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Top 10 Titans

Attack on Titan is one of, if not the biggest anime of 2013. It was crazy, messed up and it's manga is even more so. Obviously, the first thing you realise is how messed up the antagonists are. They're all strange freaky giants made of flesh (with a few rare exceptions). Anyway, here is my personal top 10 Titans that plagued and destroyed during the anime and manga.

Note: Every entry on this list are from Attack on Titan. No other anime/manga.

10. Crawler Titan

So stupid!
For me, this was the first Titan that made me truly question the creator and this series. Luckily, it was near the end of the series so I didn't need to worry, but still it was a major weird sight! The way it's body moved was creepy, and the bit of tongue for extra stupidity and creepiness is a great example of the fine line between awesome and weird that this series constantly crosses.

9. Kawaii Titan

This is the titan that has easily been the most parodied. From horrifying comics to her wanting to impress Colossal Titan "senpai" to random pictures of her with added blush, this one seems to be extremely famous. Personally, this one pisses me off because it ate the soldier that looks like Unohana (from Bleach).

8. Tom Selleck Titan

It can grow a better moustache than I ever could
It's a Tom Selleck Titan! I don't even know why it's there but it's there and it looks like Tom Selleck! I don't have many words to describe this except how awesome it is in every way. I don't remember which episode it's in but I do know that's it amazing and I love it. Also, it does look a bit like Freddy Mercury too.

7. God Titan

If God ever got stoned...
When you think about it, this Titan was one of the unluckiest Titans of the entire series. He was just a Titan, walking about like the rest of his buddies, having an epic beard and trying to eat people. He thought he was just getting an ordinary human but then suddenly, he causes Eren to transform for the first time into a Titan, while still inside him. What an unlucky Titan for someone who looks like God.

6. Smiling Titan

Her smile is how I picture trolls on youtube

Now it's time for the real Titans. And in many ways, this Titan is one of the worst. She just happened to be the evil bitch that killed Eren's mother and sparked his hatred for every Titan ever. To put it simply, that disgusting smiling freak is one of those people that ruin everything for everybody by being a bitch.

5. Female Titan

Sometimes, less is more.
I'll be honest here. I never really cared for this one. She had no real reason to slaughter so many characters, including one I just loved. She came out of nowhere without any set-up, foreshadowing or warning and tried to take over the show. Suddenly, she's kidnapping Eren and using cheating diamond powers to prevent getting hurt when we needed to her. Her secret identity is also extremely obvious. On the plus side, it made for an epic anime finale.

4. Ape Titan

Proof that evolution is real!
This antagonist has only been in the manga so far but it has raised so many questions. It's not just freaky and unusual to look at, it's intelligent! I mean, extremely intelligent. Don't believe me? Well, spoiler alert, it can talk! This one can talk, control other titans to do it's will and tear everyone apart without mercy. In fact, I think this guy is going to be a main antagonist soon.

3. Eren Titan

Bro, do you even lift?
The main character of the series needed to transform and be a titan. We all knew that as soon as we started this series and when it finally came, the result was worth it. We'd been getting pissed off due to all the evil titans dominating the characters so when Eren arrived to tear apart every single one of them and undo this catastrophe, it was so satisfying that some of us needed to change our pants afterwards.

2. Colossal Titan

Eren has no idea how screwed he is right now

This titan is the most famous one of the bunch. It's impossible to have heard of this series and not seen at least one picture of the Colossal Titan, with it's massive body, skinless form and aura of steam around it. It's the reason that humanity got fucked over at the very beginning of the series and it's so big, it can literally tower over the main defences. Giant walls and random people mean nothing to this ferocious beast.

1. Armoured Titan

This is the reason I watch this series!
I love this thing! It is amazing and the fact it has only had one appearance in the anime kills me. It's theme music is epic, it's design is beautiful and staggering, and the way it destroys everything in it's path is awesome. When it finally gets more screentime in the long-awaited second season of Attack on Titan, I will be on the edge of my seat so I can cheer when that music turns on and this man of metal steps out of the smoke and shadows.

Honourable Mention

Such a Majestic Titan

Any Titans you feel I left out?  Which Titans will you never forget? Or which Top 10s would you like to see?  Let me know in the comments below!

This is how I relax after finishing a Top 10.

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