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Boruto Chapter 1 Review - Boruto Uzumaki!!

Written by Shiggins

My friends... Today is a dark day.

I like Naruto. No. No, I love Naruto. I adore Naruto. I didn't despise Chapter 700, nor do I believe almost half the "interviews" that fans/haters have claimed Kishimoto has done to degrade his own series. I've read all the chapters. And I've enjoyed almost all of the chapters. So when the series instantly jumped into the next generation, I started to sigh. I liked that Naruto ended where it should have, so having a sequel felt pointless. And now that it has officially begun in manga form, I can now say that "pointless" was not the right word. The word I would rather use is... painful.

boruto chapter 1
The pain has already begun... That or it's my inevitable stroke finally happening.
Our chapter begins with a flash-forward, where a villain who is trying way too hard to look like a villain stands atop the ruined face of Naruto's Hokage statue in the mountain. Boruto is wounded, but he refuses to fall to this "Kawaki". Declaring the age of the ninja as over, Kawaki promises to send Boruto to meet his father. Boruto stands up and announces himself as a ninja proudly, before we go back in time to... well, to before this happened basically. It's not made clear how far back this is.

boruto kawaki
*snickers* The only way he could look even more like a ridiculous anime-movie villain is if he had cliche henchmen by his side. Where's the one with weird powers? The handsome one? The tough but stupid one? Come on, man! If you're going to be stupid, go all-out!
Boruto is our narrator now, saying he hates ninjas and that includes his father, Naruto, who is known as the 7th Hokage. Boruto instantly endears himself as an annoying little shit by saying how this is his story and his dad is a part of it, whether he likes it or not. Boruto is rebelling against his father for not giving him enough attention, which he full-heartedly admits in his narration.

boruto hinata hair
Oh hey, it's one of the Brady Bunch! ...Wait, that's meant to be Hinata?! *vomits*
Boruto goes out, passing his mother Hinata as he does, and goes to knock out a panda with the other members of his team; Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki. Boruto uses Kage Bushin, Mitsuki uses Gomu Gomu and Sarada is blocked by Boruto before she can cry out her mother's catchphrase and use her own jutsu. Mitsuki says it looks like Boruto could be destined to become Hokage, which clearly annoys Sarada.

boruto konohamaru rock lee
So basically, you've taken the coolest thing about Rock Lee and utterly removed it. Rock Lee, who was super-impressive because he used no ninjutsu, is now looking like an idiot and technology is trumping him? Really? We're really doing this? I really need to put up with this shit?!
We then see Konohamaru use... Shikamaru's Shadow Bind jutsu to trap the panda. Konohamaru reveals that he was using a gadget prototype that contains tiny scrolls with jutsu inside them, for him to use at will. In fact, even those without chakra can use it! Konohamaru also shows that this can be used to literally fire a Rasengan like a bullet.

boruto sakura ino
Sakura's only contribution to the chapter. Oh and also... *vomits*
Next is Naruto, who is conducting an interview on tv (no seriously), while also using many other Shadow Clones to carry out several tasks around the village. Boruto and his team arrive at Naruto's Hokage office where the real Naruto is, This following scene is fairly obnoxious, with Naruto demanding respect and terms while Boruto is being casual and gloating. And I will talk about this later but for now, this part ends with Boruto threatening Naruto to show up at Himawari's birthday party. 

boruto naruto hokage
This might actually be the most rage-inducing panel in the entire chapter.
Also, the scientist Katasuke enters and asks if Naruto will allow the use of his gadget (that we saw Konohamaru use earlier) during the Chuunin Exams. Naruto refuses. Boruto then meets up with Katasuke and gets a game from him, but tells him he refuses to take part in the Chuunin Exams. Next up is a brief and boring scene featuring the next Shika-Ino-Cho group as they appear to be blackmailed by their mothers into taking part. And since I don't really care, moving on.

Okay, I give up. Technology is modern times now. We have live tv interviews, the internet and video games. I give up. I'm done. It's over. The world of fantasy is officially smashed. We're basically a sci-fi now. I'm done with trying to figure out this world's technology.
Boruto is now playing his game with Shikadai and Inojin, when Sarada and Mitsuki arrive to ask him to take part in the Chuunin Exams because it can only be done in 3-man teams. Sarada wants to become Hokage but Boruto doesn't give a crap. It's also shown that Boruto was using a game with cheats in it to be better. So... great protagonist so far!

