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Fairy Tail Chapter 486 Review - The Fourth Guest

Written by Shiggins

Turning point might be sooner than I expected.

Last week, I was talking about the comedy and how I was hoping that we would eventually come to the point where something huge and dark would come out of the shadows, and we'd get no more comedy so we can focus on the terrifying action... Have we made it there already, because this sure feels like it... Oh and Fairy Tail's female characters really deserve more credit in terms of awesomeness.

Me too, Levy. Me too.
Gajeel and Bradman have begun their fight, and I'm suddenly getting Tartarus flashbacks because Bradman's body disintegrates so he can float out of Gajeel's bars and grab him by the neck. After a bit of one-lining, in which Gajeel weirdly implies he's suicidal, it looks like the two are finally going to go at it in the extreme battle I've been waiting for!

Back to Eileen, (goddamnit!) as she is telling her sidekicks to also join the battle now. Eileen says that this is because "the Third Guests" are arriving soon, and to my utter delight, it turns out that the Olympia is here and it contains the Oracion Seis Crime Sorciere! Cobra is even feeling motion-sickness!

In Racer's defence, he's 100% absolutely right. In fact, why wear that at all when YOU'RE IN A WAR?!
Eileen also decides to mention to the exposition fairies that there is a troublesome fourth guest on the way, and Eileen has to fight them personally... but before the obvious reveal, let's go back to giant Happy! We get some fun with sizes as Natsu's head is now giant and Hiro Mashima was too weak to resist... well, this scene. In his defence, he'd have been ridiculed for life by the Pervert Association if he hadn't done this. (I should know. I'm a VIP!)

And just like those boobies, the internet explodes.
Before the fun can continue any longer, they feel a presence. The dark power level of August! However, Eileen is now smirking as she senses Acnologia, and is prepared to show why she is called "The Scarlet Angel", although some call her "The Scarlet Despair" instead. And finally, we end with Gajeel again as he fights more of Bradman and his... Magic Particle-producing body... but Gajeel's iron lungs make him a difficult opponent.

Oh, then skulls appear. Many many skulls, out of Bradman's ass I suppose. As Gajeel seems in trouble, Levy uses Shine from her Solid Script and is wearing a Mask-Mask so she can fight alongside Gajeel. She isn't happy Gajeel said he was suicidal earlier, even though that was just a comeback, and now Bradman is pissed! Oh and we get a glimpse of Zeref, concerned over something Eileen appears to be doing.

Opinion: I feel dizzy...

I know it's better to show off your characters and plots, but it's getting a bit much. Up and down, back and forth... Gajeel then Eileen then Natsu then Eileen then Gajeel then Zeref... All over the place, especially since I was hoping for a pure Gajeel badass chapter. Still a good chapter, but I want to feel more progress whine-whine-whine.

No matter what's going on in the chapter, Cute Brandish will always be a highlight in every review from now on.
Levy isn't useless! Huzzah! ..Actually, why do I even need to celebrate that? Has anybody else noticed that this series, despite it's unnecessary fanservice, probably has some of the strongest female characters out there? Lucy, who goes through development to become a badass. Erza, who was basically born badass. Levy, Juvia, Wendy, Mirajane, Cana, Evergreen, Mavis, Eileen, Brandish, Kyouka... The list goes on. It's rare for a shonen to have so many women, have so many women actually be strong, and have so many women be funny, feminine or both while also being strong and surrounded by tons of other women? I'm not going to specifically say which manga pissed me off in this region, but Fairy Tail really makes them look bad when it comes to women, eh?

Who's your favourite female? Vote below in the... Actually, why don't I just do a poll? Yeah! Yeah, why not? We're doing a Fairy Tail Female Poll! Why? Because I can!
Is Bradman meant to be the lovechild of Keyes and Tempesta? Because he is absolutely the lovechild of Keyes and Tempesta. It's actually scary how many resemblances there are, from their powers to their personalities to the design... I'm really feeling like we're seeing the reborn version of Tempesta here. Is it a coincidence? Probably... but is it?

Zeref is scared of Eileen because Eileen is super-duper powerful and she's now fighting Acnologia! Which really raises the question of why Zeref talked to Acnologia in the first place. I feel like we need to see this conversation's resolution, because why would Zeref get Acnologia into this war but not tell the Spriggan 12 to avoid him?

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Levy for reminding me how badass these women can be, even when they're small.

Best Part: Gajeel and Levy vs Bradman!

Worst Part: Maybe too many things in one chapter.

How DARE you have Pimp Natsu but no Lucy?!

The new OVA is out and... You can tell the anime is happy to be back doing OVAs. It can have colour, funny jokes and add even more fanservice to an already fanservice-heavy chapter! See you at the next Pervert Association Meeting, animators!

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  1. bradman is like a combination of tempesta and keyes it makes me think that bradman is one of zerefs demons

    1. Not an impossible idea. At this point, I'm half-expecting them to just say Tempesta managed to regenerate one last time into a new body... somehow.

  2. Yukino-Sorano reunion incoming!

    1. Oh wow, I totally forgot they're related! You're right, that's finally coming up now! Ooooh, that's exciting.

  3. I personally don't think Gajeel's line was just a comeback.

    Also, something I read somewhere else: There seems to be some kind of countdown in the titles of the last chapters.

    1. Oh? So you think Gajeel has a bit of a suicidal edge to him?

      Seven Stars, Monstrous Six, Dinner in Five Days, Fourth Guest... Holy crap, you're right! We're counting down to something! How did I not realise that?

    2. If nit downright suicidal, then at least self-harming.
      Jumping in front of Laxus' Lightning twice after already being hit is not something most people would do. Neither is letting a blade pierce your whole arm lenghtways. He also never really seemed that much concerned with his own health, at least not as much as other's.

      I know, right? I didn't either but I saw a discussion thread on mangafox about it.