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Fairy Tail Chapter 487 Review - The Third Seal

Written by Shiggins

So not a lot happened this week.

I mean, a big bad guy transformed into a terrifying monster form of himself, Gajeel turned into a jet-black iron man bad-boy, Levy spat up some blood and uh... yeah, I can't think of anything really that made an impact on me. Oh wait, there was two things. Two tiny things... GAJEEL ADMITTED HIS FEELINGS AND HE DID AWESOME STUFF!

I think Levy got some new birthing hips for this picture... Approved!
To start off our chapter was my worries that we'd have yet another bouncing-viewpoint chapter, but that's thankfully not the case. Brandish and her Fluffy Wuffy Men (and no, sadly there is no cute Brandish this week...) have made it to August, and he is not a happy bunny. After telling him Jason Statham has been taken prisoner, Brandish asks where God Serena is. August says "he is here with me" and shows a symbol on his hand...

And not one character asks what that means? Lucy? Mest? Natsu? Super-Giant Happy?
Natsu and Lucy think August is a bit more powerful than Brandish, but Mest feels he is insanely more powerful. Why does he sense a bigger difference than them? Unsure. Maybe he isn't able to see Brandish's true strength. August chastises Brandish for betraying Zeref, which means it looks like we aren't getting a happy resolve anytime soon.

Oh hey! Rob Lucci is finally back! I love that guy.
Back to the North, where the battle is heavy and hard. Levy's mask is protecting her from Bradman's magic particles, and Bradman starts talking about his seals. The first one releases the magic particles. The second one seems to be why we saw a ton of skulls last time, and the third one makes Bradman go all scary. He has now unleashed his "Curse Power".

Uh.... I don't think you've met enough of them to be sure of that...
Bradman then starts to use Tenga Goken, also known as Ezel's curse power. So lots of slicing and rage, which then is interrupted when he activates Torafusa!'s curse power to suddenly bring in an ocean of magic particles... which I now realise makes no sense because does the water suddenly stop without walls or something?

So now they've finally realised that Bradman can use all of Tartarus' demon curses, Levy uses her hole to drain the ocean so they don't drown like last time. Gajeel attempts to attack with his roar, but Bradman uses Silver's roar to negate it. Then some skulls on tentacles appear to send the duo flying but they... escape. Anti-climatic.

Wow... Not totally batshit-crazy random at all...
Levy's mask has fallen off though and she's coughing up blood, but Levy reveals it doesn't matter anyway. The particles had gone through her skin and mask would never work anyway. Saying she just wanted to save Gajeel, she collapses. Gajeel is pissed and charges to Bradman, getting hurt in the process. He thinks about how he was the last to activate Dragonforce and get a cat, and how Wendy and Sting and every other Slayer are always ahead of him. But then he thinks... Who cares? He just wants to save the love of his life, Levy!

Okay so that's me got Gajeel x Levy, Naruto x Hinata... Now I just need Raku x Onodera and Gon x Killua, and I'll have Ship Bingo!
With no other choice, he begins to absorb the Magic Particles, just like he once did with Rogue's shadows. Unfortunately, he has no other choice and he ends up becoming... Jet Black! With this added bonus that risks his life, he's able to beat down Bradman who seems to disappear from the final punch. But suddenly, the darkness grabs Gajeel, as Bradman is planning to go down with Gajeel for all eternity!

Opinion: See? Told you nothing happened.

On the more controversial side, this battle didn't last long at all! Sure, it got an extra-long chapter devoted to it, but it was still fairly quick. Am I disappointed? Kind of. Fortunately, we still had character development to make up for it, and it was good character development.

Brutal Legend! Haha... Get it? Hilarious! Two references in one picture... Btw, that game needs a sequel.
Gajeel officially loves Levy. Awesome. Now... Get together! It's as simple as that. Gajeel, you need to get to dating Levy, so Mashima can do so much fanart and we can enjoy some lovely moments in both canon and spinoff stories that you painstakingly provide us. My spoiled privileged ass demands more!

So Bradman IS Tartarus... I really hope they explain that next week, because the last thing I need is the immense confusion as we see him disappear from our sight. Is he a demon of Tartarus created by Zeref for this very war? That's my bet. Let's see if I'm right, hmmmmmm?

On a last note, God Serena appears to be a symbol on August's hand. Does this mean August created Serena, or is Serena now a subconscious that can travel from body-to-body whenever his old one dies? I think it's the latter personally, although does that further or hinder my chances of this being Yuriy?

Manga Rating: 4/5

Best Part: Gajeel kicking ass for Levy.

Worst Part: Is Bradman gone already?

Looks like we're getting a Fairy Tail x Fire Brigade of Flames crossover soon. So... is Natsu going to eat Foot-Fire?

