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Danganronpa V3 Characters: My Official Ranking

Written by Shiggins

That's right, my words make it official!

As a connoisseur of the Danganronpa franchise, I believe it is well within my right to pass judgement upon the franchise's newest instalment (spoiler alert; it's good!) and thus, it is time for me to do so... in the form of a list! Since V3 has one of the best casts of the Danganronpa series, I decided to rank the characters from worst to best. You might disagree but... well, you aren't me.

Note: Minor spoilers ahead.

I promise, this is the last Danganronpa article! ...For now. Maybe.

16. Ryoma Hoshi - Ultimate Tennis Pro

Short with a low voice, Hoshi instantly stands out as the weirdest physically. If you saw everyone naked, he would still look more odd than the rest. However, we're not here to judge appearance. We're judging personality, and Hoshi's is just a huge bore. You see, he went to prison and so he feels like his life doesn't matter. He keeps repeating this over and over, and the plot truly suffers for it. He's a dull character and in the world of Danganronpa, being dull is far worse than being annoying.

15. Angie Yonaga - Ultimate Artist

Speaking of annoying, let's talk about Angie! Did you know that she believes in the Goddess Atua? If you didn't know that, she will remind you in every sentence. Her quirky behaviour is sometimes appealing and she does actually come with quite a few intriguing surprises, but the constant mentioning of Atua is aggravating and... well, I won't give anything else away. Trust me though, she will pick at you.

14. Maki Harukawa - Ultimate Child Caregiver

In all honesty, Maki isn't a bad character. She is strong, flawed and surprisingly dependable. She is also extremely antisocial and has a huge shell around her to protect her inner feelings and keep from being vulnerable. And while all of this is done quite well, it is something we have seen before in many other stories. Many many many many other stories...

13. Tsumugi Shirogane - Ultimate Cosplayer

Tsumugi only gets as high on this list because she never really got on my nerves, but that might be because she never really made an impact worth noting. That might be the point, especially since she keeps saying she is plain, but that doesn't make her any less uninteresting. She has a few cute moments however, and that's what keeps her 13th.

12. Tenko Chabashira - Ultimate Aikido Master

Sexist bitch! From her first introduction, you are quickly made aware of her thick-thighs and her sexism towards all men, and to be frank, it makes me roll my eyes. Her design is nice though, and she does go through some growth. Just be prepared for some cringing as she attempts to remind you she is sexist, no matter the situation, and get excited for when she improves.

11. Rantaro Amami - Ultimate ???

Easily the most mysterious of the 16, Rantaro quickly establishes himself as a sexy boy who doesn't know what his title is and is hard to forget. Ironically. Surprisingly important to the plot as a whole, even more than you might think at first, but not in the way you think, Rantaro is lacking in many areas but his purpose in the plot is enough to make him get this spot.

10. Shuichi Saihara - Ultimate Detective

I was really struggling to decide where to put this character. On the one hand, he has some great moments and his relationship with Kaede is one of the franchises' most endearing. On the other hand however, he can be quite a whiner and his personality is lacking. However, you can't deny his impact and his fun design, so he just manages to make it 10th place by the skin of his hat.

9. Kirumi Tojo - Ultimate Maid

In times of crisis, it's always good to have someone you can count on. In V3's case, the one who is best with the more menial tasks is easily the maid. Instantly offering to help you and proving herself worthy of her title. While her personality isn't exactly the most memorable, she does have an enjoyable presence and never pisses you off. Oh and her spiderweb dress is actually quite lovely. I'm strangely attached to it.

8. Kaito Momota - Ultimate Astronaut

When you have Kyle Hebert doing his Kamina voice, you know you're in for a fun, if predictable character. Kaito is the bigshot loudmouth with the heart of gold who often is ready for a big speech and grin to help you out. His path is fairly obvious and he never really breaks out of that role, but you might find a twist or two if you aren't used to this type of character. On the bright side though, he is a lot of fun.

