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Fairy Tail Chapter 529 & 530 Review - Teacher & Neo Eclipse

Written by Shiggins

Well, that reveal could have been a lot worse...

Fairly obvious to be fair, as we all guessed who it was almost immediately so hiding it for a week felt like a waste of time, but the discovery of who last week's mysterious woman was gave me some relief. I was expecting to be raging the entire time, but thankfully they kept things decent enough. No wasting time. No Layla. Instead, this person is (hopefully) not angel dust incarnate.

Wendy's expression matches my own.... I mean uh... "yay"... tsk.
Acnologia is chasing after Blue Pegasus' airship, with our model friend Jenny on the wheel. She gives the fans a Jerza moment because why not, and the mysterious stranger goes over to help Wendy relax so she doesn't get motion sickness. Jenny tries firing the airship's magic cannon to Acnologia, but he responds by swallowing it whole and creating the best panel possible.

The chase continues, and the woman introduces herself as Anna Heartfilia from 400 years ago. She has a wee hug with Wendy, telling the others that she is Wendy's teacher and she arrived in the present time at the same time as Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers. Meanwhile, we swap to the other Heartfilia who is holding Natsu's E.N.D book.

Remember when I said Zeref's meltdown wasn't as fun as it should be? THIS is what I wanted, as Zeref is way too horny over fighting Natsu. And finally, back to Anna as she explains her backstory briefly in a way that... look, it's bullshit. I'm not even bothering typing it all up. You've read it. It's bullshit. Plot holes ahoy!

Then Anna says she has a way to defeat Acnologia... A "Timelapse!"

Haha... Fuck this arc, man.
Next chapter and we go back in time to when the five Dragon Slayers arrived in this timeline via... shooting stars. Somehow. Okay then. Just a few minutes after, Anna arrives thanks to Layla (God FUCKING damn it!) and the Pumpking. Thanks to Anna sending the message to each descendent, Layla got the message to open the Eclipse portal at the correct time.

Oh daddy, yes! Villain breakdown! Give it to me!
Back to the present where she says Layla died just a few days after that, and because of her usage of time travel it created a rupture in time and space... a void of nothing which we call "The Timelapse". Inside it, nothing can exist and that includes the great Acnologia. So if you haven't figured it out yet, there is a very convenient hole that suddenly exists and the plan is to smack Acnologia into it so he's eliminated.

YOU ARE TOO KIND! I almost hate you more than Jellal at this point! That is how much I hate you, Layla!
Lucy is still just staring at the book with Gray and Happy, when Happy suddenly suggests they try opening the book. Gray considers telling them what Zeref is planning but decides not to because... he prefers sweet popcorn over salty? It's a better reason than the chapter gives! Finally, we finish with Natsu and Zeref again.

Preview of Chapter 531/532, when the characters find the Timelapse.
Zeref is planning to use the power of "Neo Eclipse", in which he'll fuse the power of Fairy Heart with the Timelapse to return to when he was mortal and create a new timeline essentially, erasing the one they're in right now.

Opinion: So many mistakes...

Anna, we'll begin with you. Your backstory makes zero sense. Not only were you absolutely never even foreshadowed or mentioned in any capacity by the Dragon Slayers, despite Wendy recognising her immediately when face-to-face, which tells us she remembers her completely. So what we have here is a character who was important to the backstory of the Dragon Slayers, yet not one of the five even hinted at her until then.

Ignoring that lack of foreshadowing however, she abandoned these kids. Claiming to love them, yet not once stepping in to help during the entirety of the series even though she was supposedly there the whole time. Sting and Rogue were in a Guild where they got physical abuse from a bearded Hulk Hogan, and she did nothing. Gajeel was literally kidnapping her descendent and torturing her, and she did nothing. It's almost as if this isn't possible and that her appearance in this war is bullshit that was awkwardly manufactured for the plot... but that's impossible, right?!

Okay, this entire sequence of events could be redeemed if they open that book and Natsu's demon side is awakened to something truly epic. I'll even forgive the seed-bullshit... No, I won't but I'll forget it if we get something awesome!
I want to give writing advice to every single wannabee author out there; Only use time travel fully. By which I mean, make it a main component of your story. Never bring it in out of nowhere during your story and make it crucial to the plot all of a sudden. Harry Potter made this mistake as well, adding in the Time-Turners and causing an eternal leap of logic inside every adventure because of it. Unless you are creating an adventure like say, Doctor Who, which spends almost 95% of the show utilising time travel, then don't do it. Thanks to time travel, Fairy Tail's story has gotten more convoluted by the minute.

