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Fairy Tail Chapter 534 Review - The Door of Vows

Written by Shiggins

No, only hurt the man! Not the woman!

Another chapter that did some things predictably and other things unexpectedly. Hopefully, we're still going the route I've been desiring this entire time, but we're currently in Schrodinger's Chapter. Next week could either go brilliantly or be a major disappointment. Let's focus on right now though.

Who wore it better?
Jellal attacks Acnologia with his powerful Meteor attack, which is of course eaten and blasted back at him. The huge destruction causes Jellal to realise he couldn't even have a chance of holding Acnologia back for long, while Anna makes her own discovery that someone is purposefully sealing the hole in time right this moment to prevent her from opening them.

Jellal, stop! You're just making him stronger!
That person is, of course, Zeref. He transforms the door of Fairy Tail into a portal, bonding it with the Timelapse... Once he goes through here, he goes back in time. Back to Lucy again, as the words around her suddenly start to pop. (They must have returned while Lucy was attempting to rewrite them, but again we never saw that...).

Even his shoes have weird love-heart symbols on him. I can't stop laughing at this.
Lucy guesses correctly that this means Natsu is injured and she starts to work on rewriting them by herself because she memorised them... reasons! (No Levy cameo today...). Anna and co are shocked to see that someone (Zeref) has opened the Timelapse and made it visible. Acnologia can now see it however so Jellal charges forward to sacrifice himself to make sure he can't destroy or use it.

As Zeref proceeds to step through the door, Natsu stands up with the intention of fighting once more. However, this seems to have come at a cost because Lucy is acting... weird.

Opinion: Natsu is back so soon!

Maybe I'm being unfair, but I would have liked to see Natsu remain down for a few chapters longer. I only just got to enjoy watching him not win through luck/plot/nakama/whatever and now he's back. Thankfully, it seems that this is because of something Lucy did to the book and she might be possessed by E.N.D now... Could she perhaps be the next demon host? If Zeref is killed, will she die instead of Natsu? Was this Mavis' plan all along, to have herself become E.N.D and so Mavis would die with Zeref?

Zeref doesn't give one damn shit.
I do truly hope Natsu doesn't defeat Zeref here, because I desperately want to see time travel and a new setting. The door is literally right there and I am going to be heartbroken if it closes next week before Zeref can leap through it. I want to have fun with portals, Glados!

Lastly, Acnologia is having fun not taking any crap and I can honestly say I'm surprised. I was expecting Jellal's ultra-super-special-attack-of-justice to work on him because he was in his dragon form or something but nope! Now we're stuck pinning our hopes on the portal which, again, I hope isn't going to be the decider but I'll rest easy once it's gone.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Zeref for still being so fab and so bad.

Best Part: Acnologia didn't go down without a fight.

Worst Part: Natsu got back up so soon after a fight.

Wow... I forgot how many bad characters were introduced in this arc. (Evil Jellal is Boss Jellal though)

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  1. Hmmm, I quite liked this chapter. Hiro picked up the pace in the last chapters, and I'm glad to see it's going on pretty steady.
    Ok, about Lucy. I heard many people freaking out about her being able to remember the letters being an "asspull". And yet they forgot that Lucy already showed us her talent in that regard back in the "Dear Kaby" arc, where she managed to notice the enchantment on the book. Besides, we have no proof that normal people can't read those letters - Fairy Tail has shown a lot of languages (Solid Script, Runes, the script that dog guy used back at Tenrou), and people have been able to learn it. Add in the fact that Lucy definetly improved her writing skills after the 1 year, and I see nothing wrong with her being able to fix the letters fast enough.
    I'm glad to see Acnologia at last stopping holding back, but I have to say that his roar was still a bit underwhelming when compared to what he did back in Tenrou/Tartaros. I hope he'll prove that he still holds that power soon enough. At least Jellal's attack didn't work at him, because otherwise I would be extremely dissapointed.
    And lastly, about Natsu. While I agree that I would like Natsu to be out for a few more chapters, the way the story is progressing, I understand why Hiro brought him back so quickly. I did love his speech about the "guild" though. It showed his gratitude to Makarov, and was just so symbolic, that I can't help but love it!

    1. I'm still convinced the words are affecting Lucy's mind and we've known she was a reader and a writer since the beginning of the series. It feels in-character for her to be like this.

      Acnologia is nowhere near showing his full power. It's like in DB. Frieza needs to wait until the final battle before he enters his final form. This is just more blasting and crashing before we see him go 100%.

      I admittedly can't wait to see what changes Natsu goes through because of Lucy. Could be a lot of fun. Or a lot of crap. We'll find out together!

      Sorry for the late reply.

    2. Yea, I agree with that. Let' just hope Acnologia doesn't go out with the timelapse... He most likely won't though.
      It's fine, you can take as much as you like :)

  2. If your entire life, your thoughts and feelings are literally all in one book how invasive must it feel that a person a casually rewrite it? Jellal was an idiot like I guess it was meant to be brave but if magic did nothing to human acno then why would hitting the dragon version be any different? Though the last two chapters were awesome I'm still a bit worried for the nextnext ones and this chapter makes is worse considering there should be zero way Natsu can stand up to Love Zeref (that name is starting to sound wrong) so August and Irene vibes are hitting me. The more anna is surprised bi events the more I begin to question her existence. The plan to kill Acnologia has such miscommication it's hilarious the dragons said nothing Anna did nothing and the lne person trying to do something about it is the person the main characters are trying to stop.

    1. Not gonna lie... Your opening line about that book would make an amazingly emotional story if done properly. I might write it some day :P

      Love Zeref is Love. Love Zeref is Life. There is nothing wrong with saying Love Zeref!

      Jellal loves to be dramatic. He needs to be emotional and call his actions "sins", (see Neinhart) and has to sacrifice himself because it's going to be super-duper-sad if he ever dies, which he probably won't.

      As for Natsu, we need to see how this book-action from Lucy goes. So much waiting to be done, and we're currently right on the line. One way is brilliant. The other way is disappointing. Let's just see how it goes...

    2. Also, sorry for the late reply.