Using his dad as a psychological weapon, Sarada convinces Boruto to take part in the Chuunin Exams. The trio briefly mention Sasuke, who Naruto has said is like the "other 7th Hokage". Mitsuki is about to answer their question about his parents (see my earlier Naruto review for info on that), but Himawari appears and is excited for her birthday party. Boruto smiles and heads off with her and Hinata.

boruto naruto hinata
Well... I mean, he's not really wrong. Naruto has time for a tv interview, so it's not like he's that busy.
The party begins at home, with Naruto making an appearance. Everything seems good, until suddenly "Naruto" pops, revealing he was a shadow clone the whole time. Hinata tries to calm down Boruto, saying Naruto is just putting the village's own needs above his own, but Boruto is pissed. Hinata starts to cry, unable to convince Boruto that being a Hokage is a good thing and Boruto leaves the room.

Back at the office, Naruto feels guilty and Shikamaru tells Naruto he should get some rest. This scene seems pointless though because we later see Naruto never left his office. Boruto enters a room, that I think is Naruto's spare room, and sees the old Naruto uniform from Part 1. In his anger, Boruto throws it out of the window. The doorbell rings and Boruto angrily goes to punch who he thinks is his dad ringing it, but it turns out to be Sasuke.

boruto sasuke review
Oh? Who is that? He must be.... OH MY *VOMITS*
After Hinata appears to tell Sasuke that Naruto is at the office, Boruto is now in awe to see his dad's old rival in the flesh. Sasuke heads off to Naruto, finding the uniform along the way. He gives Naruto a scroll "from Kaguya's castle", but not even Sasuke's Sharingan can decipher it. Sasuke then gives Naruto the uniform and says Boruto looks exactly like him, but Naruto disagrees and says he's probably more like Sasuke. Naruto admittedly doesn't think Boruto is like either of them, but Sasuke disagrees. 

While walking through the streets, Boruto suddenly throws shuriken stars at Sasuke. Sasuke disappears, reappears behind him, and trips him up. Boruto gets back up and asks Sasuke to let him be his disciple so he can surpass someone, who is obviously his dad.

boruto sasuke eye
Was it ever explained why Sasuke or Nagato can't turn their Rinnegan eyes off? I know Madara could do it, so I was just curious.
Opinion: Ugly.

I should point out that I haven't seen the Boruto movie, but what I do know about it seems to be repeated here. It looks like the film has now become a starting point for this manga, as opposed to being "it's own thing". So I'm not going to connect my opinion of this chapter to the movie in any way.

Most accurate panel of the entire chapter, which is made more true by the giant skyscrapers in the background!
Anyway, let's get this problem out the way first. This chapter is ugly. The characters' faces are pudgy, with exaggerated eyelashes and stupidly large lips. Sasuke has curls, and not one character looks like their original selves. Half the time, they don't even look like the way they were drawn just a few pages ago! I've seen unpaid fan-made chapters online with far more appropriate and bearable content. I'm not comparing this art style to Naruto's. I'm comparing this art style to every manga I've read, and it just comes up bitter in my mouth.

Boruto is annoying! I felt this way back when I read the Sarada Gaiden chapters, but I didn't mind so much because the focus was on Sarada herself. Now however, Boruto is front and centre, and he's bad. He's really bad. During this chapter, he whines, pouts and does literally nothing to make himself likeable, which would be fine if he wasn't meant to be our main protagonist. Of course, maybe Boruto is such a shit because Naruto has basically become the ultimate ass!

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO NARUTO?! A protagonist we all adored, as he went through issues and loneliness to become the Hokage, and never wanted to abandon his friends because the bonds he shared with them meant so much to the boy who never experienced them before, has now become the absolute biggest prick I've ever seen! 

Naruto, the guy who chased down Sasuke to the end of the Earth because he never had family or friends, didn't go to his daughter's birthday?! He doesn't give his son any time or attention, but he's got time to have a clone sit in a fucking tv interview or carry shopping?! Are you fucking kidding me?! This makes no sense! Yes, Naruto dreamed of being Hokage his whole life, but he didn't dream of abandoning his family as well, did he? This turn would be interesting, if it was done in a sympathetic manner, but it isn't. Naruto is not only being devoted to the Hokage role, but he's treating his son like he's nothing. "Konohamaru, what are you teaching this boy? Boruto, you must address me as 7th or Hokage". You must suck my cock, Naruto Uzumaki.

This one panel from Chapter 700 shows more emotion from Naruto towards his own son, than the entirety of  this chapter does. I feel bad for this Naruto. I understand the struggle Naruto is going through, FROM THIS ONE PANEL! One panel, and it achieves far more than Boruto ever could in 50+ pages! Fuck you, New Naruto!
So in the end, who am I supposed to root for? Boruto, the ultimate cheater who is as pathetically whiny as a typical anime/manga hater, or Naruto who is... not Naruto anymore? My verdict, I'm rooting for nobody. I'm not reading this shit because I have nobody I want to read. None of the characters are who they once were, in either face or personality. This is an awful sequel to an amazing series, worsened by the knowledge that this is probably canon now and we have to accept it.

