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Fairy Tail Chapter 484 Review - The Monstrous Six

Written by Shiggins

Well... That's one way to start a chapter.

As a connoisseur of the internet, I can sometimes come across spoilers that ruin the chapter for me before I can read it in it's translated form. It's a shame, but it happens. Sometimes though, I look at a spoiler and laugh because it's so obviously fake that I don't think it can be real. Then I see it again and start to wonder if it is actually real. Then I find out it is real and I find myself questioning... everything. And so, I present to you, the spoiler I was given.

......Still prefer it to Erza x Jellal.
Our chapter begins with Erza waking up, bandages on her, and seeing Kagura looking down on her. Wendy, Gray, Juvia and a few others are also there, although in better shape. Gray reveals that the port was a victory, with Jellal and Meredy currently cleaning up the remaining enemies from that area. Gray says their group are going to return to the Guild, and Laxus is currently unconscious because he dealt with Wahl and Precht and he needs his beddy byes.

I'm not meaning this in a perverted way, but I love how Juvia strips alongside Gray now! .......Wow, that came out wrong.
Oh then Kagura kisses Erza. Yeah, she feels guilty for kissing Jellal so she kissed Erza to make it even... and typing that sentence was so dumb that I'm actually gonna leave that part for the opinion section because... yeah, it's worth talking about, but not for a perverted reason. I hope. Understandably, Erza is confused.

I'd love to try this out in real life. "Oh yeah, sorry I kissed them. Here. I'll kiss you too". Can't imagine getting my ass kicked for that, no sir!
We then see Chelia sitting by herself and Lyon comes to comfort her. She's of course upset but trying to stay positive despite losing her magic, and Lyon manages to assure her she got something better in return. This is a nice character moment, and one I certainly welcome. Oh and Dimaria is back... kind of. She's thinking about Brandish, remembering when she mocked her about being kidnapped by the Guild, and how she is now in that position.

Interesting that it took a lesbian moment to summon her again, huh? *hint hint* However, I want more scenes with her... Get me three doses Wendy x Chelia, stat!
Meanwhile, Brandish is talking to Makarov at the Guild and saying that her debt to Lucy causes her to help this one time and attempt to negotiate with the super-powerful August, since nobody but Eileen can stand up to him. Brandish has a history with August, so this is the best chance they have. Mest objects because they have no reason to trust her, but Lucy says she does and so the plan is set.

Natsu speaking here is almost so obligatory and forced, that I almost feel like Natsu had it in his contract he needs a certain amount of screentime in each arc.
Up in the North, Eileen is walking through the snow and we get an introduction to her two... associates? Underlings? I dunno... but they seem based on a folk tale from Ishgar, and Eileen is from Ishgar so she knows these stories fairly well. One is bright, cheerful and ditsy, while the other is serious, smart and stiff. And since one wears black and the other wears white, you can quickly figure out which is which.

How the FUCK do I pronounce that name? Hy-nee? Hin-hi-e? Yin-he?
Eileen jokingly wonders who would win in a fight between Juliet Sun (the white) and Hynhe Lunacy (the black), which weirdly worries the duo until they realise Eileen is joking. We then see Gajeel's team kicking ass, and Sting tearing up because of what has happened to his Guild. This is when the snow suddenly stops, due to Eileen's power (as if the climate wasn't confusing enough) and now she, Bradman and Rakheid are going to take on the "Monstrous Six" that are Team Gajeel.

Not really... I place love triangles in the same category as prophecies. That category being known as "Go Fuck Yourself, Annoying Plot Device".
Opinion: Damn, I want next week to happen no-o-o-ow!

Lady Eileen is shaping up nicely, already proving she's powerful but not entirely bland and humourless. I like a villain that can do that, balancing out the joy with the dark. Her sidegirls are... cute. Fun. Nothing unique but a treat when done right. And I find it unlikely to be coincidence that Eileen compares them to a folktale involving two angels fighting over a man. A foreshadowing to Erza's daddy perhaps?

My man Gajeel is finally going to be in a proper battle again! And he's leading a team of badasses to take on Eileen and her squad! Levy, Pantherlily, Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna. All likeable characters (well... Lisanna is okay) going up against two monsters, two little girls and yet another dude who is hidden in shadow so we have no idea what he looks like just yet. I'm excited.

Why does it feel like so long since I saw any of these characters have a good fight scene? And yes, Levy. You are a monster too. UNLEASH YOUR HATRED!
Dimaria is angry and I knew she wouldn't be out of this arc just yet! She has returned and will do so once more, hopefully to provide us with some amazing drama... Oh, I swear to god if we get another heavily rushed side-change like with Brandish, I am going to go ballistic. I don't care if that same chapter has Brian Blessed wrestling Smaug in a burning submarine. That review will be a negative one!

I think that's me done... hmm? Oh right, that moment. Fine, I'll talk about it! Kagura kissing Erza... I chuckled. I mean, it was so random and unnecessary, I almost question it's existence. CPR being counted as kissing is really weird, for both fans and characters to think. When Levy gave CPR to Gajeel, it looked romantic because of the way it was drawn and the atmosphere, but this was a "save your life" thing so I didn't realise I was meant to view it was "Oh lolz! KAGURA X JELLAL DURHUR". But Funny Erza is utterly amazing to witness, as always, so I'm really hoping Funny Erza stays this way around Kagura because... yeah, it's weird. It's funny, and it could be hilarious if we make fun of it again. Or 100% pointless if we forget it ever happened.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Predictions: GAJEEL VS EILEEN! SQUAD VS SQUAD! Just... please contribute, Levy. I'm always scared female characters in manga won't get to do as much as they should despite having their own powers and abilities, and being badass in their own right. *glares at Orihime, Sakura, Android 18 etc... but then gives Maka a hug because she do good.*

Best Part: An epic fight is about to begin!

Worst Part: How many more times am I going to see a Spriggan 12 member in shadow before we just reveal them?

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