Zeref's plan is admittedly pretty diabolical though. I like the opportunity it presents, and that it fits with his character's mindset. Although it is probably unlikely, I love the idea of Natsu and Zeref literally going back in time and battling it out in some unique ancient location. We've seen fights inside Fairy Tail a million times. Let's get creative, people!

I swear to god, if this goes well then I am going to go absolutely batshit insane.
The plan I absolutely despise however is Anna's. The lack of foreshadowing and build-up towards this sudden black hole of death is almost as lazy and random as Bleach's shit, and it completely ruins any tension I was having. Why should I be concerned they'll lose to Acnologia when a character literally drops into the story from an airship and says "I have a death portal that just happens to counter his perfect defence"? It's like a kid saying "I have an anti-gun shield". Fuck the kid and their anti-gun shield. You're just lucky I don't expect this to work, Anna. Or you'd be as dead as that stupid bitch of perfection Layla who I am honestly expecting to be a ghost soon so she can sprinkle love-healing-bullshit on the characters.

Guys... I'm getting slightly irritated.

Manga Rating: 

Chapter 529: 2.5/5

Chapter 530: 1.5/5

Character of the Week: Acnologia for his consistency.

Best Part: Zeref losing his mind.

Worst Part: The Heartfilia family. (Except Lucy. Love you, L!)

Oh finally, we've reached the good stuff!
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  1. Heh, well I can see that the Anna stuff is bullshit. I mean, I still like the idea, and think this is pretty cool, but I can't deny that this wasn't even foreshadowed like... at all.
    It's interesting that you hate Layla so much.... because I actually really like her. I mean, it would be great to find out more about her personality than her kindness, but I like her anyways. Heh, I guess we disagree on that one.
    Yes, seeing Zeref break down, this is so insanely great!! I just love seeing Zeref like that. Hopefully their fight won't dissapoint...
    About the Timelapse.... even though it is kinda sudden/not foreshadowed, I do like the idea. I mean, it adds so much to the story now!! And Zeref's real plan was actually something that I didn't predict, so kubos to that!! I always thought that Zeref planned on destroying humanity, but it seems he just wants time to return back... and it actually fits his character a lot!!
    Now.. If Anna's plan works, I'll be completely dissapointed. So far there never was a point where I was extremely dissapointed with the series (even the Irene stuff), but if Acnologia goes out like THAT, then I don't know what Hiro is even smoking. Granted, most likely it won't work. I kinda hope that we'll get Acnologia vs Dragon Slayers instead, and the timelapse will be something for Natsu and Zeref.
    So, overall I liked these chapters. Anna's introduction is a bit sudden, but overall I don't see it as bullshit as many do.

    1. The idea is fine. But the execution is where our problems lie!

      Layla... Oh no, I absolutely hate her. I hate how perfect and sweet she is. Every time we see her, she's doing something else amazing and wonderful and... (vomits)
      Yeah, I admittedly thought Zeref would go genocidal as well somehow. Nice to see he's branching out and being a bit more creative instead.
      You know me, Captain. I usually rush to defend FT but... not this time. Not with Anna.

    2. Well fair point. I will agree that the introduction of Anna wasn't executed well. Same goes to Irene - the idea was good, but the execution lacked(still though, I would be happier if Irene beat Erza, and then came Acnologia and killed Irene. It would hype up Acno, give a non-bullshit way to resolve Irene. And it wasn't that hard to make!! In the end, Acno arrived anyways, so it would be so much better for him to beat her)
      Now that I think of it, this arc is full of great ideas, that weren't executed well. A shame..

  2. I called that panel pregnant Acnologia when I first saw it. I'm happy to read your reviews again, Zerefs plan is awesome make the ultimate redo button as a reader I find myself conflicted on one hand destroying an entire timeline is probably the ultimate form of mass murder but on the other Erza vs Irene would never happen if he succeeds.

    1. Pregnant Acnologia is also acceptable. I'm choosing fat because I like the image of him sounding like Fat Albert, but pregnant is good too.

