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My Hero Academia Chapter 157 Review - Infinite 100%

Written by Shiggins

Midoriya (about to) SMASH!

Chapters like this are always quite a bugger to review. Not because they are bad or good, but because they usually just lead up to the next chapter which is when we'll see something really big and crazy! So as you read this review, keep in mind that I saw this as a set-up chapter. 

When you're so angry that you literally ignore the rules of manga panels.
Midoriya reaches out to grab Eri, who has had her Quirk awoken thanks to Mirio's words and actions from earlier when he had an epic battle with Overhaul. Overhaul reaches out for Eri to come back to him in rage, but Midoriya refuses to make the mistake of letting her go like he did when Eri made her first appearance.

Overhaul makes Doc Ock arms out of rock and tries to ensnare Midoriya but somehow, Midoriya gets thrown up into the air. Midoriya is realising that he used his legs like All Might used the "New Hampshire Smash". Basically, he kicked so hard and fast that he got blasted upwards. We finally see the girl team again, as they notice Overhaul.

Eeeh... I prefer Venom to be honest.
Overhaul shuffles over to Rikiya's unconscious form, and Nighteye reassures them that the girls will be fine. Right now, Overhaul isn't focusing on them. He's going to kill Midoriya only, and sadly Uraraka has been made so useless during this arc she literally falls over because her body is weak right now.

Uraraka refuses to go down just yet, even if Nighteye did see it, and this makes Nighteye ask the girls to send him to the surface where the fight between Midoriya and Overhaul will take place. Midoriya is confused because, despite using 100% full power, his body is actually completely fine and he is healed. And it is thanks to Eri's power.

Oh no... Please don't be the next Hinata! (Or Sakura, if you like her more).
Midoriya starts to feel pain however, and the voice of Overhaul tells him that it is because Eri doesn't know how to turn off her own power. This is when the brand new final form of Overhaul appears! Rock/Rikiya/Overhaul! He is... Rockiyaul! Rockiyaul demands Eri be returned to him, saying that Eri will cause Midoriya to be erased if he doesn't let him use the disassembly power on her. Midoriya refuses, naming it a kind Quirk, and he goes 100% while asking Eri to be his support so he can keep using it without feeling pain.

Opinion: Yeah, I won't keep using the name Rockiyaul.

Once again, Overhaul shows off some of the best designs of the series. Monstrous and insane, it really does feel like his mind and body are being pushed to horrific limits and he is losing what little sanity he has left. His constitution is being broken apart, and his physical appearance is showing that much better than mere words would.

Now I have to wonder... Is Overhaul making up these designs as he makes them, or did he plan them long ago? "Yes, if I do this to Rikiya, I will look like this monster!"
What should be great to see next chapter is the unlimited use of One for All. While we have seen All Might go nuts with strength, and Midoriya has gone above and beyond to fight off opponents like Muscular, we have never seen him be able to use it without being worried about hurting himself or running out of battery. Now, we might finally be about to see Midoriya's potential with OfA and the power it wields when repeated actions are possible. I am really hoping for a spectacle, especially since Overhaul hasn't gone "Alien" like it was hoped by a commentator a while ago.

Lastly, I have to say this once more; It is very depressing to see the girls sidelined without getting time to shine. Uraraka especially. I recently rewatched the anime, and her battle against Bakugou is great. It really showed that, even though she didn't win, her determination and quick-thinking was something to be admired. Here though, I am watching her fall over and just be told to help the men. I like Uraraka. Give me more Uraraka, not Nighteye!

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Eri for giving us the Infinite 100%!

Best Part: Rockiyaul faces Infinite 100%.

Worst Part: Uraraka falls over.

Is he... using Mirio's cape?! Oh my heart.
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  1. I have got to admit While I liked this chapter a great deal, there is one thing that I realize should have happened with Overhaul since the beginning of the arc.
    First off it is great seeing Overhaul flipping between calm and completely ticked off. I loved it when Villains bounce between the two it makes them so much more intimidating because you don't know which one they will switch too next and which one is the villains true emotion.

    Seeing Midoriya and Eri fight Overhaul together is nice as having it just be Midoriya beat Overhaul by himself would be a bit of a stretch but it is nice to see the person who could not stand up to Overhaul ten chapters ago be the one too be the lynchpin that could result in Overhaul's defeat.

    Yeah not going to lie seeing the girls be sidelined like this is really disappointing I mean come on if you have a dragon you don't put it in the corner until the end of the fight. If the girls efforts amount to getting Nighteye out of the hole i will be extremely disappointed.

    However what I now realize that this arc has missed out on is the fact that Overhaul did not use all of the 8 precepts to transform. I understand that it is the norm in manga to start with the minions and work your way up to the boss but imagine how much more interesting it would have been to start with the boss right out of the gate and for it to become a war of attrition so that the final fight feels all the more awesome. Not saying that Overhaul using a few is bad I'm just saying that seeing him combine with the other 8 precepts would have been nice.
    Anyway a good solid chapter with great visuals and I'm really looking forward to Infinite 100%.

    1. Ooooh a giant 8 Precepts Monster would have been awesome! Admittedly though, it might have been really convoluted to make it happen since you would need to make all of them appear at once to fuse. And that would mean the death of Rappa!!!

      Emotional villains are the best. I love when they explode like this guy has been doing recently.

      Yeah, the dragon girl especially needs more time. It is getting a bit ridiculous to see how little they have done recently.