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Fairy Tail Chapter 531 Review - Pegasus vs Acnologia

Written by Shiggins

Everyone was right!

Who could have predicted a plan that would have ended the series in a supremely easy and cheap way wasn't going to work? All of us. All of us predicted this, so I'm just thankful they decided to end this stupid plan right away instead of waiting weeks to bring it out as a cheap attempt at tension. This is one of those times I'm so glad Fairy Tail loves a fast pace.

Our chapter begins with Acnologia still chasing down Blue Pegasus in their airship, while the Trimen and the Female worry over their present situation. We then get an attempt to explain why Wendy can't properly remember Anna very well, hence why she hasn't been mentioned at all throughout the series. Apparently, that's the effects of going through the Eclipse door...

Yeah... That makes zero sense.
Meanwhile, Erza is watching Anna and Jellal says he is unsure about trusting Anna but this is their only shot at defeating Acnologia. Erza says they have to trust her, so she will. Ichiya brings his sparkling presence in and reports that they've nearly reached the Timelapse. Thanks to sexy Hibiki's coordinates, the airship manages to avoid going through the invisible time-hole and now they just have to watch Acnologia go through...

Acnologia flew right through it and wasn't even affected! Instead, he grabs onto the airship tight and everyone is in a panic while Anna realises the Timelapse has actually been sealed away. And that's because, as he's coincidentally telling Natsu at this exact time, Zeref found it first! Yes, he's keeping it all contained until he's ready for the Neo Eclipse.

There's an interesting time question. If someone released the seal, would it go out of control perhaps? Time leaks? Time holes everywhere?
In an attempt to get Acnologia off the airship, Erza has Ichiya destroy the Lacrima that lets Wendy and other Dragon Slayers ride it without experiencing motion sickness. Shockingly, this actually works and Anna decides they have to break open the Timelapse since it's their only option. And we then skip back to Lucy and Gray, as they open E.N.D. Words burst out of it, spiralling around and supposedly all about who and what Natsu is.

To finish off the chapter, Mavis arrives before Zeref to confront him, much to Zeref's delight. Natsu of course escapes the attack Zeref was trapping him under and grins wildly, having entered Dragonforce!

Opinion: You know... that theory is sounding more plausible.

Last week, the theory about Anna Heartfilia being suspicious was commented on and I didn't think much of it. Not in a disrespectful way, but I just didn't ever expect anything like that to be possible in this story. After that brief conversation between Jellal and Erza though, I'm looking at it again and all I can think is.... could it? Could this be true? What if Anna is trying to open a portal in time and unleash a monster or something? What if she's not really Anna? What if Anna has gone insane? It's not likely but the chance of it did increase after this chapter and I think it's fun to imagine.

A funny face, Acnologia? That's just embarrassing.
Natsu has gone Dragonforce, and the book being opened might be a sign that Natsu is about to get a major power boost for this battle. What I'm more interested in however is Mavis, since the next chapter seems to hint at a quote from Zeref. "I Can No Longer See Love". Mavis could be about to hear some heartbreaking news, despite believing Zeref is good inside...

Lastly, this plan is still underway! The chase between Pegasus and Acnologia is quite fun actually, and I can't wait to see it animated, but I personally say we need to turn up the heat! Crank it to 11 and drive that bitch around in an epic sky chase! Let's get intense before we try to unseal time's crack again!

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Zeref for keeping everything, including annoyingly convenient plans, under his control.

Best Part: Pegasus vs Acnologia!

Worst Part: Anna's plan still exists.

100 more chapters! You made this promise! (I know they didn't but a man can dream!)
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  1. Acnologia has been unintentionally funny for two chapters I do miss his human form though. I'm really hoping anna turns out to be another demon or something else,
    because her mere existence opens too many plot holes. Does anyone know when dragon cry is set in the FT timeline ? I'm hoping Zeref stays evil for as long as possible all that talk and the hype surrounding the black mage really pumps me up for a good fight. Events have played outl too smoothly in this arc for our heroes it be nice to see something totally go against expectations Mavis own curse activating ,opening the book turning into something bad or dare I say the impossible happening and Zeref pulling off a victory?

    1. I do miss the sexy version of Acnologia but he'll come back soon, I'm sure.

      Dragon Cry is probably set like the first one is. Aka, not really set in any time period of the canon since the series isn't over yet. It's just an off-timeline story.

