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My Hero Academia Chapter 155 & 156 Review - Saviours, Rescuees and a Hero's Whereabouts & The Rescuee's Power

Written by Shiggins

Okay, hopefully this is the last double review for a while.

Regular weekly reviews for this series should begin as normal starting next week, as I have been neglecting the reviewing of this franchise for a while because of other responsibilities going on. Some personal, some petty. However, enough about me. Let's talk about Me... Diroya! Get it? Midoriya! But... me. Haha... Please love me.

Man, when Tumblr finds out about this guy...
Our chapter begins with Aizawa pinned down in another room by the surprisingly sexy Kurono and his arrows, who tells him that Eri is Overhaul's daughter. The fight between Midoriya and Overhaul rages on, with destruction and dodging everywhere! Mirio is staggering down the hallway with Eri, his spirit near-collapsing due to all the pain, losing his Quirk and what happened to Nighteye.

Mirio is trying to help Eri as much as he can, while she stares. Eri then hears the rage of Overhaul, causing her to return to the battle between Midoriya and Overhaul. She has lost faith in Midoriya, and so she is going to come back to her father in the hope that he restores everyone to normal. Overhaul calls Eri unwanted as he agrees to her demands. Midoriya stands up and promises with a yell that no matter what, he will save Eri! And that is when the room suddenly breaks apart and the team of girls burst in with a crash!

Congratulations! You actually did something! Hooray!
Thankfully, the next chapters answers some questions we've been wondering. The outside team have captured the massive Yakuza member we first saw when the characters approached the gate at the beginning of this battle, who we now know is called Rikiya Katsukame and has the Quirk to absorb vitality and size by inhaling while touching someone. Suddenly, he starts to drain their energy thanks to the Quirk-boosting drug and he escapes his bindings.

20 minutes later, the fight is still going and Nejire Hadou uses her own Quirk to fire a spinning shockwave. "Midoriya" suddenly arrives and tells them that they can go to where the final fight is happening if they go underground at a certain spot in the street. The girls all work together and use Rikiya's enormous body to smash the ground and make it to Overhaul in present time.

Aww. His mask looks really sad.
As they notice the real Midoriya currently battling Overhaul, we see Himiko turn from Midoriya to her usual naked self while she is with Twice and a copy of Mr Compress. Twice orders Compress' Copy to snatch Eri. Overhaul is now launching himself into the air to escape through the hole, while Midoriya gives chase.

As they go up, Eri sees the cape of Lemillion fly past her. Remembering his words about capes, she instinctively grabs it. And her Quirk is awakened. After a flashback, we see that Eri's power allows her to rewind! And that Quirk causes Overhaul and Nemeto to go back to how they were previously, meaning they are no longer connected terrifyingly. Eri had spent her whole life thinking she was cursed and her power was an abomination, but the efforts of Mirio, Midoriya and Nighteye caused her to reawaken and leap towards Midoriya!

Super Hero God Super Hero!
Opinion: A bit chaotic near the end there.

The last chapter, while really good, felt extremely rushed and gave us little room to breathe. I had to re-read it a few times to really understand what happened, because so much came at me at once. From Toga and Twice to Eri's Quirk, it got just too mad. In the long run, during the inevitable binge-reading I will do many times in my future, this won't be a problem but right now it is just aggravating.

Eri's Quirk is definitely a great one, reminiscent of Orihime's healing ability from Bleach. The potential for her in future arcs has just skyrocketed, especially since her power might be a sign that everyone is born without Quirks and everyone has a Quirk DNA inside it that needs to activate. For all we know, she could turn Overhaul and many others into Quirk-less muggles!

Ah. Need to find an anime reference.... uh... Ultear! Lets go with her.
However, this is a double-edged sword and I am now worried about this being an easy out for Mirio. We might be about to see Mirio's Quirk easily restored and any possible drama or tragedy surrounding his character could be erased and forgotten. I know it's harsh to say, but I'd much rather have Mirio be unable to fight, at least for now. Give him an arc like Rock Lee!

The action was great, and it was a lot of fun to see Uraraka and the team finally get to show off. That was dampened however by their immediate push away from the spotlight to focus on Midoriya again. I like Midoriya, but I also like Uraraka and Tsuyu. And I like dragons. Why couldn't they get more time devoted to them?

Manga Rating:

155: 3.5/5

156: 3/5

Character of the Week: Eri for her awesome power and potential.

Best Part: Eri awakens!

Worst Part: Chaotic plans.

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  1. I really liked these two chapters however disappointed that there was no underground chase for Overhaul with an Alien like vibe. However it was nice to see Uraraka and the rest of the girl squad get some action as I have been disappointed in the amount of screen time they have received this arc considering that a hero with a dragon quirk is something that needs to be capitalized on.
    However chapter 516 while good did bring up an annoying point for me and that is Eri's quirk what the hell does it do? First its removes quirks for good now its sending things back in time either pick one or both don't keep changing its effect. But it was nice to see Eri stand up to her "father". Speaking of which the manner in which Overhaul has used her is horrifying which I like a lot considering the fact that it is technically his adopted fathers granddaughter and has been experimenting on her. Hell I wonder if the other Yakuza knew her exact relationship to the original boss then they might realize that their original boss's illness may not be so coincidental. I think it was mentioned that many of them follow Overhaul out of respect for their old boss.

    It was good to see the League of Villains planning a "Screw you plan" on Overhaul and the return of other League members is good since they could do with more screentime. Not to say that Twice and Toga could appear less, heck throw them into every arc with crazy plans and I'll be happy/
    Anyway liked these chapters with the 8 Precepts minus tumblr bait and with Chisaki close to being beaten I will be glad to get back to UA as I feel that it is time to see more of Class 1A and 1B. But definitely good chapters