NOTE: I don't give a fuck what you read on Tumblr or Reddit or whatever. I don't care what "Kishimoto said this in an interview" or "I heard that his assistants don't like the ending" or whatever. The only thing I care about is what is put on the page in front of me. Even if the interviews you read are true, it doesn't matter. At all. If Kishimoto said Naruto was half-monkey in an interview, I don't care unless it's in the chapter. So... just letting you know before you comment about what you read online that is not a manga chapter. Thanks, babes. 

Manga Rating: 0.5/5

Best Part: N/A

Worst Part: This exists and does nothing but nearly insult the very characters it claims to be writing.

You know, I'm starting to wonder if Kaguya was made by Shonen Jump. Her existence seems to be nothing else but a continuation, created for future instalments so the series can keep going on and on and on... Except nobody cares about Kaguya. Do they? Does Kaguya have fans? Please let me know if you do, so I can ask... why?

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  1. yeah on all accounts. for a guy who worked with kishimoto for 15 years you'd think he'd have picked up on the art style.

    also you don't need to see the movie to make the comparison there's a light novel version of this whole thing minus that flash forward bit which I feel takes away a lot of the suspense the series is known to have where people would make guess to who was an enemy or a double agent or who was gonna defect to the dark side of the series you know. also this is like the lowest rating I have ever seen you give so far. I can't really understand how people can say it's good when it has tried to be anything new yet and is only using the bolt movie to lift itself up as a starting point which is a real sad attempt.

    1. Yeah, I know it's in the film and novels but I just prefer to look at these things by their own merits and not mention any film or book or interview etc. Like Dragon Ball Super proved, it's not a horrible idea to use a film to kick off the story, but that doesn't make this good.

      And yes, I think this might be my lowest score ever. If people like it, please tell me their reasons because Naruto and Boruto are both characters that just grind on me, especially Naruto who has been a great protagonist until now. As I said, Naruto being obsessed with work and unable to see his family could be good if it was sympathetic, but this Naruto is literally an asshole. There's being too busy to do work, and then there's deliberately being a shit because your ass is in the Hokage chair. I think the only Hokage who was as big a douche as Naruto is was the 2nd, Tobirama and he was vengeful so it made sense!

  2. One of my friends is in love with Kaguya, the same way he's in love with the Final Form Gurren Laggan and Super Saiyan 4 instead of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. He's a good friend and all, but when he's at his worst... he's frankly nothing more than a powerlevel-touting fag.
    Thankfully, he doesn't get like that too often. But since you asked if Kaguya has any fans, this technically counts (until Boruto and/or Naruto get some sort of Sage Form Infinity that can beat Kaguya 3 times over and get a 1-A rating on the Versus wikia. Being the alpha is hard...)

    1. Oh god... that type... No offence to your friend but that type of person can be insufferable! Gurren Lagann is awesome, of course but being into characters and forms because of arbitrary powerlevels is ridiculous.

      So he's not in love with Kaguya because of say, her design or her character or her backstory? Just how tough she is?

    2. Yeah, I know. I've tried to explain to him that the true awesomeness is the fact that they ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER all the way to the stars, but he hasn't quite grasped it yet. -_-' But he's getting there, bit by bit...

      He's kinda interested in her backstory, but the only reason he takes any interest in that the first place is because she's one of the most absurdly powerful characters in existence.

      I mean, I got him to watch Gundam Build Fighters, Kill La Kill and Fate/Stay Night... and he then expanded his OverPowered Fanlove to Sekai of BF Try, Ryuko's Golden Form, and Saber's Excalibur.
      But he respects Gamagoori's INDOMITABLE MANLINESS, so we're getting there. XD

    I have invested emotional time and love into Naruto, we suffered beloved character deaths together and grew stronger for the sake of our comrades. I can't accept the so called new Boruto when he as a character DOESN'T have a new and refreshing personality, is cocky, arrogant, spoiled and bratty and doesn't even have a good background story or flawed personality to go with it. Not to mention that Boruto gets SO over overpowered which puts all of Naruto's hard work and dedication in vain. Naruto's hard work and dedication is partly why i love him so so so much.I just cannot accept the abrupt and sudden death of Naruto, HE IS STILL MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL FUCKING NARUTO. I CANNOT ACCEPT BORUTO AND I WILL NEVER ACCEPT HIIIIIIMMMMMM.

    1. I still haven't seen the Boruto movie yet (I hear it's really good though) and I read this chapter by itself so I could judge it on it's own merits. You'd be surprised how many people were pissed at me for reviewing one chapter but not including a whole movie review to justify all it's flaws...

      From what I have been told though, Boruto himself gets better. And maybe in future chapters he's not an entirely untolerable fuckface who deserves to be smacked by the past version of Naruto... but I would need to check. Then again, I almost understand why he's such a terrible shit, since his dad has done such a 180 and become this out-of-place jackass.

      Anyway, thanks for reading!

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