      Zeref pulling off a victory would be badass if they decided to do something interesting. Maybe go the "alternate reality" trope and have Lucy wake up in a world where Natsu is evil or something. More fun and darker than Edolas though.

  2. Actually, I enjoyed this chapter quite a lot. Anna's plan actually could've worked, and it failed only because of Zeref! Her existence is still shaky though.. But after Jellal being suspcious, I think there's more to Anna than we thought. I doubt she's "another person" or "wants to unleash a monster" though. I actually think it's more simple: Given the fact that she worked with Zeref 400 years ago, nothing suggests she isn't on his side anymore. I think she wants to beat Acnologia, but will turn out to be on Zeref's side, a.k.a an enemy(hopefully).
    Even though I can agree that Anna is a plotholish character, I still like the idea of the timelapse. It just adds so much more to the story in terms of possibilities.
    Acnologia having motion sickness was hilarious. I still don't see why people have a problem with it. I thought it was priceless to see such an epic badass character in a comedic position. Also people keep complaining about Acnologia having problems keeping up with the ship, but... I mean, I don't really see a problem there. Sure, Acnologia could just roar and end this quicker, but the fact that he can't catch up with Christina still makes sense - I mean we already saw how much upgraded Christina became after the 1 year timeskip - it has an anti-motion sickness lacrima, it has a ton of weapons, and it even tanked Wahl's sniper cannon, which was hyped to be enough to wreck the guild and it's surroundings. So the fact that it's speed was upgraded as well doesn't seem farfetched at all.
    And yey, Natsu entering Dragon Force at long last!!! I waited for it for so long!!! Can't wait to see how strong it is. I just hope Hiro doesn't bring up the END dragon fusion yet - I still want to see how strong Dragon Force alone is. I mean, Natsu didn't use it at all after the timeskip, so I want to see how much it grew(also, Natsu can use it at will as expected!).
    And.... it seems we're not gonna see Lightning Flame Mode at all after all.... We're so far in the arc, that LFM won't do much.... If only Natsu used it in the Avatar arc or something...

    1. I'm relieved that Jellal finally pulled his weight here and let us be suspicious of Anna. Much more gratifying. Let's hope his hard work paid off and Anna is revealed to be Satan or something else horrific.

      Acnologia is a MAGIC DRAGON. Why would people complain he can keep up with anything?! He is a MAGIC. DRAGON. OF. DOOM! I can believe that guy could keep up with a shooting star, damn it! And of course, the alternative is steered by Ichiya so it can clearly have a chase scene at the very least. He wants to grab Wendy, hold her tight and take her out! Not blow her up in a big ship.

      Ha, true. Dragonforce is Natsu's Super Saiyan. Surprised we don't see it more often actually.

      Aww... the second comment below made me sad because I agree. We needed more time with everyone.

    2. Yea, too bad FT is gonna end soon. But even so, I'm glad that at least most of the characters got their shine this arc. I believe this is why Hiro insisted on having 12 spriggans, and not 6. If we would get only 6, then a lot fo characters would be sidelined(Still though, I'm pissed that Mira didn't get a proper battle yet again).

  3. Also, I still think that it would be better if there was an arc inbetween Alvarez and Avatar. An arc that would showcase how much everyone grew. Then we would have more time given to the different powerups, and Alvarez wouldn't be as dissapointing. I mean, the arc is nearing it's end, and we haven't seen: Laxus's full destructive capabilties, Natsu's LFM(+ we didn't see too much from his Fire Dragon King Mode), Jellal doing... anything actually, Gray's full Demon Slaying capabilities, Gildarts's full destructive capabilities, Mirajane's over Take Overs, Elfman in his entirety, Gajeel's Iron Shadow Mode, and etc.
    And we won't see it anymore, because the series is definetly in it's final stages. Which is sad... That is why I think Hiro should have made an arc inbetween, that would showcase more of everyone. Because one arc isn't enough to show the growth of everyone(Hiro did try to spread the roles this arc though).
    Oh well...

    1. Almost as if the manga publisher told him "next arc is the final arc"

  4. This arc is confusing how can it simultaneously have the most fake out deaths and yet the most deaths in the series? Everyone villain that got character depth in this arc lost in embrassing ways or committed suicide Acno-buu long of (speeches about )destruction is fine with me too just keep that hype train going