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Fairy Tail Chapter 376 Review - Eat That Pussycat!

Wendy fans rejoice!

As Franmalth mocks the group about how they can't possibly hope to stop Tartaros, Lucy is told by Horologium that there is only 9 minutes left until Face is activated. As they realise that Fairy Tail would be slaughtered if they lost their magic right now, Happy is sure that Wendy will stop Face. Thankfully, this is when we leave Franmalth for now and go to Wendy instead, who is going through the cave with an exhausted Carla.

These bugs scare her more than anything else this chapter. Think about that.
After Wendy freaks out over tons of bugs and Carla explains why they are there, Ezel launches his attack on Wendy from above. As Ezel expresses his annoyance at having the job of only getting to kill a little girl, Wendy realises that he must have activated Face. Wendy tries to run but Ezel is too fast, so she instead upgrades her powers and stands to fight him. A bunch of enchantments and spells go off and Wendy lets out Sky Dragon's Roar at him.

Well... shit.

Yeah, it did nothing. Absolutely nothing, but let Ezel know he can go full power against her. Wendy is too weak to fight Ezel and the fight begins with Ezel letting out attacks and Wendy having to dodge. Eventually, it ends with Wendy too smacked around and collapsing. She is then pinned down by Ezel, who looks up and shows her Face. It turns out that Face is quite big and you can practically feel the magic-killing particles, known as Eternano, just by standing close to it.

I would never have guessed. Thanks, Ezel!

Then Carla finally gets up and tries to attack Ezel herself. Wendy tries to warn Carla to get away but Carla doesn't listen and, like every Exceed in the series, is defiantly trying to save her Dragon Slayer. Ezel grabs Carla and decides to eat her, placing her inside his mouth. Carla looks to Wendy and says "air". Wendy somehow realises that the air and the Eternano are mixing together, and she can use this to her advantage. After sucking in some air, she explodes and activates Dragonforce!

Exceeds are always useless in battle, huh? (Not counting Pantherlily of course).

I have to admit, I like Wendy. I always have. She's been one of the most developed characters of the series and when you look back at how she used to be, all shy and timid, you can definitely see the difference. Next, Ezel isn't really making much of an impact with me. He just seems like another violent foe with a predictable personality and that's a shame since I've been enjoying almost every other demon so far. (Except that one. You know which one I hate.)

When a little girl looks like this at you, your only thoughts should be "I'm going to get raped by a little girl". That or "run!"

And on a last note, can Exceeds die? I haven't seen one die since this series began and some of them have been extremely lucky. Happy should have died in that explosion with Jackal. Lector should have died when Minerva's father blew him up. Carla should have died when Ezel bit her head. Apparently, Frosch will die later but I'll believe it when I see it.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Wendy for activating Dragonforce, and once again showing how far she has developed over the series.

Predictions: Wendy is going to blast out a few brand new moves and go all crazy on Ezel. She is definitely winning this one! Nobody will interfere until Ezel is defeated! I swear it! If we're lucky, we'll finally go back to Ki-su and he can finish his bloody sentence! Although my bets are that we'll go to Franmalth yet again instead.

Best Part: Wendy activated Dragonforce.

Worst Part: Carla didn't die.

Fuck you, wolf! You don't get food!

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