      Well, think about it this way. If it's the multiverse theory like in DBZ, then Zeref is technically just abandoning the timeline to be murdered by Acnologia but they'll still exist. Zeref will be in a new timeline, and the old one is screeeewed.

  3. Don't worry. The plan can't work. There's no fight in that and when has FT ever dissolved a conflict without two people duking it out? Exactly.

    You know, some chapters back I made a prediction about what Zeref's plan is (and got it wrong). It was based off of the backstory of a character I'm working on. Guess what the OTHER part of that character's backstory is.

    True about the time travel thing. It's one of the plot points you have to have planned in from the start (which is why it's nearly impossible in RPGs, sadly)

    Anna is a shitty caretaker. I mean, she must have had a kid little when going trough the gate, for crying out loud!
    The only dragon slayer who seems to have been happy during that time was Natsu (and Wendy, if Anna found her in Cait Shelter). Meanwhile, Sting and Rouge were being scared into manning up and Gajeel was starting GANG WARS. Pure things indeed.

    Love your unabashed Gajeel endorsement. I still have hope that it's he who'll fight Acnologia. I mean, is there any doubt that they're related at this point?

    (Btw, what exactly would I have to do to get an account for just here? I've been commenting here for a while as Anonymous and would like to get a name.)

    1. Just a little addendum: I have a theory that is too good to be true: Anna Heartfilia didn't actually help raise the Dragon Slayers. The person we see is someone else who brainwashed Wendy into thinking she was her teacher.
      Sadly, this being FT, it's very unlikely.

    2. You are correct, sir/m'am! I just dislike this even being brought up in the first place... it makes me uncomfortable.

      Is that rhetorical? Meh, I'll answer anyway... The other part is Natsu being his brother? ;)

      Yeah, Anna is basically a horrible person when you really think about it. In fact, I would adore it if the addendum you said was true, because that would be brilliant. So interesting. But... yeah, too good to be true.

      The only reason I have doubt is because God Serena wasn't confirmed as Yuriy. So I clearly don't know what's going on anymore... AND I APOLOGISE FOR NOTHING BUT LOVING MY SON/HUSBANDO GAJEEL!

      Just create a Google account. That's what I did.

    3. FT can be really frustrating sometimes. At least it isn't a TOTAL train wreck jet. (I'm female, btw)

      To make that backstory simple: Guy has grudge against death god, kills everyone in a blood frenzy so god looses power from lack of worshippers, guy kills gods and absorbs reat of their power, guy has mental breakdown and decides to turn back time to before gods were created.
      My theory was that Zeref wants to kill that death god that cursed him. Now it turns out he wants to rewind time. So my character and Zeref do share parts of their plan, just not theart I had thought.

      I have a bit of hope since we already had an infiltrator once. (bonus points if "Anna's" ruse is discovered when Tenrou island arc is the cover image)

      With everyone and their goldfish having a relative on the other side of this war, it would be shocking if Gajeel was the only one who doesn't. (And who else could Acy be related to? Happy?)

      NEVER APOLOGISE FOR LOVING GAJEEL!!1! He is the reason I still read this series. (And your love for him has made me attached to this blog)

      Google is evil.

    4. FT is lucky it's so charming...

      Oh I see. Sounds kinda like Kratos meets Doctor Who. And after typing that sentence, that's pretty badass.

      True, although Anna is a Heartfilia and the only one with flaws is the men so...

      Ha, yeah. It would really fit the theme, since it's such a small world after all.


  4. Do you know what's really frustrating: having to read through how much you hate Layla. I get it, you don't like her, or Jellal for some reason, but do you have to bring that up almost every time they make an appearance? So what if Layla never made mistakes, maybe that's because every time we've seen her was through a flashback doing something important. She's kind, forgiving, and doesn't get angry and you don't like her because of that? That doesn't make sense. And just because Jellal is no longer a villain, doesn't mean he's any less of a badass.

    You hate Layla? Fine, but can you at least tone it down a little?

    1. Sorry Jackpot but I wouldn't be a reviewer if I didn't comment on Layla whenever she did something to impact the plot. She is the ultimate Mary Sue, and that is exactly what annoys me about her. She is a ray of perfection, with zero flaws and not even a spark of anything relatable because of it. It's a valid complaint.

      As for Jellal... Well, I've gone on about why he annoys me many times in the past.

      However, I will TRY to tone it down but I make no promise if the series pushes her in my face to make her even more heavenly.