Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fairy Tail Chapter 534 Review - The Door of Vows

Written by Shiggins

No, only hurt the man! Not the woman!

Another chapter that did some things predictably and other things unexpectedly. Hopefully, we're still going the route I've been desiring this entire time, but we're currently in Schrodinger's Chapter. Next week could either go brilliantly or be a major disappointment. Let's focus on right now though.

Who wore it better?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Alma Torran Arc Review

Written by: Micha.

[Note: These reviews are a part of a series of me reviewing each and every Magi arc. Since it's ending soon, this is how I pay my respects to this precious manga. I will review each arc, give my analysis at the bottom, and the ratings.]

Fuck, man. My entire existence has led up to this. Reviewing the Alma Torran arc. This is what I want to be remembered for.

The Alma Torran Arc is huge, and we have a lot to unpack here. Long story short, it’s about Solomon, an animal rights activist, and his gang overthrowing David’s regime of intolerance towards non-human species, which later results in the birth of a new world. It’s all good, uncomplicated stuff. And you will read my analysis of this arc later in this review.

I will tell you the story of Alma Torran in 7 segments I believe are important: 1. Rescue of Sheba, 2. Origin Dragon Introduction3. Solomon Becomes King, 4. Ugo’s Magic Research, the 5. Final Fight, the 6. Aftermath of War, and finally the 7. Epilogue.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fairy Tail Chapters 532 & 533 Review - The Love That Cannot Be Seen & Zeref, the White Mage

Written by Shiggins

Two feels for the price of one!

Yes, it has been a while since Fairy Tail gave me a touch of the feels but I'm happy to say that it got my heartstrings plucked this time. Clearly, I just needed a double-dose of action and tragedy to make me write a properly positive review again. And if the series is about to take the route I've been hoping for, we could be in for a lot more positive reviews in the near future.

One of my favourite images of all time.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fairy Tail Chapter 531 Review - Pegasus vs Acnologia

Written by Shiggins

Everyone was right!

Who could have predicted a plan that would have ended the series in a supremely easy and cheap way wasn't going to work? All of us. All of us predicted this, so I'm just thankful they decided to end this stupid plan right away instead of waiting weeks to bring it out as a cheap attempt at tension. This is one of those times I'm so glad Fairy Tail loves a fast pace.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Danganronpa V3 Controversy - Should We Be Pissed?

Written by Shiggins

I love Danganronpa.

I own all the games. I have like ten waifus from the series alone, including Nagito Komaeda, Chihiro Fujisaki and even Peko Pekoyama, who has a very silly name but wears a thong and could slice me open with ease! I love this series so much, from its characters and plot twists to its themes and references, I adore the thing... but now something has come up.

Note: SPOILERS AHEAD! If you wish to avoid spoilers, do NOT click this article!

Another group of gorgeous fuck-ups.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fairy Tail Chapter 529 & 530 Review - Teacher & Neo Eclipse

Written by Shiggins

Well, that reveal could have been a lot worse...

Fairly obvious to be fair, as we all guessed who it was almost immediately so hiding it for a week felt like a waste of time, but the discovery of who last week's mysterious woman was gave me some relief. I was expecting to be raging the entire time, but thankfully they kept things decent enough. No wasting time. No Layla. Instead, this person is (hopefully) not angel dust incarnate.

Wendy's expression matches my own.... I mean uh... "yay"... tsk.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fuck You, Ino is the Best

Written by Shaggins

Time to tell you why you're an idiot!

That's right, I'm sick of this bullshit where people argue that Naruto should be with Sakura or Hinata or Sasuke. Guess what, they all suck. You know who doesn't suck? Ino Yamanaka. Ino is the best girl... no, the best character of Naruto. So shut up and read why Ino is the fucking best, and then go to hell once you're done because you won't admit I'm right and you're wrong. As always.

You read it on the internet, so it must be true.