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Fairy Tail Chapters 532 & 533 Review - The Love That Cannot Be Seen & Zeref, the White Mage

Written by Shiggins

Two feels for the price of one!

Yes, it has been a while since Fairy Tail gave me a touch of the feels but I'm happy to say that it got my heartstrings plucked this time. Clearly, I just needed a double-dose of action and tragedy to make me write a properly positive review again. And if the series is about to take the route I've been hoping for, we could be in for a lot more positive reviews in the near future.

One of my favourite images of all time.
Natsu's Dragonforce is in full heat and he looks ready to destroy Zeref in the name of Igneel. However, Mavis gets in the way before Zeref's taunting gets to him and the fight is paused for a second. Zeref starts to hurt her, but she refuses to move aside as she tells him she wants to save him too.

Gohan, no! I mean uh... Zeref, no!
Mavis says she has a way that can let Zeref die, but he refuses to believe it. His fear of Acnologia isn't fear from death, but he's afraid of the torture that he and Mavis would endure from him if mankind was wiped out by Acnologia's wrath. No longer listening, Zeref takes hold of Mavis and extracts Fairy Heart from her.

We get a brief interlude where Anna says she can open the Timelapse because she's a Celestial Spirit Mage and Jellal will hold off Acnologia... somehow, but this scene feels pointless since we almost immediately go right back to Zeref. Natsu is knocked back and can't stop Zeref as he tells Mavis his plan to go back in time to 400 years ago and fight Acnologia alongside his brother Natsu in that time period.

Zeref tearfully says goodbye to this world and Mavis, as she is saddened to hear that the world she met Zeref in will disappear. Finally, she collapses unconscious and Zeref activates Fairy Heart! There is a big burst of light, and Zeref has done one of my all-time favourite villain cliches... TRANSFORMATION!!!

It's... beautiful! And dumb! And so beautiful! But so dumb!
In the next chapter, Cana and Gildarts are confused by what has happened and they are reunited with Laxus and co, holding the deceased Makarov. As they hope the main characters are alright, we go back to Lucy, Happy and Gray who were unconscious from the book. The letters seem to have gone back inside the book, and Lucy seems to think that if they rewrite the book, then they can save Natsu's life and keep him from being bonded to the book of E.N.D.

I want to give a special shout-out to this panel here. Gave me stronger feels than... something else that has strong feels. I dunno. Too busy feeling to be clever.
Filled with rage, Natsu charges on Zeref. His new form, which we will call the Cute High Earth Defence Club Love form, (or Love Form for short) is shining and doesn't even seem to respond to Natsu's attack. The Guild is blasted apart and Zeref is gone, but just as Natsu apologies to Makarov for destroying the Guild yet again... it rebuilds itself and Zeref is back.

Zeref's magic has changed into one of Time And Relative Dimension in Space, and he casually runs his hand through Natsu's chest. If that wasn't enough to break Natsu's heart, telling him that Makarov is already dead is. Which is exactly what Zeref does. Natsu tearfully collapses, while Love Zeref walks away.


I honestly can't remember off the top of my head when we last got this but it feels so refreshing! I was expecting Zeref's defeat in this battle but it looks like he's got a lot more to do. I'm praying that we finally get the "Back to the Future" plot I've been begging for... which brings me to Lucy!

Lucy wants to take the book and rewrite it, but I'd like to point out we never saw what happened to those words after they burst out of the book. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the words went into Lucy instead and she's now linked to Natsu in some way. Until a twist like that is revealed, I'm sure Lucy will go to Levy and expect her to pull her weight.

Off-screen. With nobody looking... Yeah, nice try!
This was truly Zeref's week, as he got to achieve his final(?) form and decimate both his own brother and his former lover in one fell swoop. From his denial that he can be saved in any way to his fear of a future filled with nothing but agony from Acnologia, to the way he even betrayed Mavis. All of it was brilliant and exactly what I want from my sexy tragic mage.

So what's next for us? Well, personally I'm hoping for the arc involving time travel and Lucy chasing after him. I think we're ready to give Natsu a break and focus on Lucy for now... In fact, that'd be a great reason for why we've been seeing the newest covers for chapters be of the Fairy Tail arcs of the past.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Zeref for everything I said earlier.

Best Part: Zeref refuses to turn back and becomes a butterfly.

Worst Part: Every non-Zeref scene felt like it was in the way.

I love that the fact that Lucy's tits are hanging out of her yakuta seems to be as important as Loki being Leo, according to this page.

A possible reference for all the Rave Master fans out there?
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  1. It looks like the power friendship needed to recharge. To be honest these chapters restored hope for this arc for me I hope more positive reviews keep coming with better and better chapters. Im a bit disappointed I wanted to see the full extent of regular Zeref but that's just me. I honestly wouldn't more of this Acnologia kicking as Zeref kicking ass just general villainy to really make the final fight more intense.

    1. Lots of arcs have ups and downs, so I'm just thankful we seem to be heading back up. It was a rough few down chapters we had to deal with but we're finally rising again.

      And I suppose you're right but much like Frieza, I'd rather just see the final form instead. First form is great but we've had that for ages now. Time to move on to Love Zeref.

  2. I now know I have a problem: Those two chapter were wonderful but all I can think is "Oh my god Gajeel and Levy were in a shower together!!!*fangirl squeel*"

    1. Naked. That is VERY important to mention! The picture had them naked! It was so important that I put it on my Tumblr page (OtakuGajeel) because.... *fangirl squee despite being a fanboy because Gajevy!"