Write for Us!

So you like our sassy style and want to hop on board? Not so fast, Pirate Hooker. It's not as easy as asking, there will be an application process. Those who fail will be kicked off and sent back to Treasure Island. That sounds very elite and intimidating, but it's not. It's very simple. We know so because we just came up with it.

How To Join:

It's simple and clear, write an article.

"Any article?"

Any otaku article, we should say.


OtakuNuts also accepts non-writers. Whatever your otaku hobby is, cosplay, drawing, theories, editing, let us know and we'll work something out. 

What To Write About:

Like we said, any otaku article. It can be as deep and passionate as Sasuke Uchiha's sexuality or as simple as ranting about Sasuke's new found bangs.


There are a few rules, but they're basic. READ THEM, HUMAN.

I) Grammar. Yes, we will ask you have decent English. You won't be smited for having a few typos, it happens to the best of us, but we will ask that you try your best. We do not discriminate against non-native speakers, not everyone here speaks English as a first language or even lives in an English-speaking country.

II) Disclaimer rules. Please head over to the Disclaimer page and read the few short guidelines. We ask you read it now so you know what to do when using material you don't own. If you do not follow this step properly, you will be reminded via yaoi paddle.

III) Unique writing style. Sounds odd, but it's a must. By unique we mean that it's purely you. Nothing is more painful than reading an article that is written by someone who is out to copy someone else's style. Just because most writers on here are satirical does not mean you must try and fit in. We welcome all writing styles and personalities.

IV) Article must be 100% yours. Do we really have to say this? We shouldn't have to, but it must be said. Do not copy someone else's article and send it to us. We may be trolls that live under a bridge but we do have morals in the article-producing world and stealing other people's stuff isn't OK. Do not think you are sly either, we published our articles for two years on another site and have come to smell a fraudulent from a mile away. The wool has never once been pulled over our eyes. DON'T SAY CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, THAT WAS NOT A CHALLENGE.

Turning In Your Article:
This can be done a number of ways. Send us a comment on this blog- somewhere anywhere- or email us at otakunuts@live.com. Once you have done that, we will figure out the best way to view it.

When You'll Receive An Answer:

OtakuNuts are otakus for a reason; we have no lives. We'll read it right away and give you an answer.

If you're accepted: We'll give you all the info you need to get started.

If you're rejected: We'll let you know exactly what didn't sit well with us and we'll work with you to help in any way we can.

NOTE: If you're applying to become a Guest Blogger, meaning not a regular contributor but an article writer who posts whenever the hell they want to, you can still email us. Yeah, we do that too.


  1. (This was also sent to you guys through an email)

    Hello! I have been reading articles on Otaku Nuts for quite awhile now, and would like to offer my services as a writer for your site. I will mainly focus on reviews, but may also expand into other areas of otaku-ness when I feel the need. The best example of my reviewing style would probably be my Space Dandy review, which can be found, along with some other pieces, here: http://animereviewsandschoolstuff.blogspot.com/. If you are interested, I can also send you a few rough drafts of upcoming reviews and the like.

    Thank you for the time,


  2. Hi guys! I sent you an email that includes my sample. . . if you guys are still looking for a writer. Thanks!

  3. Hi , Do you still accept writer ?