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Fairy Tail Chapter 375 Review - Clowning Around With A Corpse

Almost everyone predicted it right!

As Wendy and Carla fly as fast as they can to Face, with Wendy saying how Natsu could stop this, Franmalth reveals his most powerful soul. And yes, it is Hades. For those of you who don't know, Hades was the supreme villain of the Tenrou Island Arc and is well-known to Fairy Tail haters as being the best example of an impossible fight which is won because of "the power of friendship". (Even though there are other variables which helped them win it).

...He used to be the main villain.
So Franmalth can now use the power of Hades which is merged with his own weird body. Franmalth tells Natsu and Lucy how he found the body of Hades as he searched for Zeref and of course, took it for himself. I can't help but wonder if that means Zeref didn't actually kill Hades, or if Franmalth can use the left over magic of corpses for his powers. We'll find out soon but my bet is on the latter. Anyway, Natsu reveals they were ones who defeated Hades and charges forward to attack Franmalth, resulting in yet more fighting.

The face of a man who realises that no matter how hard he tries, Natsu will always have an advantage.

Of course, the fact that Natsu couldn't defeat Hades alone becomes transparent here as Franmalth attacks Natsu and is soon taking the advantage. As the two of them spend a few pages fighting, Franmalth realises that Natsu's soul is very powerful and decides to absorb it for himself. Although Natsu himself wasn't absorbed, his magic apparently was. Which means Franmalth is now combining Hades with Natsu's fire, and that's scary.

"I'm all fired up!"

As Franmalth then reveals to Natsu about how they shouldn't underestimate any of the demons of Zeref , we see glimpses of the other fights happening right now. Sadly, this doesn't include Ki-su which is the one I want to see the most right now because of Silver, but we do get to see Sayla on par with Mirajane and Erza struggling to even hurt Kyouka again. And finally, Wendy arrives in the canyon but this is when her next opponent appears, Ezel!

Wendy + Tentacles = Disturbing fanfiction/hentai

So there we have it. Franmalth is stepping up a bit and still looking weird as fuck while he does, the possible corpse of one of the strongest villains of Fairy Tail has been desecrated, Wendy is going to fight a tentacled monster while wearing a skirt (which is basically the start of a creepy hentai video), and we didn't get to see Ki-su finish his sentence and reveal who Gray is to Silver.

Is it weird I still liked this chapter? The Ki-su part was disappointing but the demons are fighting well anyway and thankfully, it looks like these victories won't be as easy as everyone thought. Also, it looks like Wendy might finally get to win a fight with nobody to save her or aid her in any way. And hopefully, Ki-su's reveal will be worth the wait.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Franmalth for upgrading his power and actually becoming a bit threatening for once, yet mixing it with a nice sense of goofiness.

Predictions: It's going to be a Wendy vs Ezel chapter, which will end with Ezel going full power and sadly, someone appears out of nowhere to save Wendy and take over the fight. I think Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel or even Sabretooth will appear soon to heroically rescue the characters that are in trouble. Gildarts might finally reappear!

Best Part: When Franmalth revealed his soul was Hades.

Worst Part: When it looked like Natsu was going to win this battle and defeat the Hades' soul easily.

Typical 21st century reaction. Take your phone and your cleavage out.

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