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Fairy Tail Chapters 377 and 378 Review - Wendy Week!

Written by: Shiggins

I'm starting to think Hiro Mashima never sleeps.

Is it weird I thought of Forest Gump when I first saw this?

Once again, Hiro gifts us with two manga chapters this week (not including side stories), as we see the outcome of Wendy's match with Ezel and what she does after that. Wendy has gained extreme power and speed, instantly starting to pummel into Ezel so hard and fast that Ezel can't keep up and is sent flying by punches that create tornadoes. With less than five minutes to go, Ezel finds this interesting while Wendy activates possibly her biggest attack. Ezel then tells her how his Curse is the ability to cut through anything he chooses, including Wendy's attack.

What does it slay? Dragons? Gods? Be specific!

Ezel then activates his Slayer Mode, which makes him even sharper apparently. (Although I can't help but wonder why a blade that can cut through anything needs to be even sharper but I won't question it). Wendy then gets back up, and starts to gain more wind power to use against Ezel. As she says she needs a power like Natsu's, we see Wendy unleash a brand new and devastating attack. An epic tornado that wipes out the entire statue of Face and defeats Ezel in one hit.

If you look at it differently, it's like a giant fun slide!

However, they notice that the countdown for Face is still going down and to make matters worse, Wendy's body is no longer able to use Dragonforce. With Wendy exhausted and sorry, Face gets closer and closer to wiping out all magic on the continent.

Thankfully, we have another chapter this week to continue on from there. With three minutes to go and every person having trouble with demons, it's starting to look like the end. Gray is unable to even hit Ki-su (who hasn't decided to end the bloody sentence from a few weeks ago), Mirajane and Sayla are still fighting, Lamy is back up and now attack Lisanna, and Erza is still battling Kyouka. And of course, Natsu, Lucy and Happy are stuck with Franmalth.

How is Mirajane losing?! Sayla is only throwing books!

Back at Face, Carla stands up to reveal her plan to stop all magic being wiped out. She tells Wendy that if they transformed the Eternano energy into something else, that would create a magic circle that will destroy Face. Carla used the power of her foresight to find a future which would save the magic of the world. However, Carla then reveals that the following explosion will kill her.

Deus ex machina, bitch!

Carla tells Wendy to run away as fast as she can but Wendy refuses to leave Carla alone. Wendy uses the last of her energy to crawl to Carla and stay beside her. As the two share a final hug and Wendy tells Carla how their adventure was great together, we see a bunch of tearful flashbacks between Wendy and Carla from the past including Carla being hatched and the two girls joining Fairy Tail.

Carla: Born a bitch. Dies... less of a bitch.

Face then explodes and the explosion was definitely huge. Practically wiping out the entire deserted area. At this point, as the readers are filled with major feels, we see Doranbolt suddenly appear and is holding Wendy and Carla, having used his teleportation magic to save the two of them at the last second.

I still don't feel comfortable with Doranbolt being with Wendy without supervision

Overall, I'm thankful we had two chapters because the first chapter was nothing but a fight which in my opinion, was far too short. Ezel is supposed to be one of the Nine Demons and be hugely powerful. I understand that Wendy was superpowered, but I still feel bad that Ezel is done so quickly. Personally, I'm hoping he might be back soon. Fingers crossed!

As for Wendy and Carla, this was the best chapter yet for these two. Fairy Tail may not ever choose to develop Natsu, but maybe that's okay because Wendy has grown and changed so much from the shy, timid little girl to this fierce and noble warrior. And this is why, she's one of my top ten Fairy Tail characters.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Wendy for defeating Ezel, destroying Face and giving us all a huge case of the feels!

Predictions: Sadly, it's back to Natsu vs Franmalth and this match better end. It's been going on for weeks, but Ezel only lasted a fortnight? Unfair! Mirajane and Lisanna will be saved by Elfman who will proceed to smash Sayla's head until it's mush.

Best Part: Wendy and Carla blowing up Face, prepared to die alongside it.

Worst Part: Ezel's quick defeat.

Pose for the camera, ladies

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