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Fairy Tail Chapter 374 Review - Eye Ate Them!

The pairings change again.

Starting off from last week, Ki-su is facing Lucy and Wendy, when Framalth reveals himself as well. The protagonists want to leave as quickly as possible to stop Face, so Lucy summons Taurus and Aries to fight, which made me realise how long it's been since we actually saw them. With the demons distracted by the Celestial Spirits, Lucy and Wendy fly with their Exceeds to get to Face's location.

It's always terrible when Franmalth appears
However, Ki-su suddenly appears in front of them. Before he can cause any real trouble, Gray attacks him from behind which causes Ki-su to burst like black dust. Lucy and Wendy thank him but don't have time to stop, leaving Gray to fight Ki-su alone. Ki-su then notices that Gray is Silver's... What? Silver's what? Son? Brother? Past self? His good side? Romantic lover from another dimension? Why couldn't Ki-su finish his damn sentence right there?! Damn, that was frustrating and sadly, we won't find out until next week, at least.

...father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

Then Franmalth appears again to stop Lucy and Wendy. I have to say, I am sick of this Franmalth guy. He is annoying and always appears when I don't want him to. He is easily my least favourite demon so far. Franmalth then manages to stop Lucy using Aries' wool, somehow. Before Franmalth can stop Wendy too, Natsu appears in brand new clothes to fight him.

It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

Lucy tells Natsu that Wendy is going to stop Face, and that Natsu needs to stop Franmalth first. Franmalth gets angry and transforms into a Taurus-Franmalth hybrid. It turns out that this guy's power is the magic of absorption, and he now has Taurus and Aries inside of him to upgrade himself. Natsu goes to attack but then Franmalth shows Aries, and Natsu can't attack because Aries has that "cute but scared and upset" expression. Franmalth then starts attacking again and tries to do the same trick with Taurus instead of Aries but Natsu doesn't give a crap and hits him anyway. This is when Framalth decides to reveal one of his best souls, which apparently shocks everyone.

That beard under his chin does look like Hades'...

So despite the fact that Franmalth took over most of this chapter, I did enjoy it. Next week will hopefully feature the end of Franmalth and the reveal of how Ki-su's sentence was going to end. I was really hoping Lucy would win this without Natsu and Gray, because sometimes a female character needs to get all the attention in a fight so that was a bit disappointing but at least there's a good excuse this time. Wendy is going to stop Face, which should be interesting at the very least.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Natsu Dragneel for fighting Franmalth and finally wearing clothes again.

This next form might consist of someone surprising. I'm hearing theories of Hades, Gildarts, Atlas Flame and Natsu but I have no idea myself. Ki-su will be about to talk but then Silver will appear and tell Ki-su to shut up because the readers shouldn't be that lucky yet. We might see more of Erza vs Kyouka, and someone like Tempesta will go after Wendy.

P.S I'd just like to point out that people would complain if it had been the other way round with this punch!

Double standards, people!

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