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Fairy Tail Chapter 485 Review - The First Dinner in Five Days

Written by Shiggins

Okay, next week is the awesomeness!

This week, while good, wasn't the week to get me excited and pumping. Next week, I'll have a badass battle with my favourite buddy, so I'll be happy then. To be fair though, this week had it's moments. Some were good. Some were okay. Not really anything bad, although future chapters can fix that.

It was on this day that humanity received a grim reminder.. that we must always make Attack on Titan jokes when a giant pops up in anime.
Lucy, Natsu, Brandish and Happy are travelling together to meet August, with Lucy warning Natsu not to start a fight. Brandish says August is actually gentle by nature so he is the most likely to listen, but he'd obliterate Natsu if Natsu attacked. While Brandish is trying to figure out how exactly to reason with August, Natsu smells out Mest who was following them.

Why is Mest stalking them? They're all age-appropriate!
Mest doesn't trust Brandish, so of course he came along. A bit tired from walking, Brandish gets the possibly-brilliant idea to turn Happy giant so they can ride him! And so we can see Brandish be a cutey because it's been ages since Brandish was funny and it's the one redeeming factor of her horribly-quick change from villain to anti-hero.

It's like looking at a glimpse of my future girlfriend. It even has her future dialogue.
Now we go down to the basement of Fairy Tail, where Mavis is reduced to wearing only some rags and Cana is sweating because of it. And no, I'm not rephrasing that. Cana is using Fairy Glitter to hurt Mavis, but she's holding back for obvious reasons. This is when we get another reminder that Fairy Tail Zero exists, as we get the comparison between Zera and Cana that people were making when Chapter 1 came out.

Mavis gives us a funny moment, which I always enjoy because kawaii-waifu-dibs, and then says some nice words to encourage Cana to try her hardest. Now we move back to the North to see "The Monstrous Six" fighting tons of goons. Sting gets a slap in the face from Yukino for starting to doubt himself and shut down, and Yukino's words encourage Sting to get the surprisingly-emotional Sabretooth get to get moving again.

Oh and Blue Pegasus are moving too. Just an FYI.
As the violence continues, Eileen and her duo watch from afar. However, Eileen isn't planning to join in because Bradman and Rakheid are on the battlefield. People then start to collapse, as Bradman the Reaper has returned to fight. However, he is suddenly attacked by the badass Gajeel, who is pissed off for him causing Gajeel to remember when he crucified Levy so long ago. And now, the next battle is set.

Opinion: Okay. My fight is NEXT WEEK!

I'll just have to wait for now, but that's okay. I'm patient. I'm calm. And I can freeze myself like Eric Cartman waiting for a Wii. Still though, it's going to be great to see Gajeel fighting Bradman. I expect lots of violence and taunting from both sides.

That double-mouth thing is so disorientating.
Yukino got a nice scene, as quite a few characters are getting in this arc. I'm slowly getting more and more used to Sabretooth having such a comical side and it's nice to see Rufus and Olga again, even if it is just a side-view for now. Why does Minerva get so much attention but not the others? I miss them.

Since there's not a huge amount to talk about this week, let's discuss the comedy. Or more importantly, my opinion on it in this arc. It's funny. It's very funny, and I do enjoy it. I don't remember laughing much at the Tartarus arc, since it rarely made jokes and kept such a dark tone. So in many ways, I'm thankful we're getting these laughs, since I don't want to have to enjoy such a good length of chapters without at least smiling during it. That being said, we should prepare for a turning point. Something is going to happen, and it's going to make this war go from fun to hardcore. I would bet it being Acnologia-related.

And on a final note, if we don't get a kaiju-style fight between a monster and someone made giant via Brandish-ing, I will never forgive this series.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Predictions: Gajeel vs Bradman! Iron-Shadow vs... Weird Death Stuff! Levy will somehow get involved too because she is Gajeel's Mavis (aka "waifu"), and we might see the Strauss Siblings go against this "Rakheid" if we're lucky.

Best Part: Mavis' comedy.

Worst Part: Nothing substantial.

Could be fun in an OVA I suppose... Oh by the way, the new OVA is out in Japan right now.


Here's some Hiro Mashima photos, because you gotta get turned on apparently. And yes, all of these have at least something sexy about them.

Short-shorts. That is all.

When Mashima confirms one of these couples, he's going to have an absolute field day with artwork, isn't he? The pervert.

Team Ironman, all the way! (And yes, this was made by Hiro Mashima too. No joke.)

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