Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Hero Academia Chapter 158 Review - Chisaki's Abnormal Compassion

Written by Shiggins

Remember my complaints about flashbacks?

Well, it is impossible for me not to bring that up once again as Chapter 158 delves more into Overhaul and really goes on and on and on. On the bright side though, those that love white boxes full of text will be absolutely thrilled with this chapter!

Geez, I hope not.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Danganronpa V3 Characters: My Official Ranking

Written by Shiggins

That's right, my words make it official!

As a connoisseur of the Danganronpa franchise, I believe it is well within my right to pass judgement upon the franchise's newest instalment (spoiler alert; it's good!) and thus, it is time for me to do so... in the form of a list! Since V3 has one of the best casts of the Danganronpa series, I decided to rank the characters from worst to best. You might disagree but... well, you aren't me.

Note: Minor spoilers ahead.

I promise, this is the last Danganronpa article! ...For now. Maybe.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Hero Academia Chapter 157 Review - Infinite 100%

Written by Shiggins

Midoriya (about to) SMASH!

Chapters like this are always quite a bugger to review. Not because they are bad or good, but because they usually just lead up to the next chapter which is when we'll see something really big and crazy! So as you read this review, keep in mind that I saw this as a set-up chapter. 

When you're so angry that you literally ignore the rules of manga panels.

Friday, October 13, 2017

My Hero Academia Chapter 155 & 156 Review - Saviours, Rescuees and a Hero's Whereabouts & The Rescuee's Power

Written by Shiggins

Okay, hopefully this is the last double review for a while.

Regular weekly reviews for this series should begin as normal starting next week, as I have been neglecting the reviewing of this franchise for a while because of other responsibilities going on. Some personal, some petty. However, enough about me. Let's talk about Me... Diroya! Get it? Midoriya! But... me. Haha... Please love me.

Man, when Tumblr finds out about this guy...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Digimon Adventure Tri Part 5: Coexistence Review - Cruising for a Snoozing

Written by Shiggins

Part 1 Review - CLICK HERE

Part 2 Review - CLICK HERE

Part 3 Review - CLICK HERE

Part 4 Review - CLICK HERE

Note: This review is as SPOILER-FREE as possible.


The penultimate entry in any series always has one goal; Build up the tension for the finale. It's not an easy job and many have failed. And unfortunately, Part 5 of Digimon Adventure Tri is so dull that I am looking to the finale of Tri (announced for Summer 2018) with nothing but trepidation. Well, only after I injected myself with adrenaline to wake up.

Girl power! Ha, if only.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dragon Ball - Does it Still Hold Up?

Written by Shiggins

And no, I don't mean Z!

If you were to ask the average fan of Dragon Ball Z whether or not they had seen the original arcs of Dragon Ball, you'd have a 50/50 chance of being told they never have. It's not uncommon for people born in the 90s and onwards to have started at the Saiyan Saga and then never been curious enough to go back to Goku's origins. I did however, and there are quite a few surprises for someone who adores Z and Super. However, is it able to stand with the rest of the franchise?

Look at this little shit... Back when tails were the weirdest thing in Bulma's life.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Danganronpa V3 Controversy - A Response to a Past Article

Written by Shiggins

For more context, click here: Should We Be Pissed?

A few months ago, Danganronpa V3's story was leaked online and, as much as I tried to avoid it, the internet refused to bow down and made sure I got spoilers. After reading about it, I got quite a disturbing surprise and so I posted the article you can read above. However, I also pledged to make a response to the article when V3 officially came out in the UK, and so here it is. Was I wrong? Was I right? Was I left? Let's find out!

Side note: I may or may not do a full review on the game soon. You may or may not comment on that.