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  1. Oh btw, there's a new FT lightnovel out (Trouble Twins/Kodansha Ranobe Bunko). And it has future Redfox/McGarden twins in it.

    Why haven't I learned Japanese jet?

  2. I didn't like this chapter. It was lazily written and the character bits did not make up for it. Bradman's power being a rehash of Tartaros was a copout. Narratively, he doesn't make sense. When was he made? Why was he made? Zeref made demons in hopes of killing himself. Shouldn't Bradman be technically invincible with his intangibility and Franmalth's curse, Why didn't he just use Seilah's curse or take away their senses, how can he use Silver's magic, etc. Magic Barrier Particles having iron in them was an asspull. Gajeel getting powered up by something that by its very nature destroys magic was an even bigger asspull. And then Bradman basically gets oneshotted despite all this power. Also, I'm starting to believe Luffythedragonslayer's criticism of the fight scenes. All Gajeel did was punches and kicks. Nothing was really new.

    P.S. If Levy knew those particles were absorbed by the skin, why didn't she just make armor?:p

    1. Most of your problems are something I think could be fixed in the future. If next week goes to explain where he came from and why, like say Zeref making an "ultimate demon" or something, then I'll be satisfied with who he is. If the series never explains him, go back to this review and imagine it going from a 4 to a 2.5.

      With the fight scenes, my only real criticism is the speed of it. Always feels too fast for me, but I'll disagree that it's only punches and kicks. Yes, in this one it was mostly that but I can think of plenty of fights where it was more than fighting. Besides, the main focus of most fights isn't the style, but the development of the characters. Gajeel was punching this week, but you weren't really meant to look at that. You were looking at his character. So it's a fair argument, but I gotta disagree in this case.

      As for Levy.... uh... maybe she has limits? I don't know. They never showed her being able to make armour, so I got no clue :P

  3. They totally copied that crossover picture from One Piece. -_-

    As for the rest of this week, well... No offense, but it feels kinda like Hiro's so focused on the big picture here that he's not really giving the individual chapters the time they need to shine. Especially all these one-shot villains. Like, I get that all these scenes are gonna look pretty awesome in the anime (when it resumes again, for the third and probably final time), but that doesn't excuse having shoddy villains with shoddy powers that barely manage to avoid being the exact same thing. Like, that's pretty much what this guy was. He was a repeat of Juvia's Tartaros opponent in design, Erza's Spriggan 12 opponent in abilities, and just about everything else in this chapter is basically a redo of the Gajeel-Levy chapter we got during Tartaros, only with an actual confession this time.

    I mean, that's kinda harsh, even in my own opinion, but that's really how I felt about this chapter. I mean, I'm more curious about Natsu and Brandish's end but we're only getting about 2 or 3 pages a week on that plot point- one that's arguably more important than the 40 pages we've gotten of this fight in the past two weeks.

    But I'm still going to be hyped for next chapter anyways. The little good bits we got were pretty good, I'll give him that, though I wouldn't put it past him to turn it into a 3-month harem-esque confession either.
    ...also your Nisekoi ship is trash. HARU IS BEST GIRL FOREVER!

    1. I suppose that's fair enough. Bradman, Neinhart and Ajeel don't really feel like our main focus, which is a shame since they seem like cool villains. If I had to guess, I'd say Mashima is wanting to get these guys finished first, then we'll be having a lot more time devoted to the Spriggan 12 he cares about; Brandish, Invel, Eileen, August and possibly Dimaria and Serena.

      As for what Bradman can do, I agree that we could have used some variety but as I said in a previous comment, this problem -could- be fixed if it's answered soon enough. Like, if Zeref created Bradman using all the parts of his older demons or something.

      Yeah, I'm excited for Brandish vs August too, but since that's clearly important we can't go over to that plotpoint quite yet. We don't want it feeling rushed like Brandish's development was.

      ........Did you insult Kosaki Onodera? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... I WILL FIND YOU!

  4. Nice Review again! Thanks, and yeah, I felt it was rushed...and a bit lazy.
    By the way, have you read the Laxus spinoff?

    1. Aww thanks. I wouldn't use "lazy". I've definitely felt lazier fights... but it's a fair point to make.

      ..........There's a Laxus spinoff?! Damn, how'd I miss that one?! I'll need to find a way to read it.

    2. http://www.mangahere.co/manga/fairy_tail_gaiden_raigo_issen/c001/

      You surely need to read it! Damn, the second chapter especially! Because - no wait I wont spoil it! :D But its damn hilarious!

    3. Review already in progress! Thanks, pal! :)

    4. Really, thanks a lot! :D Hope you have a good day!

  5. rakuXonodera isn't going to happen rakuXchitoge will happen