7. Himiko Yumeno - Ultimate Magician

Every V3 needs a loli. We had Chihiro Fujisaki, Hiyoko Sainoji, Miaya Gekkogahara, Monaca Towa... and now a witch who refuses to admit magic isn't real. Alas, she never did prove us wrong and bust out an epic Kamehameha but she was fun nonetheless. Her development as a character is one of the strongest to come out of V3, and her relationship with Tenko has its troubles but is enjoyable nonetheless.

6. Korekiyo Shinjugi - Ultimate Anthropologist

I love all the creepers of Danganronpa, and Korekiyo is no exception. Unlike the darkness of Ultra Despair Girls, Korekiyo never goes too far with just how disturbing he can be but he doesn't hold back either. There's a chilling subtlety behind every action and pose he makes that is only more interesting when you learn everything you can about him, and it is for that reason I make him 6th. I won't go higher than that however, since he's voiced by Todd Haberkorn and I haven't forgiven him for his last Danganronpa performance... (Love you though, Todd!)

5. K1-B0 - Ultimate Robot

I was as shocked as anyone to find out that a literal robot was not number 1 on this list, I assure you. A wonderfully unique addition to the cast, K1-B0 is great for comical misunderstandings and robophobia but really takes his time to get moving. His robotic body is fairly pointless at the beginning, but his development from cold logic to optimistic enthusiasm is a great one. It took a while, but K1-B0 really did get into my heart.

4. Kaede Akamatsu - Ultimate Pianist

Naegi was a huge bore, and Hajime was okay, but Kaede overshot both the men by actually having a character full of flaws. She is optimistic to a fault, which causes rifts between the others, and she can lose her patience at times but isn't afraid to speak out about it. A talented girl who just wants to help everyone, Kaede is exactly the breath of fresh air this series needed.

3. Miu Iruma - Ultimate Inventor

I'm well-aware that I'm in a slight minority when it comes to loving Miu as the best girl of the game, but I don't give in to peer pressure. I say what I think, and I think Miu's inappropriate innuendos that mask a secret side full of fear and regret is utterly charming. Her inventions are always useful and provide excellent developments, causing her to almost feel like the unsung hero of the game. Everyone should treat her a lot nicer!

2. Gonta Gokuhara - Ultimate Entomologist

Gonta is adorable. Gonta is gentleman. Gonta just wants to protect everyone he meets, even at the cost of his own life. He is by far the dumbest of the group but he's also the sweetest, lacking in knowledge and making up for it with buttloads of heart. I couldn't get enough of this lovable dork and I honestly can't see how anyone could find it in them to hate this adorable baby of muscle.

1. Kokichi Oma - Ultimate Supreme Leader

In 1, we had Byakua Togami. In 2, we had Nagito Komaeda. Now, we have Kokichi Oma, a self-professed liar and adorable bastard who has won my heart. Every game needs a character that will surprise and fascinate you with their shifting motivations and schemes, and Kokichi does that flawlessly. The plot would be good without him, but his ideas and cunning is what makes V3 great. That and he sings a line of Frank Sinatra at one point. Brilliant.

And in last place, not even allowed in the Top 16, are the Monokubs. Ugh.

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  1. great list, i more or less agree, although for me angie is so dead last, i cant stand this character at all. korekyio is next to her, simply because due to his appearance you would think his actions would be different, but nope(those who played the game know what im talking about). i also dont like gonta that much, sweet, yeah,but thats about it for his character. for favorites himiko, kaede, shuichi, oma and tsumugi. everyone else is kinda in the middle. also i 100% agree, the monokubs suck way too much, i dont think they were needeed at all.

    1. Thank you, mmfan1. And yeah, totally understand with your reasoning for Angie and Korekiyo. I just put Angie 15th because she actually does impact the plot and Korekiyo... well, I had fun with him to be frank.
      Screw the Monokubs!

  2. couldn't disagree more! nice