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My Hero Academia Chapter 158 Review - Chisaki's Abnormal Compassion

Written by Shiggins

Remember my complaints about flashbacks?

Well, it is impossible for me not to bring that up once again as Chapter 158 delves more into Overhaul and really goes on and on and on. On the bright side though, those that love white boxes full of text will be absolutely thrilled with this chapter!

Geez, I hope not.
We get told about "Paranormality", a mysterious mutation that might have been spread by mice and caused Quirks to manifest into humans. Almost like a reverse-plague. Overhaul claims that only he can fully understand Eri's power, and the proof is in the Quirk-destroying bullets to return them to normal people.

Overhaul then attacks, but his gigantic form is blasted into the air by Midoriya's power. We see Toga and Twice watching from afar at that display, and the fake clone Twice made has been crushed by the badass dragon. Uraraka is trying to use her gravity powers to get Nighteye to the surface.

You know, if you changed the context, this quote could almost make it seem like he cares about Eri.
And now begins the flashback! Overhaul's boss is moaning at him for getting into a fight, and is worried Overhaul is involved with drugs. His boss warns him not to stray from the path, even if he is just trying to repay him for his kindness towards Overhaul. Overhaul wants to keep the Yakuza from going extinct (yeah, I love those games too!), and plans to use the Eri-Bullets to do so.

Overhaul told his boss they could return to their former glory by using these bullets, but the boss was horrified at how Overhaul viewed human life. When the boss told him to leave, Overhaul refused to do so because he was going to repay the boss' kindness whether he liked it or not. And finally, back to the present.

Overhaul talks a big game to Midoriya, as is typical of a villain in his position, while Midoriya has realised that Overhaul recovers from injuries by disassembling and reassembling himself over and over. Midoriya rushes to get him with full power before he has a chance to do so, and finally smashes Overhaul's mask off.

Opinion: Talking!

The amount of words in front of us this week were reaching preposterous levels, even if it did help tell us about the type of man Overhaul is. As he himself states, he looks at the big picture. Small details like Eri's life is worth nothing to him if he can achieve his goals. It is stuff we knew before, but it is well done here. Even if I disliked seeing so much talking and yet another flashback.

The action was great, although as brief as I expected. Huge punches that broke Overhaul's freakish form, but limited because of Midoriya's small arsenal. Hopefully, he manages to control his powers soon and we can look forward to seeing him learn new abilities. Midoriya is due a "Rasengan" arc sooner or later.

What is intriguing to me however, far more than Overhaul's peculiar relationship with his boss, is the creation of Quirks. It is becoming more and more clear that we are heading to the origins of where Quirks actually came from and why people have them. Hopefully, this could result in something fantastic, but there is a scary possibility that we could end up with a situation where Naruto's Kaguya comes in to exposition us to death.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Midoriya for his epic displays of strength.

Best Part: Midoriya punches Overhaul.

Worst Part: Yet more flashbacks.

Gasp! Obito Uchiha?!
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  1. Really enjoyed this chapter but it really annoys me that the fight we have now wasn't the one we got earlier. While Overhaul's earlier transformation was cool this one is even better and the action that it brings with it is really engaging. Not to say that the other didn't bring enjoyment but maybe its just my love of seeing giant monsters rain destruction down upon heroes.

    Overhaul's flashback to taking over from his boss is neat as it pretty much confirms that he took over without the boss's consent and went against his wishes. It is nice to see a Villain aim for something that is not just about either taking over the world, killing heroes for the sake of cleansing society or just for kicks. It's actually a breath of fresh air to see a villain doing something this big just so they can make
    a person they consider family happy.
    I look forward to seeing Overhauls true face, though after that hit I will be amused if it looks like anything other than a bloody fist sized hole where Overhauls face used to be.