one of the most upsetting things I've ever seen Hiro Mashima draw, and Juvia's shower scene went from sexy to crap within seconds with annoyed me greatly. However, the morals in each side story were thoughtful, if not a bit cliche. And although I want to smack Gray for being an insensitive prick to Juvia, I did find this new side of Sting interesting and I can't help but wonder if that's what we're going to see when he reappears in the proper series. Also, Hiro Mashima finally drew a GaLe pic and for that, I cry.

Lastly, we should remember these are non-canon side stories of Hiro Mashima making parodies of his own series and in no way should we believe Rogue is that stupid or Juvia rubs a Gray doll "down there". Although, you can believe it if you want to. Your choice.

Frosch Rating: 3/5

Juvia Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Juvia Lockser for providing some laughs, even if she did start off the chapter by giving me major creeps.

Best Part: When Sting parodied the dark scene with Yukino.

Worst Part: Whenever Rogue tried broke character and tried to be funny.


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  1. DAT SPECIAL CHAPTEEEER <3333 !!!! As a NaLu/Gruvia shipper, I LOVED it.
    Aaaand... I love GaLe too... but I can't help but feel grossed about that pairing at the same time I want it to be canon... and it's mainly because Gajeel looks so much older than Levi (plus, he looks like Kenpachi, and Kenpachi can't be a pedo by essence). My friends keep tellin' me that it's only because Gajeel is tall and Levi's small but IDK... otherwise, I think they are cute together (when Gajeel doesn't try to kill her that is).
    But I really with NaLu/Gruvia would hurry up and happen already.

    1. Kenpachi can't be a pedo because pedos are not awesome and Kenpachi is awesome.
      And yeah, it's just tall meets short. It's got to happen and it will be amazing when it does!
      As for NaLu, I wonder if Hiro Mashima will ever just... make it happen!

    2. Yeah, but in this case, it's old-looking tall and young-looking short. Look, IchiRuki is also tall meets short, but it doesn't seem creepy !

      He will, but since they are the heroes of the manga, it's likely to be last couple to become canon. I think it'll be GaLe, then Gruvia and finally NaLu (since it is the most awaited couple).

    3. It's anime. So long as the couple isn't a "loli" with an elderly man, it's acceptable with age.

      I dunno. I think it'll be Gruvia, GaLe and NaLu since Gray is going to be getting tons of drama and stuff right now. Also, Juvia is the most forward with her emotions out of the 6 people involved.

      I just hope that Jerza never happens. Ever.

    4. I knoooow, it's just my personal problem with Gajeel (x_x).

      Oh, you may be right ! But don't forget that even though Juvia is the most involved in her "love relashionship", Gray is also the most reluctant of the six, when it comes to feelings.

      I love Jerza, I forgot about it :3 ! But I know you don't like Jellal, so I understand the fact that you don't like this couple. It may be the only couple that won't happen (because there are so many couples that WILL happen, so we need a little dramatic, heartbreaking story...).

    5. Gajeel is my brother!

      That's true but there's been hints that he's definetly got something though. Like his jealousy towards Lyon and sacrificing himself for her etc. As soon as he stops being such a dickhead, Gruvia is happening.

      And I think Jellal needs to die. I'm not just saying that because I dislike him, but he's been far too lucky at times and whenever he should die, he comes back even stronger than ever. Also, he's majorly overpowered and we can't have someone that powerful running around unless he's a main protagonist.

    6. xD you got one sexy brother then !

      Oh yeah, he definitely has feelings for Juvia. He's just too much in Sasuke mode to acknowledge that.

      Dunno. Zeref, Mavis (mah baby gurl), Gildarts, they're OP, but not main characters... I personally prefer it when it's not a main character that is OP. But I agree with you, Jellal escaped death too many times, he really has too much luck. I don't want him to die, but I want him to be incapacitated for good, so he'll finally stay by Erza's side and be her boyfriend and stop playing the martyrs who doesn't have the right to happiness...

    7. Your praise for Jellal wounds this reviewer. It wounds this reviewer deeply.

      But yeah, this Tartaros Arc that we're currently in is a perfect example of the buttload of luck that Jellal pulls out of his arse every second chapter. Like right now, he's supposed to be blind because he crushed his eyes. I bet next time we see him, he'll have brand new super eyes! He needs to be a villain again.

      Also, why do you get Mavis? Why not I? I love her too!

    8. Oh God x'DDDD !!!! Who was it who used to speak like that ? I completely forgot !

      Can't tell, I stopped at the anime. I'll tell you what I think when I get to that part :D.
      (Shhh, don't say anything you fool ! He could come back with a f*ckin' Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan !)

      Because she is MAI waifu, along with Kenpachi, Konata (Lucky Star) and Zebra (Toriko). You get to have the rest of the anime characters for you if you want.
      My passion for Mavis extends way beyond anything you could imagine.

  2. Actually crunchyroll translation of the chapter said that jellal closed his eyes to escape the illusion while MS said he crushed them

    1. Okay, well he definetly didn't just close his eyes because he was bleeding and also, closing your eyes wouldn't turn off Midnight's attack.