Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fairy Tail Chapter 487 Review - The Third Seal

Written by Shiggins

So not a lot happened this week.

I mean, a big bad guy transformed into a terrifying monster form of himself, Gajeel turned into a jet-black iron man bad-boy, Levy spat up some blood and uh... yeah, I can't think of anything really that made an impact on me. Oh wait, there was two things. Two tiny things... GAJEEL ADMITTED HIS FEELINGS AND HE DID AWESOME STUFF!

I think Levy got some new birthing hips for this picture... Approved!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fairy Tail Chapter 486 Review - The Fourth Guest

Written by Shiggins

Turning point might be sooner than I expected.

Last week, I was talking about the comedy and how I was hoping that we would eventually come to the point where something huge and dark would come out of the shadows, and we'd get no more comedy so we can focus on the terrifying action... Have we made it there already, because this sure feels like it... Oh and Fairy Tail's female characters really deserve more credit in terms of awesomeness.

Me too, Levy. Me too.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bleach 673-674 Father 1 and 2/The Seven Deadly Sins 173-174 Darkness Descends and Meliodas vs. The Ten Commandments Review

Written by: Pomelote

If you've been checking the calendar, you may notice that I've missed a few articles in the last week or so. My bad, everybody! My laptop died last week, and I've only just got around to buying a new one and gutting and scraping out the remains of the old one's drive. Today, I'll be catching up on Bleach and The Seven Deadly Sins, and next week's Kasane will be a super-special double chapter post of 75 and 76.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fairy Tail Chapter 485 Review - The First Dinner in Five Days

Written by Shiggins

Okay, next week is the awesomeness!

This week, while good, wasn't the week to get me excited and pumping. Next week, I'll have a badass battle with my favourite buddy, so I'll be happy then. To be fair though, this week had it's moments. Some were good. Some were okay. Not really anything bad, although future chapters can fix that.

It was on this day that humanity received a grim reminder.. that we must always make Attack on Titan jokes when a giant pops up in anime.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fairy Tail Chapter 484 Review - The Monstrous Six

Written by Shiggins

Well... That's one way to start a chapter.

As a connoisseur of the internet, I can sometimes come across spoilers that ruin the chapter for me before I can read it in it's translated form. It's a shame, but it happens. Sometimes though, I look at a spoiler and laugh because it's so obviously fake that I don't think it can be real. Then I see it again and start to wonder if it is actually real. Then I find out it is real and I find myself questioning... everything. And so, I present to you, the spoiler I was given.

......Still prefer it to Erza x Jellal.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bleach 672 Son of Darkness/The Seven Deadly Sins 172-173 Review

Written by: Pomelote

Golden Week is a remorseless monster that swallows up everything in its path.

 Bleach 672 - Son of Darkness

Continuing on from last chapter, Senbonzakura pummels Gerard's head. When it clears, everything above his shoulders is gone. The rest of his frozen body then cracks and crumbles to the ground, leaving only his legs in in solid pieces.

Overpowered or Badass?

Written by Shiggins

Time to try answering one of my biggest internal conflicts.

Almost every week, I find myself asking the same question over and over as I watch certain characters smash into each other and use ridiculous moves to destroy massively powerful opponents. Is this ridiculously overpowered to the level that it's unbearable, or is it enjoyably badass and worthy of fangirling over? And because I am such a mature man and fangirling is expected of someone who does as much as he can to get attention from other anime fans, let's just do an article on it!

Saitama is not part of this debate because he is a gag character, and the series is full-blown comedy. The joke is he is overpowered, and even it's starting to get tiresome. Or maybe I'm just tired of people bringing up the "Saitama vs Goku/Superman" debate... Fans, stop ruining One Punch Man.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Boruto Chapter 1 Review - Boruto Uzumaki!!

Written by Shiggins

My friends... Today is a dark day.

I like Naruto. No. No, I love Naruto. I adore Naruto. I didn't despise Chapter 700, nor do I believe almost half the "interviews" that fans/haters have claimed Kishimoto has done to degrade his own series. I've read all the chapters. And I've enjoyed almost all of the chapters. So when the series instantly jumped into the next generation, I started to sigh. I liked that Naruto ended where it should have, so having a sequel felt pointless. And now that it has officially begun in manga form, I can now say that "pointless" was not the right word. The word I would rather use is... painful.

boruto chapter 1
The pain has already begun... That or it's my inevitable stroke finally happening.